Women Worldwide with Deirdre Breakenridge

Building and creating this amazing show started off as an experiment in a new way of learning and reaching a very important community. I loved speaking, but I found through years of being in media that I appreciated being on the radio much more than being in front of the camera. 

It was then that I realized that women in podcasting were relatively rare (when I started the show) and I was interested in breaking that mold and providing relevant material to female leaders around the world. 

As I thought about launching Women Worldwide, I spent many months diving into research and asking questions of close friends who were also creating podcasts of their own. In so many ways building this podcast and seeing it come to fruition was outside of my comfort zone, but it led me to ask the question, “what’s in my comfort zone?”

I sat with that for some time and I realized that as I became more knowledgeable about the process and spent more time with other podcasters, the fear that I had was greatly diminished. 

So before you let fear stop you from pursuing your dreams, take a minute and see if the root of that fear holds a true place in your world. Do your research. Ask the right questions of the right people. As you begin to learn about your passions and how to make them come to light, the fear that is holding you back will get smaller. 

See you in 2021 and happy holidays!

Show Notes:

  • [01:21] Deirdre is flying solo on this 300th episode. 
  • [02:10] Hear about the origins of the podcast. 
  • [04:42] First you need to identify your comfort zone and figure out what you love. 
  • [06:28] A podcast is an investment of time and energy. 
  • [07:08] In the process of growing and learning you lose the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. 
  • [08:10] Thank you so much to the listeners and to the teams helping create this show. 
  • [08:37] Women Worldwide is taking a two-week break. See you in 2021!

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion has definitely been making an impact, but has it been enough? Daphne Turpin Forbes is an attorney and woman of color who has spent her life advocating for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Listen as she shares her story and why she feels true change starts with our leaders. 

Daphne’s grandfather was a judge and she realized that by seeking a career in law she would be able to help people to a huge degree. She pursued her law degree and has been an attorney in-house for several large companies, most notably Microsoft. During her time in corporate law she has made it her mission to mentor and raise up women, specifically women of color. 

She is now a member of the Executive Institute of Inclusion and has several courses in their program, and she has also developed her four G’s of leadership. It’s an ever changing flexible framework designed with women in mind. Listen as she shares her framework and why she chose the words she did. 

As Daphne says, when one woman pushes past a barrier in the corporate world, she leaves open the door for others to follow. For women of color this is extremely true and very important. Leaders need to understand that creating a diverse and inclusive workspace is necessary no matter how trendy or in vogue it is now or in the future. 

So many things are going right at this moment, but will that continue? Listen in to hear Daphne’s take on leadership’s role in diversity, equity, and inclusion and why leaders can’t stop learning and growing when the fad fades. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:33] How do you stand out today as a leader? 
  • [02:59] Hear about Daphne Turpin Forbes and her path to becoming a lawyer and being passionate about DEI.
  • [04:59] Where are leaders getting it right and where are they missing the mark? 
  • [08:46] What are the four G’s of leadership? 
  • [11:31] How do women get to where they want to be with grit? 
  • [14:36] Learn more about Daphne’s courses with EII.
  • [16:48] Daphne shares one of her uh-oh moments in her career. 
  • [21:01] If you don’t recognize your genius, then someone else will as long as you have the right people in your corner. 
  • [22:18] What sources does Daphne go to for ongoing learning? 
  • [25:11] Why you need to be a humble listener. 
  • [26:15] Daphne shares her parting advice.
  • [28:44] Connect with Daphne.

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Executive Institute on Inclusion - a unique and comprehensive DEI program focused on systemic change.

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Your power and your energy are your own, but what do you do when they’re running low and you have no clue how to get them back? That’s where Anjli Garg comes in. She’s an attorney and an executive coach helping leaders to soar while also finding their joy.

Burnout comes in many forms. For Anjli it happened as she realized that her drive to pursue her dreams was destroying everything else in her life. That was when she understood the necessity of balance in achievement. 

She has since dedicated herself to the healing arts and spirituality and has found her balance in a very turbulent world. Now she’s helping others to do the same. But what does that mean exactly? 

Listen as Anjli shares her coaching philosophy and framework and why she’s so passionate about moving leaders out of burnout and into the joy of achievement. She is giving out some amazing advice as well as ways to determine whether or not you’ve hit the hard wall of exhaustion or more.

Show Notes:

  • [01:14] We’re moving into the new year. How are you feeling? 
  • [03:07] Learn more about Anjli Garg and why she’s so passionate about burnout.
  • [06:14] How can you recognize the signs of exhaustion and burnout? 
  • [08:07] What are the steps for finding better balance? 
  • [11:02] Is it harder to soothe the inner child or trust the higher intelligence? 
  • [13:12] You have to listen to yourself to find change. 
  • [15:34] Does change truly have to come from inside? 
  • [16:52] How to approach a resistance to change? 
  • [17:56] What does Anjli do when she finds herself spinning out? 
  • [20:56] What to do if your loved ones are spreading negativity in your life.
  • [25:07] Hear Anjli’s parting words of advice. 
  • [26:18] Connect with Anjli. 

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