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Have you listened to what your body has been saying lately? Heather Nichols is a Joy of Business facilitator, movement and meditation consultant, tantra practitioner, and somatic psychotherapist. She states that our bodies are a treasure trove of information and insight into our lives. Listen in as she shares how you can become better attuned with yours. 

Heather shares a bit about her background and the reason she started building her own businesses. She also provides additional information about how your body and mind affect the joy and success of your life and business.

Through all of her years in business, she has found that when she is in alignment with her body, mind, and spirit, she finds the most joy and success in her businesses. You are not confined to doing only one thing. You can be active and present in multiple pursuits at once, you just have to learn how to prioritize each day.

Listen in as she shares her thoughts and advice about how to better understand your body and what it is telling you. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a multi-seven-figure business or a beautiful home, your body and mind are the keys to finding happiness, joy, and success. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:14] Welcome Heather Nichols to the show to share more about nurturing your business and your clients. 
  • [03:24] What started Heather down the path of mind and body therapy? 
  • [04:53] Learn more about Tantra and Somatic psychotherapy.
  • [05:47] How does she nourish her clients? 
  • [08:31] You need to create the time for body movement. 
  • [10:02] Our bodies are a treasure trove of information and instinct for our business.
  • [11:06] Learn a quick and easy process you can implement to become more aware of your body. 
  • [13:22] How does Heather define proof of a job well done? 
  • [14:57] What is one big thing that Heather has learned in building her businesses? 
  • [18:23] Include money into the flow of your life but stay true to your joy. 
  • [20:11] How does Heather stay grounded and present in her life and business? 
  • [22:04] Your body knows what needs your attention.
  • [23:22] Heather leaves you with one last bit of encouragement to live a joyful life. 
  • [24:16] Connect with Heather.

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Gender roles and money have been fairly set for centuries. Men handle the money and women handle the household. Those roles are changing however but women are still falling behind in taking their place in the handling of their finances. Why is that? 

Meredith Moore has long been fascinated by gender roles and money and has been working to change the rhetoric for women. She shares how throughout history, women have been marginalized and even into the early 80s could not open their own bank accounts. 

This, along with a lack of education, has kept many women from taking a larger role in the finances of their households and businesses. Listen as Meredith shares ways that women and men can be more involved together with their finances and why it’s so important to build a strong relationship.

The information Meredith shares is golden. One of the biggest tragedies is having bright women who are experts in their fields be bowled over by finances when something unexpected happens at home. Whether there’s a parting of ways or one spouse passes, neither person in the relationship should be surprised by the state of their finances. 

If this has been an issue in your household, listen in for amazing tips on how you can start taking greater interest and notice of your finances. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:55] Gender and money… Do women feel like they play a certain role? 
  • [03:01] Welcome Meredith Moore to the show and listen as she shares her story.
  • [05:10] When do the beliefs around money, gender, and roles start being established? 
  • [07:25] Is this a psychological trend? 
  • [09:19] What would Meredith say to the woman who needs to be more involved? 
  • [12:24] Is financial literacy or engagement more important? 
  • [13:41] How does fear impact women taking certain roles in their finances? 
  • [16:08] Has there been a shift in the thinking about money as generations come up? 
  • [18:36] Any big mistakes that she had to overcome in her career? 
  • [21:32] Meredith shares a bit of advice how we can make gender role shifts easier.
  • [24:07] Connect with Meredith.

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With so many changes happening at a rapid pace in the world, it is incumbent upon us all to be sure that what we share and focus on is not only true but also from a credible source. Which is why I wanted to share with you a few tips for being positive that your communications are as effective as possible.

First, sometimes we just have to hit pause. Whether that is for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days, we need to pause before saying things that can hurt a situation. In that pause, take the time to listen and understand what is going on around you. Then respond once the charged emotions are gone. 

Second, is what you’re sharing true? So much information hits the interwebs every day that it’s impossible for platforms to confirm the truth of what is shared. Which means it’s your responsibility to verify the information you share. 

You can verify the information you share by simply checking the sources that are cited in the article and confirming that any names mentioned are reputable. 

Are you in the echo chamber? Are you surrounded by other people saying the exact same things as everyone else? If so, it may be time to seek out new communities to see if they too are sharing the same rhetoric. If your timeline starts to look like one regurgitation after another, then you’re likely in the echo chamber. 

Last but not least, you have to be able to spot the bot. This is pretty specific to Twitter, but false information gets shared over and over and over again because people don’t realize that a bot has been planted. 

Listen in as I share more about how you can make your communications helpful, meaningful, and credible. If there is one thing we don’t need right now, it’s the propagation of fake news! Learn how you can spot it and stop it!

Show Notes:

  • [01:07] Welcome back to the show and thank you for showing up and sharing. 
  • [02:39] How you can use “the pause” to better your listening skills. 
  • [04:51] Know what you’re sharing. Is it the truth? 
  • [06:52] What is the echo chamber and how does it affect your communication?
  • [08:28] You have to be able to spot the bot with Twitter. 
  • [11:16] Hit the pause, watch out for fake news, stay out of the echo chamber, and be able to spot the bot. 

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with the recording.*

Experiencing abuse at the hands of those who are meant to love and protect you is one of the worst betrayals one can face. After spending her formative years as a victim of childhood domestic abuse, Lisa Braver Moss came out on the other side wondering why there weren’t poignant works discussing the prevalence and harm that it causes. 

She never imagined herself as an author, but if the resources weren’t available, she felt she needed to rectify that. Lisa is now an award winning author with a brand new book called Shrug. It is largely autobiographical but still showcases the common links between all those who suffer from abuse. 

Given the current state of the world, the number of domestic abuse cases is on the rise, so it’s important to see the signs and know how to respond. Now more than ever the cycle of abuse has to be recognized and understood.

Additionally, survivors of abuse need to know that they are not alone. Which is why Lisa’s book is a light in the darkness of this issue. Listen in to hear all about Lisa, her background, why she wrote this book, and why she believes communication and community are the keys to healing.

Show Notes:

  • [02:23] Learn more about domestic violence in the home and the stats behind it. 
  • [04:11] Welcome Lisa Braver Moss to discuss the issue of domestic violence.
  • [04:39] Why did Lisa decide to become an author? 
  • [07:31] What are the main takeaways that Lisa wanted her readers to come away with?
  • [10:56] How has the global pandemic affected the issue of domestic violence? 
  • [13:50] Listen as Lisa shares how victims of abuse can express their fears and communicate about their experiences.
  • [15:53] Was the book more autobiographical or more fiction? 
  • [18:36] Lisa shares some of the parallels in the book with real life and real situations.
  • [20:23] Hear some of Lisa’s AHA moments about delving into the world of authorship. 
  • [21:59] What keeps Lisa motivated to continue writing? 
  • [23:46] Lisa shares her advice for overcoming obstacles and negative life experiences.
  • [25:33] Connect with Lisa. 

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