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In the course of our 250 episodes (can you believe it?) on Women Worldwide, you’ve heard from successful and impactful women in business, politics, entertainment, and many other challenging industries. Now it’s time to chat with a high-powered woman from the law enforcement and intelligence field. This is a field that historically and today has been male dominated for a variety of reasons, but Lauren Anderson decided that there was no reason she couldn’t make it in intelligence as well.

Lauren grew up in a home where she was always told that she could do or be whatever she wanted. The sky was the limit for her dreams and ambitions and, looking back, she realizes that those dreams always pointed in the general direction of intelligence. She didn’t immediately start down that path however, she first decided that becoming a doctor was her calling. After spending several miserable years studying medicine, she switched paths. 

After and during her amazing career with the FBI, Lauren has moved her focus to helping other women and young girls find their paths and battle gender inequity across the globe. Listen in as she recounts tales from her FBI days that propelled her desire to help other women succeed in male dominated fields.

Lauren holds nothing back in this interview. Her advice and recommendations are spot on for all women and men, not just those seeking careers in law enforcement. While she is always seeking to find gender equality, she has no desire to exclude the men in her life from her vast business and intelligence knowledge. As she says, find those partners in your career, be they women or men, and develop relationships.

This is the last show of 2019 and the 250th show of Women Worldwide and there couldn’t have been a better guest than Lauren Anderson. Can’t wait for you to hear her advice and everything she has to offer with regard to starting your own business and impacting women around the world. 

Happy Holidays! Looking forward to serving you in the New Year!

Show Notes:

  • [02:06] Women Worldwide is going on holiday break!
  • [03:26] Welcome Lauren Anderson, a strong woman in law enforcement and intelligence.
  • [04:14] Lauren shares her journey to working in the FBI.
  • [06:45] What kind of studies do you need to get into the FBI? What did Lauren study? 
  • [07:52] Learn what it was like to finish the FBI Academy and how many women there were.
  • [09:17] Lauren chats about the most challenging aspects of the FBI Academy and the FBI.
  • [11:53] Did she have to prove anything while working in the field to prove her worth? 
  • [14:26] What kind of skills did she have to develop to succeed in law enforcement? 
  • [17:23] How can leaders be more empathetic with their employees? 
  • [21:46] Why did Lauren decide to start her own consulting firm?
  • [26:56] Lauren shares the resources she uses to stay on top of her field.
  • [32:16] Hear Lauren’s best advice to women in difficult and underrepresented careers.
  • [34:52] Connect with Lauren.

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It’s the holiday season. Are you stressed yet? So many people walk around living in and with unnecessary stress. Dr. Jane Tornatore, a therapist and speaker in Seattle, WA, helps people convert outdated patterns and stress into more freedom, joy, and authenticity. She shares how people process stress, when many of our mindset issues form, and how we can overcome them and maintain a less stressful lifestyle.

With her studies in mental health and neuroplasticity Dr. Jane has found effective ways to help others turn their bad habits into effective solutions and change the course of their lives. She says that the majority of our major mindset hurdles form when we are less than six years old, as we move into an aware consciousness. Habits however, can be broken. Learn how as we chat.

Awareness, practice, and choice are the keys to changing your less than ideal habits. Our brains are naturally designed to look for problems that need to be fixed. Learn how you can overcome grim situations and how Dr. Jane’s new book, Everything is PERFECT, Just Not ME!, can help you move through your negative self-talk.

Dr. Jane has been studying the brain for more than 25 years and her insights into how our brains process the world are invaluable. Listen in and learn how you can work on altering your neural pathways and be kinder to yourself. Mindset and business success go hand in hand, but only if you keep working on the blocks that hold you back.

Show Notes:

  • [01:54] Dr. Jane Tornatore discusses how to turn stress into confidence and peace of mind.
  • [02:56] Learn about Jane’s background and why she chose to become a therapist.
  • [05:15] What do patterns of stress look like and how do we identify them?
  • [07:09] Are there people who push back on identifying and addressing their stress?
  • [08:34] Hear about the mind work needed to uncover and overcome our longstanding mental blocks.
  • [11:34] How does Dr. Jane help others keep from backsliding into bad habits?
    [13:05] Change is simpler than we think, it’s simply practicing… for the rest of our lives.
  • [17:25] What does Dr. Jane do when everything looks grim? 
  • [19:09] Dr. Jane shares what she wants people to walk away with from reading her book.
  • [21:29] Where does the concept of perfect come from? 
  • [23:37] How can you reassure someone that they don’t have to be perfect?
    [28:10] What kinds of challenges has Dr. Jane faced in her business and how does she approach them?
  • [32:15] Learn how you can overcome the stress of the holiday by walking through an exercise.
  • [34:54] Connect with Dr. Jane.

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Episode Sponsor: Routledge. Download a free chapter of my book Answers for Modern Communicators at http://bit.ly/learningtheessentials.

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Do you struggle with creating deep meaningful conversations that lead to lasting connections? In this world of instant feedback and world-wide connectivity, having real conversations has become harder than ever. Dr. Karen Jacobson works with organizations to strengthen their communication practices and learn how to create lasting impressions through power conversations.

Karen is the President of Aligned Leadership Academy and a former Israeli military commander. She has run her own Chiropractic practice and is a champion ballroom dancer. She has many and varied experiences that have helped her to connect with others in a sincere way. 

She is now a high-performance strategist, speaker, and author who helps others realize the power of connected conversations. Her book Power Conversations, develops her ground-breaking communications framework called the High-Performance Triad. Karen helps leaders find their personality and leadership style and how they can best adapt conversations to create effective communication opportunities with their teams.

The ability to communicate effectively is the key to growing a business, serving your family, and developing relationships. Listen in as Karen shares the four personality types, why we all have a bit of all four, and why being confident in your knowledge and abilities will lead to success. She’s done it all! Listen to the end to hear her top tips for developing your power conversations.

Show Notes:

  • [02:18] Welcome! Dr. Karen Jacobson here to discuss how to start power conversations.
  • [03:41] What stands out the most throughout Karen’s career and shaped where she is today?
  • [05:01] How has her military career impacted her later pursuits? 
  • [06:40] Learn how to build trust within the military and in leadership.
  • [09:10] Karen unpacks her books and what she hopes her readers take away from them.
  • [11:14] Why you have to temper your personality with emotional intelligence in different situations.
  • [12:22] Karen shares the four characters or personalities from her books.
  • [18:57] What does it mean to Karen to command a presence in a room or on stage?
  • [21:32] Learn why you need to keep a cool head under pressure to maintain your beliefs.
  • [25:13] Which extends to all career tracks as well.
  • [28:47] How has Karen tackled challenges throughout her career?
  • [34:36] Karen shares her top tips for developing power conversations.
  • [35:47] Connect with Karen.

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Episode Sponsor: Routledge. Download a free chapter of my book Answers for Modern Communicators at http://bit.ly/learningtheessentials.

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