Women Worldwide with Deirdre Breakenridge

Building and creating this amazing show started off as an experiment in a new way of learning and reaching a very important community. I loved speaking, but I found through years of being in media that I appreciated being on the radio much more than being in front of the camera. 

It was then that I realized that women in podcasting were relatively rare (when I started the show) and I was interested in breaking that mold and providing relevant material to female leaders around the world. 

As I thought about launching Women Worldwide, I spent many months diving into research and asking questions of close friends who were also creating podcasts of their own. In so many ways building this podcast and seeing it come to fruition was outside of my comfort zone, but it led me to ask the question, “what’s in my comfort zone?”

I sat with that for some time and I realized that as I became more knowledgeable about the process and spent more time with other podcasters, the fear that I had was greatly diminished. 

So before you let fear stop you from pursuing your dreams, take a minute and see if the root of that fear holds a true place in your world. Do your research. Ask the right questions of the right people. As you begin to learn about your passions and how to make them come to light, the fear that is holding you back will get smaller. 

See you in 2021 and happy holidays!

Show Notes:

  • [01:21] Deirdre is flying solo on this 300th episode. 
  • [02:10] Hear about the origins of the podcast. 
  • [04:42] First you need to identify your comfort zone and figure out what you love. 
  • [06:28] A podcast is an investment of time and energy. 
  • [07:08] In the process of growing and learning you lose the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. 
  • [08:10] Thank you so much to the listeners and to the teams helping create this show. 
  • [08:37] Women Worldwide is taking a two-week break. See you in 2021!

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion has definitely been making an impact, but has it been enough? Daphne Turpin Forbes is an attorney and woman of color who has spent her life advocating for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Listen as she shares her story and why she feels true change starts with our leaders. 

Daphne’s grandfather was a judge and she realized that by seeking a career in law she would be able to help people to a huge degree. She pursued her law degree and has been an attorney in-house for several large companies, most notably Microsoft. During her time in corporate law she has made it her mission to mentor and raise up women, specifically women of color. 

She is now a member of the Executive Institute of Inclusion and has several courses in their program, and she has also developed her four G’s of leadership. It’s an ever changing flexible framework designed with women in mind. Listen as she shares her framework and why she chose the words she did. 

As Daphne says, when one woman pushes past a barrier in the corporate world, she leaves open the door for others to follow. For women of color this is extremely true and very important. Leaders need to understand that creating a diverse and inclusive workspace is necessary no matter how trendy or in vogue it is now or in the future. 

So many things are going right at this moment, but will that continue? Listen in to hear Daphne’s take on leadership’s role in diversity, equity, and inclusion and why leaders can’t stop learning and growing when the fad fades. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:33] How do you stand out today as a leader? 
  • [02:59] Hear about Daphne Turpin Forbes and her path to becoming a lawyer and being passionate about DEI.
  • [04:59] Where are leaders getting it right and where are they missing the mark? 
  • [08:46] What are the four G’s of leadership? 
  • [11:31] How do women get to where they want to be with grit? 
  • [14:36] Learn more about Daphne’s courses with EII.
  • [16:48] Daphne shares one of her uh-oh moments in her career. 
  • [21:01] If you don’t recognize your genius, then someone else will as long as you have the right people in your corner. 
  • [22:18] What sources does Daphne go to for ongoing learning? 
  • [25:11] Why you need to be a humble listener. 
  • [26:15] Daphne shares her parting advice.
  • [28:44] Connect with Daphne.

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Executive Institute on Inclusion - a unique and comprehensive DEI program focused on systemic change.

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Your power and your energy are your own, but what do you do when they’re running low and you have no clue how to get them back? That’s where Anjli Garg comes in. She’s an attorney and an executive coach helping leaders to soar while also finding their joy.

Burnout comes in many forms. For Anjli it happened as she realized that her drive to pursue her dreams was destroying everything else in her life. That was when she understood the necessity of balance in achievement. 

She has since dedicated herself to the healing arts and spirituality and has found her balance in a very turbulent world. Now she’s helping others to do the same. But what does that mean exactly? 

Listen as Anjli shares her coaching philosophy and framework and why she’s so passionate about moving leaders out of burnout and into the joy of achievement. She is giving out some amazing advice as well as ways to determine whether or not you’ve hit the hard wall of exhaustion or more.

Show Notes:

  • [01:14] We’re moving into the new year. How are you feeling? 
  • [03:07] Learn more about Anjli Garg and why she’s so passionate about burnout.
  • [06:14] How can you recognize the signs of exhaustion and burnout? 
  • [08:07] What are the steps for finding better balance? 
  • [11:02] Is it harder to soothe the inner child or trust the higher intelligence? 
  • [13:12] You have to listen to yourself to find change. 
  • [15:34] Does change truly have to come from inside? 
  • [16:52] How to approach a resistance to change? 
  • [17:56] What does Anjli do when she finds herself spinning out? 
  • [20:56] What to do if your loved ones are spreading negativity in your life.
  • [25:07] Hear Anjli’s parting words of advice. 
  • [26:18] Connect with Anjli. 

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Have you been seizing opportunities to sharpen your emotional intelligence while adapting to changes in the workforce? The process of becoming more emotionally aware is not one and done. It’s an ongoing focus on you and your ability to properly process emotions in all situations. 

Andrea Hoban has spent more than twenty years in leadership and managing large teams, but what she found was that she was passionate about coaching others. She is now an executive coach who helps professionals learn to harness their emotions and achieve their goals. 

She and her business partner founded Oji, a digital platform designed to help us learn skills like emotional intelligence to improve the quality of our lives. Andrea has a ton of knowledge to share and she’s giving it all away on this episode. 

Listen in to learn how stress affects your ability to process emotions and why taking care of your essential needs is a requirement in developing a stronger sense of emotional intelligence. Andrea is sharing her stress relief strategies as well as small changes all of us can make to get closer to our emotional goals. 

If you’ve been having a difficult time reining in your emotions during these turbulent days, then you won’t want to miss out on the benefit of Andrea’s expertise.

Show Notes:

  • [01:34] How much are you putting your EI hat on in all of your interactions? 
  • [03:02] Learn more about Andrea Hoban and how she became involved in EI in the workplace.
  • [05:23] Are there ways to become more emotionally intelligent? 
  • [08:41] What are some small steps to a higher level of awareness? 
  • [11:41] Learn about the app that Andrea has helped develop to teach EI. 
  • [14:40] Has she had to navigate and manage challenges as she’s grown? 
  • [19:03] How does Andrea manage stress? 
  • [22:11] Stress is not always bad. 
  • [23:55] Andrea shares her parting advice for the community. 
  • [25:18] Connect with Andrea.

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Not all professional associations are created equal but one thing is universal. For the most part, you get out of them what you put into them. Joel Stern has spent his career as in-house counsel for an insurance company but left to become the CEO of Namwolf, a professional association for women and minority lawyers. 

For the majority of his childhood, Joel thought he’d become a physician, but it wasn’t to be so. Instead, he decided to focus on a career in law and found the perfect position right out of law school. But he wasn’t making the impact he knew he was meant to make. 

So when the opportunity to create and head Namwolf came along, he jumped on it. He knew that this was his chance to change the lives of so many people. He has spent the last several years building the Namwolf network and helping those in the association to realize their dreams of owning their own practices and building their legal careers.

Listen as we chat about the role of professional associations, how you can get more out of yours, and what it will take for male-dominated professions to truly become more diverse and inclusive. Joel has so much to say and share on this topic and you won’t want to miss it.

Show Notes:

  • [01:35] Today we’re talking all about empowering women through professional memberships. 
  • [02:51] Learn about Joel’s history and why he chose to become a lawyer. 
  • [03:43] Why did he decide to pivot from in-house counsel to becoming a CEO of a non-profit?
  • [04:48] How does Namwolf contribute to the world? 
  • [06:01] Do the women in Namwolf invest as much time as he is doing in the association? 
  • [07:05] Why is it important for women to help lift up other women? 
  • [08:59] What kinds of challenges are women facing in law today? 
  • [12:49] How can male-dominated professions begin to become more diverse and inclusive?
  • [14:45] When is the right time to become a mentor? 
  • [16:47] Has Covid affected Namwolf? 
  • [19:14] How does he manage everything between Namwolf and his family? 
  • [21:35] Hear Joel’s parting advice. 
  • [23:12] Connect with Joel.

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Innovation is a key component of growth in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. No one knows this better than Patricia Zilliox, Ph.D. She has spent 25 years in global clinical development in ophthalmology and 30 years at Alcon. Her work has helped further the quest for solutions to degenerative eye diseases in children. 

But how did she find herself doing this work? She went to school for pharmacy but her love of research and development helped push her into working with ophthalmology. Listen as she shares more about her history and passion for developing solutions for various eye diseases. 

One of Patricia’s biggest roles has been to help secure funding for various projects. She shares her experiences with starting fundraisers and why she hasn’t felt that being a woman in a man’s world has made it harder. 

Most important is Patricia’s advice to all women who find themselves in career paths that need innovation or growth. One of the most important skills for all women to develop is confidence. You are in your role and in your field because you know something about it. Don’t be afraid to let your confidence show. 

Listen in as we chat all about the pharmaceutical industry specific to ophthalmology and why women need to embrace innovation and growth. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:07] Welcome Patricia Zilliox to discuss innovation in role development. 
  • [03:08] How did Patricia find herself in R&D and pharmaceuticals? 
  • [05:08] Does the public understand gene therapy and eye health? 
  • [06:09] How does she look at leadership? 
  • [07:30] Has the pandemic affected her work or life? 
  • [09:02] Are there ways to help people think outside of the box? 
  • [11:10] How her work is affecting the lives of young people. 
  • [12:38] Learn how she handles stressors throughout her day and career. 
  • [14:45] Why it is important to pick your battles.
  • [16:11] Who does she turn to in order to stay knowledgeable in her field? 
  • [19:01] Has she found success in fundraising? 
  • [20:57] Hear Patricia’s last bit of advice on innovating in your field.
  • [22:38] Connect with Patricia.

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Are you properly using video to tell your brand’s story? No matter if you’re climbing the corporate ladder or building your own corporation, you have a brand and a story. Video is one of the best media to connect with your ideal audience and April Pertuis is helping women everywhere to own it. 

April is a former video journalist turned visibility and media specialist. While she was building her 30-year career in journalism, she realized that the stories she loved to tell were the ones that the storyteller often overlooked. 

She took that passion and desire and built a business to help women realize their own beautiful stories and why they need to share them. She now works to help her clients and followers become more comfortable on camera. Using live streaming and video helps to quickly build a strong and loyal following, but so many women are scared to be on camera.

Listen as she shares some of her best tactics for helping people overcome their fear of camera and ways to build video into your day. She also has her own private Facebook group dedicated to helping others leave their fear of live streaming behind. It’s not meant to be perfect. It’s meant to be real. The world needs more real positivity.

Show Notes:

  • [01:27] We’re talking all about video and getting your story out there.
  • [02:59] How has April found herself as a storyteller and video expert? 
  • [06:01] Why she loves helping people to realize their story and share it.
  • [09:08] What holds people back from live streaming? 
  • [11:44] How does she help her clients to warm up and calm their fears? 
  • [16:05] Ways to boost your energy if you’re feeling really nervous.
  • [18:20] Has she faced any challenges during the pandemic? 
  • [21:10] Any advice for taking that first step toward live streaming? 
  • [23:55] Connect with April.

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Would you consider yourself to be a lifelong learner? Are you constantly seeking to broaden your horizons and delve deeper into your passions? For Ruth Gotian, learning has always been a compulsion. The desire to know more and have a greater understanding of her passions has always driven her. She’s here to share how you can dig deeper into your passions and keep the knowledge train moving.

Dr. Ruth Gotian is a Chief Learning Officer and Assistant Professor of Education in Anesthesiology. She has made it her life’s mission to better understand the high achieving mind, and distill their habits into educational materials for adults everywhere. Her work has taken her across the globe to speak on optimizing our success, leadership development, and mentoring. 

She is currently in the process of researching the most successful people of our generation in order to learn about their habits and practices to help others optimize their success. But it’s her passion for knowledge that has taken her this far. 

Listen as she shares why we should all complete our own passion audit and then work with highly engaged mentors to bring our passions and work together. Mentors are one of the most important pieces of ongoing success, but not just any mentor will do. She shares the best way to create a mentor group and what specific characteristics you should look for. 

Dr. Gotian is a joy to listen to because she has truly found the best way to marry her passions into work that fulfills her life. If you’d like to do the same, then you won’t want to miss a moment of this chat!

Show Notes:

  • [01:03] Welcome back and thank you for tuning in!
  • [02:18] Ruth Gotian is here to chat about continuing your learning. Listen as she shares how she made her way to adult learning. 
  • [03:55] What does it mean to meet your overt and covert goals? 
  • [06:24] Learn more about the passion audit. 
  • [09:20] Why the third column of the audit is so important. 
  • [10:15] What kinds of characteristics does one need to create the work of their dreams? 
  • [11:19] How to put together a very effective mentoring team. 
  • [14:08] Can you use LinkedIn to connect with leaders in your space? 
  • [18:05] How does Ruth find time to continue her own learning? 
  • [21:28] Do children still like to read actual books or are they eReaders? 
  • [23:41] Ways that you can surround yourself with knowledge and learning. 
  • [24:45] Connect with Ruth.

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DISCLAIMER: Women Worldwide Note: This interview reflects a discussion with Helio Fred Garcia about his book, Words on Fire. The interview is not intended to be a complete analysis or reflect the express views of the Women Worldwide Network and show sponsors. Rather, we hope our network will digest the information thoroughly and, regardless of political views, raise your voices by casting your vote in the November 3rd election.

The words you speak and share have the power to change lives. This is true of everyone but even more so of our leaders and politicians. Helio Fred Garcia has spent his life studying the power of language because of his own experiences as a child. He knows first hand how words can change the world. 

Fred came to America as an immigrant with little knowledge of the English language, a hard to pronounce name, and a very heavy accent. He was bullied to the point of terror and worse. But all it took was the help and guidance of one amazing teacher and he learned the language and found his place in the world. 

It was as he was learning his new language that he realized the true power of words. He has since studied the patterns of speech used in the highest courts of the country and realized that many of the things being said today are reminiscent of scary times in history. 

Listen as we chat about the power of incendiary language and how it is affecting us today. Fred shares examples from his book of moments in recent history that were directly responsible for loss of human life and barbaric treatment of those wishing to come to America. 

Fred has so many amazing insights to share, but the most important is his view on how each and every one of us can stand up to the leaders who are still using incendiary language to incite the population. Listen in to learn more.

Show Notes:

  • [01:03] Welcome back to Women Worldwide.
  • [02:00] Helio Fred Garcia is back to chat about his book Words on Fire.
  • [03:01] How did he find himself drawn to the power of communication, words, and reputation? 
  • [06:03] What drove him to write his most recent book? 
  • [08:46] How can the normal person recognize verbal patterns that denote future acts of violence? 
  • [11:52] Fred shares things that you can do to address negative verbal patterns.
  • [16:53] How does social media play into the change in politics as usual? 
  • [18:23] What changed to bring our government to its current place? 
  • [25:51] Will younger generations be able to confront the incendiary language? 
  • [29:34] Fred shares a parting bit of advice.

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I recently posed a question to my social media community asking them what was holding them back. It was very interesting to note that while I got a bunch of likes and hearts, there were very few comments. 

Now that could mean one of two things. Either everyone is killing it and taking risks and putting themselves out there to learn and grow in life and business. OR it didn’t feel like a safe space to really dig into the things that are holding you back. 

If you’ve been experiencing those feelings of doubt and unease, then I have three tips to help you overcome your blocks and barriers. 

First, look internally to understand and then scale those barriers. There’s so much noise out there, but that noise is a distraction from the truth of your personal blocks. Look internally and work on your internal voice. 

In that same vein, stop being so hard on yourself. When you take risks, you will make mistakes. That’s how you learn and the best way to grow. Allow yourself the grace to take the risk and if you fall, just remember to get back up.

Then always listen to your internal GPS. If an opportunity comes your way and you feel excited about it, then don’t listen to the voices that later make you doubt yourself. Your initial gut feeling was likely right and that opportunity should be yours.

So, what’s holding you back? How can you overcome it? 

Show Notes:

  • [01:03] Welcome back to Women Worldwide. 
  • [02:03] Why people may not have responded to my question about what’s holding them back. 
  • [03:07] Don’t look at the external. Look internally to overcome your barriers. 
  • [04:23] Stop being so hard on yourself. Mistakes pave the path to true learning. 
  • [05:36] Listen to your inner GPS. 
  • [07:29] Hear a quick recap of the three tips.
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How would it feel to look at the difficulties in your life and see them as possibilities for a better future? Susanna Mittermaier is a Pragmatic Psychologist who is focused on helping her patients see challenges as a route to a better tomorrow. 

These challenges could be everything from living with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, etc. to simply not having the coping mechanisms necessary to deal with the noise of the world. She helps doctors, teachers, parents, therapists, social workers, and patients to see their differences as advantages and to empower them to know what they know. 

Once you realize that your challenges are a gift and that you have a ton to offer the world, possibilities seem to be everywhere. This is really the basis of Pragmatic Psychology. We are responsible for creating our lives and living them with joy and ease. 

Listen as Susanna shares how to move beyond the trauma and leave drama behind so that you can reach a world of endless possibility. She also shares why listening to your body is one of the most productive things you can do and that taking a break is necessary. 

Susanna has so many amazing nuggets of wisdom to share on how to shift your thoughts from being mired in the mistakes of the past to seeing the choices you have in your future.

Show Notes:

  • [02:21] Susanna Mittermaier is the founder of the Pragmatic Psychology approach. 
  • [03:26] Why she chose psychology and how she founded Pragmatic Psychology.
  • [05:00] What is the first step toward making a true change in one’s life? 
  • [06:48] How to disentangle awareness versus feelings. 
  • [08:51] Learn more about Susanna’s book. 
  • [11:53] More and more people are choosing not to settle with the drama. Enter pragmatism and moving toward possibilities.
  • [15:09] Choice by choice you’ll find you see possibility versus problems.
  • [16:51] Does Susanna have moments where she feels the stress and drama? 
  • [18:02] How does she stay in focus to accomplish things each day? 
  • [19:39] Do you have to relax for long stretches or can it be small increments throughout the day? 
  • [22:28] What is the best way to step away from challenges and look at them as possibilities? 
  • [23:21] Connect with Susanna.

Links and Resources:

Susanna’s Website

Pragmatic Psychology Website

Susanna on Instagram
Susanna on Facebook

Susanna on Twitter

Susanna on YouTube

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It doesn’t matter how prevalent video and images become, words are still the best way to express yourself. Rea Frey has been putting pen to paper and fingers to keys for many years writing and having her work published. She has been published by one of the 5 big publishers and is helping her clients to write and publish books of their own.

Rea started writing when she entered a poetry contest and won. It wasn’t until years later when she was experiencing a huge medical trauma that she really dug in and started honing in her craft and her stories. Fast-forward several years later and she began to study the world of publishing and how and why it works the way it does.

Since then she’s created courses, published more works, and helped other writers to find their way in the world of publishing. She’s sharing her tips and advice on the best way to start writing and to be sure that you’re viewing your book properly in the grand scheme of things. It is a product to be sold, and you’re the one responsible for selling it.

Learn why it’s necessary to build a platform and engage with your readers before your book even launches (because email lists aren’t just for big and small business owners.) If you want to be taken seriously as an author, then writing a fantastic book is just the first step. 

Rea is an inspiration and her story is definitely an amazing one for all aspiring writers who are seeking to become published authors. Success doesn’t come overnight, so just keep writing and putting your words out there. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:06] Why writing is so important to self-expression. 
  • [03:25] How did Rea find her clarity and learn to express herself through words? 
  • [05:55] Why Rea created her program for aspiring writers and authors. 
  • [07:33] What kinds of fears do her clients share with her? 
  • [09:58] Writing the book is just the first step. Learn more. 
  • [11:49] Has Rea sought out help with her own writing as she has evolved as a writer? 
  • [13:34] Learn more about Rea’s most recent book.
  • [14:56] How did she find clarity to write this book? 
  • [17:56] Does she ever feel stressed when it comes to her career? 
  • [20:31] Why boundaries have been necessary during this time. 
  • [21:55] Rea shares her last bit of advice on finding clarity.
  • [22:57] Connect with Rea.

Links and Resources:

Rea’s Website


Rea on Instagram
Rea on Twitter
Rea on Facebook

Rea on LinkedIn

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Can aromatherapy really help you fight off environmental diseases, aging, and illness? Yes! According to science and the experiences of many, they really can. Linda Oviatt is a Certified Aromatherapist and author who has spent the last several years studying, learning, and sharing everything about essential oils and their place in our health.

Contrary to popular belief, essential oils are everywhere. They’re in the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, and in many of the products we use. But not all essential oils are made equal. Linda is sharing why big box store essential oils are a bastardization of true therapeutic oils and what you can do to better inform yourself.

She also gives us a rundown of the three major schools of thought on essential oils and the best way to use them and why it all depends on you and your history. For many, essential oils are thought of when diffused, but you can also gain benefit when the oils are used on your skin or ingested.

Linda is truly knowledgeable about all things aromatherapy and her insights are extremely useful. She even shares the one big hold up when she first started studying aromatherapy and how she’s overcome it. If you’ve been interested in living a more holistic lifestyle using natural remedies for sickness, pain, and other ailments, you won’t want to miss this conversation.

Show Notes:

  • [01:10] New Jersey is starting to reopen!
  • [03:03] Welcome Linda Oviatt to chat about aromatherapy and health. 
  • [04:44] Did she go through any education process? 
  • [05:39] Do people typically understand aromatherapy right off the bat? 
  • [07:20] Learn more about the benefits of aromatherapy.
  • [08:19] What is the right way to use essential oils? 
  • [10:53] Is a diffuser a good way to introduce essential oils into your life? 
  • [12:50] Which oils go with which benefits? 
  • [15:54] Where does massage come into play? 
  • [18:04] Why you should stay away from essential oils in the big box stores. 
  • [20:55] The biggest lesson she has learned in her career with oils.
  • [22:15] What keeps Linda feeling vibrant and healthy every day? 
  • [23:52] Linda’s final piece of advice regarding health and aromatherapy. 
  • [25:01] Connect with Linda.

Links and Resources:

Inspired, Informed, & Infused by Linda Oviatt

Linda’s Website
Linda on Facebook

Linda on LinkedIn
Linda on Instagram

Linda on Twitter


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Why is it important to start and engage in difficult conversations? Because without them change is impossible. Nassim Abdi spent 12 years as an educator in topics around diversity and inclusion and the intersections between gender, race, and other identities as they relate to systems of discrimination or disadvantage. 

She was later cast in a Netflix-featured film, Secret Ballot, and realized that the Q&A sessions she had were one of her favorite aspects of creating the film. She was engaged and the questions, while difficult, generated amazing conversations. 

It was then that she decided to create StoryBolt, a marketplace platform that enables attitude-changing conversations around the topics of Diversity and Inclusion, using the power of documentary storytelling. Stories are what reach into our hearts and demand action. StoryBolt uses storytelling to generate action through discussion and consideration. 

Listen as we chat about Nassim’s transition from educator to entrepreneur and why her time in the lecture hall helped her find success in front of the camera. Nassim shares tips for the first steps you should take when starting your business, and why it is so important to understand that you cannot build a successful business all on your own. 

We must have the hard conversations. No matter if you own your own business, you lead a team of people, or you’re preparing to one day lead, you have to be willing to be an agent of change. Listen in to learn more.

Show Notes:

  • [01:36] Let’s talk about being the boss!
  • [03:00] Why did Nassim become an entrepreneur and why StoryBolt? 
  • [03:58] What types of topics did Nassim teach on when she was an educator? 
  • [06:02] How Nassim’s film experience influenced StoryBolt.
  • [07:13] Did any of her skills from teaching in the classroom transfer to entrepreneurship? 
  • [09:36] Has Nassim had any AHAs as she’s grown in her business? 
  • [12:30] What steps did Nassim take in the beginning that really helped her business? 
  • [15:31] Why you shouldn’t dabble with your finances per Nicole Rodrigues. 
  • [18:09] How does Nassim stay focused with everything going on? 
  • [21:31] The app that Nassim uses to stay on top of networking. 
  • [23:50] What can you do to keep your passion and be the boss in your business? 
  • [25:23] Connect with Nassim.

Links and Resources:

NRPR Group is a strategic positioning agency that helps businesses, celebrities, entertainment companies, consumer products, and more to build successful brand platforms and reach their business objectives.

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For so many women, managing finances is something that they’ve decided they are bad at. What if you were able to switch that mindset and make money a strength? Pam Hopman has spent the last several years helping people to overcome their money mindset blocks and finally feel as if they have the skills and knowledge needed to manage their own finances. 

Pam has been dedicated to helping others properly manage their money since helping her sister-in-law find her way after the loss of her husband. She’d never been the one to manage her household’s finances and amidst the grief of loss felt completely overwhelmed. Pam later went on to help other family members to reset after loss as well and realized that she truly enjoyed helping people gain a greater knowledge of their finances.

She has since been licensed in several different areas of finance and wealth management and now has a mastermind devoted to helping others gain clarity around their finances, managing their wealth, and beating back the money stories that have been ingrained through money moments. 

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re “bad” at money, take a minute to listen to this amazing conversation. Don’t just listen though, implement Pam’s tips and just keep learning.

Show Notes:

  • [01:45] We’re chatting all about managing money and how to get better at it.
  • [03:12] Welcome Pam Hopman and learn how she became involved in helping others with their money. 
  • [06:07] How can women change the narrative around their ability to manage money? 
  • [08:56] What steps do women need to take to start changing their money mindset? 
  • [10:12] Pam explains what a money moment is and how it affects our mindset.
  • [12:13] Should you change your money personality or become better about the personality you are? 
  • [14:00] How can you approach becoming more involved with the finances for your family? 
  • [16:21] What keeps Pam focused and motivated each day? 
  • [17:34] Why do people choose not to become better with money? 
  • [18:57] How does Pam stay up to date in her field? 
  • [21:00] Pam shares a final bit of advice on how to get better with money.
  • [21:52] Connect with Pam.

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According to rainn.org, every 9 minutes Child Protective Services confirms another instance of childhood sexual abuse. What can we do to stop the pernicious spread of abuse? Patricia Eagle joins me to share her story and ways that you can be the voice for children everywhere. 

Patricia was sexually abused by her father from the time she was 4 until she was 14. She tried to tell her mother, but she grew up in a time when the victims of sexual abuse were unlikely to be believed. Instead of receiving help, she was slapped down and told she was a liar. 

She has spent her entire life healing, growing, and learning to love herself again. It wasn’t until recent years however, that she wanted to tell her story on a broader stage. She wrote her book to tell her story but to also bring light to the things that we should all be on the lookout for with our children and the young ones in our lives. 

So, what can you do to stop childhood sexual abuse? Bring greater awareness to the issue. Voice your concerns when things seem off with the children in your life. Be aware of how the perpetrators of sexual abuse act. Don’t let the conversation stop. 

We can end childhood sexual abuse but only if we keep talking about it.

Show Notes:

  • [01:55] Learn more about the statistics behind sexual assault in America.
  • [03:04] Welcome Patricia Eagle to the show to share her story and her experience. 
  • [04:50] How did Patricia get to a place where she could open up about her story? 
  • [07:26] Who did she first talk to about the things that happened to her? 
  • [10:56] Patricia shares how we can move past the stigma around mental health. 
  • [15:15] What is a healthy way for family members to help victims? 
  • [18:32] The landscape of help and support has changed significantly. 
  • [20:39] It’s important to remember that you have to learn to trust and listen to yourself. 
  • [23:59] You can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself.
  • [25:48] Patricia shares how you can move forward with empathy and hope. 
  • [28:00] Connect with Patricia.

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Creating a compelling and authentic story that is still factual and entertaining is not an easy skill to master. In this era of fake news and inauthentic reporting, it’s important to bring things back to a safe space of truth. Michele Weldon has been an authority in the world of journalism for over 40 years and she’s here to share why storytelling remains an important thread in our lives. 

Michele started her writing career at a very young age by publishing her own monthly newspaper for her friends and family. She continued developing her writing chops and in highschool wrote teen stories for the local newspaper.

She later went on to study journalism and make her way into the world of reporting. She has since written six non-fiction books with the sixth coming out in September of 2020. Her long and storied career has only been possible because of her desire to create truthful stories with impact. 

Her thoughts on journalism today and why layering your writing are extremely thought-provoking, but her views on how to better your writing are invaluable. Take care of your mind and body and your writing will benefit as well. Listen in to learn more about creating your own writing habits and why storytelling remains imperative to our lives and businesses.

Show Notes:

  • [02:14] Michele Weldon is here to share more about delivering authenticate and accurate stories. 
  • [03:20] What put Michele on the path of becoming a storyteller and author? 
  • [05:18] Learn more about her book Act Like You’re Having a Good Time. 
  • [06:37] Who would benefit the most from her book? 
  • [07:54] What did her writing process look like and was it difficult to write her book? 
  • [09:47] Does she ever get stuck in writer’s block? 
  • [11:09] Learn more about writing in layers. 
  • [13:26] How are journalists handling truth today? 
  • [15:35] Her first tip for all aspiring journalists and storytellers. 
  • [16:44] Does she find herself reading more during this time? 
  • [18:53] Why reading is the key to improving your writing. 
  • [20:45] What does Michele do to keep refreshed and motivated? 
  • [24:22] A parallel to seeing is listening and both help with your writing.
  • [25:15] Michele shares her advice on the first steps to take when finding your dream. 

Links and Resources:

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If you wanted to be in a relationship, you’d be in one. While that may seem a bit on the nose, for Simone Milasas it’s a fact of life. Think about it. Think of one thing recently that you really wanted, do you have it now? Did you make it happen? Perhaps you don’t really want that relationship right now. Listen in to learn more. 

Simone is an international speaker, author, and an acclaimed business and life mentor. She has traveled the world and used her experiences to dig deeper into business, the joys of life, and understanding our relationships. 

Imagine writing a book with your ex. Now imagine that you and your ex are no longer together because you realized that you weren’t bringing each other up, not because you weren’t right for each other. That’s exactly what Simone and her ex did. She’s super open about their relationship and the fact that it wasn’t that something was wrong that caused them to break up. 

Something just wasn’t right. 

This was an amazing conversation about the importance of understanding why you want a relationship and then finding love for yourself. You can’t love someone else until you love yourself. If you’ve been set on finding a relationship but it hasn’t happened yet, ask yourself, do you really want a relationship? 

Show Notes:

  • [02:33] Welcome Simone Milasas to discuss all things relationships.
  • [03:06] Did Simone always feel she would be an entrepreneur? 
  • [04:28] Were her travels impactful in building her first business? 
  • [06:38] How is her book different than other relationship books? 
  • [10:23] Why perfect is really a judgment. 
  • [13:22] Sharing is not caring. Learn why.
  • [16:22] How important is the trust that you have with your partner? 
  • [18:26] Learn how Simone approaches challenges in her life. 
  • [20:18] Relaxation is a conscious decision and has no judgment. 
  • [22:45] Any big AHA moments? 
  • [25:47] One last piece of advice about relationships and the mode of receiving.
  • [26:40] Connect with Simone. 

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Being diagnosed with any form of cancer is a huge, scary thing, but it doesn’t have to consume your life. Rather than be dragged down by her diagnosis, Pat Wetzel went on a journey to learn more about herself and healing in a holistic way. She founded Cancer Road Trip and has helped develop additional research about the post-treatment aspect of cancer. 

Using the power of film and personal story, Cancer Road Trip looks at health, healing, and culture from a global perspective. As it stands right now, our medical system addresses diagnosis and treatment of cancer, but not the psychological, social, physical, or spiritual issues that patients also need to heal. 

It was through her own diagnosis of an ‘incurable’ form of cancer that she became an avid researcher of anticancer health and holistic healing. Pat is so open and honest in sharing her story and why traveling was the key to her own health. Her new venture did not come without some bumps and bruises, but that’s all a part of the journey. 

Listen as she shares her story, why she chose travel above other forms of healing, and what she is doing to help others affected by cancer. She has also started her own podcast sharing stories from other survivors and patients. A bump in the road is not the end of the road. Pat’s story is truly extraordinary and inspiring. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:55] Welcome Pat Wetzel to share how you can use your roadblocks to successfully shift your business. 
  • [03:10] How did Cancer Road Trip come about? 
  • [05:46] Learn why writing and holistic healing changed Pat’s life. 
  • [07:13] What kinds of changes did she experience as she started to travel? 
  • [08:12] Pat shares how she chose her destinations.
  • [09:15] Did she face any resistance around her choice to go on this road trip? 
  • [11:38] Has anyone one person or thing inspired or influenced her on this journey? 
  • [13:25] Any big moments that have stuck with her during this adventure? 
  • [15:13] When did she get her pilot’s license? 
  • [17:45] Why did she launch her podcast? 
  • [19:56] Has Pat always liked technology? 
  • [22:04] Pat shares some parting advice for navigating big bumps in the road.
  • [22:48] Connect with Pat. 

Links and Resources:

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Self-care is more than relaxing baths and pretty smelling bath salts with essential oils. It’s more than our capitalistic society has made it out to be and it honestly costs you nothing to practice. Jennifer Louden is a personal growth pioneer who helped to launch the concept of self-care. Listen as she shares why you need to start making small changes today. 

Back in 1992, Jennifer wrote her first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book. It was a bestseller and helped define what it meant for a woman to truly take care of herself. Since then she has written several more books, created women’s retreats and writers’ retreats, and dedicated her life to helping others realize the importance of their own care. 

Jennifer says the most important thing to remember is that while a bubble bath and a spa day is nice, self-care starts with that glass of water you skipped, the supplements you forgot, the stretch breaks that never happen. To truly take care of yourself you have to take care of the body you’ve been given.

This isn’t an easy process. This also isn’t something you do overnight. We are wired to want to do the work we love. We are wired to take care of our families, our friends, our coworkers, and everyone who becomes an integral part of our circle. But you can’t take care of them if you don’t take care of you first. 

Jennifer shares some amazing tips and advice on how you can start on the journey of self-care today. Most importantly, give yourself grace to fail. You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow with a perfect schedule and the perfect new routine. Just make small changes one step at a time and see how much better your life and relationships become.

Show Notes:

  • [01:32] Self-care is extremely important. Especially in times like these. 
  • [02:40] Welcome Jennifer Louden to chat about self-care. 
  • [03:14] Why did she choose this path? 
  • [05:26] How can you start on the path to proper self-care? 
  • [07:47] Does technology play a part in our ability to properly care for ourselves? 
  • [09:54] What stops us from truly taking care of ourselves? 
  • [12:20] Are small rewards effective in helping us to keep up better habits? 
  • [13:33] What are Jennifer’s retreats like? 
  • [15:08] Is there any way to keep the feeling one gets at a retreat? 
  • [17:21] Has Jennifer had any uh-oh moments that have helped her grow? 
  • [19:38] Does she experience any challenges in her life and business? 
  • [22:14] Listen as Jennifer shares a bit of parting advice. 
  • [23:27] Connect with Jennifer.

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You ARE meant to make an impact. Disagree? Then listen as Sangita Verma chats about why the GiftSuite brand is making an impact FOR you.

You see, GiftSuite has taken care of one of the most important pieces of business ownership… employee engagement. That being said, engagement equals so much more than simply asking questions. 

Sangita has built several successful businesses in different niches and the underlying factor that has equaled success is employee engagement. Listen as we chat about mindset and belief. What beliefs do you have that are holding you back? 

You are not meant to live a life of mediocrity, listen in to learn why!

Show Notes:

  • [02:56] Welcome Sangita and learn more about her path to entrepreneurship.
  • [05:16] What is it about her current company that makes her feel proud? 
  • [07:55] Are there traits needed to survive in this post-pandemic world? 
  • [09:54] We are managing emotions in a different way these days. Learn more. 
  • [12:29] Does Sangita tackle or approach obstacles in a certain way? 
  • [15:41] Who has influenced Sangita the most? 
  • [17:59] Why you need to speak your truth and be vulnerable. 
  • [19:37] What advice would Sangita give to her younger self? 
  • [22:34] Is social media important to growing your business? 
  • [25:17] How can you find your passion and share your superpower? 
  • [26:31] Learn lateral things…
  • [27:35] Connect with Sangita.

Links and Resources:

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NRPR Group is a strategic positioning agency that helps businesses, celebrities, entertainment companies, consumer products, and more to build successful brand platforms and reach their business objectives.

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Every day entrepreneurs all over the world are creating innovative new products, services, and ideas, but can you? Rachael McCrary joins me to share what it takes to be a leader in this time and what it takes to start moving your own mountains. Listen as we chat about serving a need, doing the research, and making sure your team is on the same page with you.

Rachael has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. She has been nurturing relationships with overseas factories and sourcing products for her own businesses and for start-ups that she has helped through consulting. Those relationships made her move into developing PPE and sourcing Covid tests seemed like a natural progression.

She’d already dipped her toes into the protective apparel market with RxBra and the move into highly needed PPE seemed like a good fit. This move wouldn’t have been possible without the infrastructure and team she already had in place. Listen as she shares what it took to move into the PPE market and why she was so passionate about combining science and fashion to create truly necessary apparel.

For Rachael, the best way to find the career of your dreams is to follow your passion. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, man I’d love to get paid to do this thing, try it out. Other people may want the thing that you’re passionate about, but you have to have the passion and drive to make it happen. 

Are you ready to follow your passions and start moving your own mountains? 

Show Notes:

  • [01:33] Let’s talk about the entrepreneur who moves mountains and gets things done. 
  • [03:35] Learn more about Rachael McCrary and her background. 
  • [06:17] Has she drawn on her own experience with sourcing to help find materials needed for PPE and her own line of FIR clothing? 
  • [09:26] Have the characteristics of a leader changed since Covid hit? 
  • [11:58] What has Rachael learned through these times? 
  • [13:41] How does Rachael approach problems to get things done? 
  • [16:02] Does Rachael normally discuss the process or do people just follow her lead? 
  • [17:38] Has she experienced any Uh-Ohs’ or AHA’s as she’s moved through creating Infrawear? 
  • [21:01] How does she manage her stress and that of her team? 
  • [24:05] Learn how you can move mountains in your life.
  • [25:17] Connect with Rachael.

Links and Resources:

Rachael’s Website


RxBra on Facebook
RxBra on Twitter
RxBra on Instagram

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While you may mean to convey one thought or idea, your body language could be detracting from your message. Cara Hale Alter has spent her life studying the ticks and tells that make up normal human body language and how they affect our presentation. Listen as we chat about ways you can use to become more cognizant of your body language and how you can begin to improve your non-verbal communication. 

Cara has been working in the field of non-verbal communication for over 20 years and now helps leaders evaluate the physical presence and body language. The way you hold yourself could mean the difference between someone understanding and respecting you or thinking that you are incompetent, even if you’re brilliant.

She has made it her mission to help leaders everywhere become more effective with their non-verbal communication whilst boosting their confidence and their energy. She’s also a public speaker and author who provides training to some of the world’s best-known companies. In other words, she knows what she’s talking about. 

If you’re concerned about the cues that your body language gives off, then you will definitely want to listen to this episode until the very end. Cara gives several examples of the key areas you should evaluate and focus on whilst providing quick tips you can use to help others see you for the professional you are. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:44] How much do you think about your body language? 
  • [03:00] Learn more about Cara’s background and why she began studying body language. 
  • [04:12] Is it hard for people to recognize how we come off to others? 
  • [05:35] What are some of the most important cues or tells to focus on? 
  • [07:32] It is important not to stereotype behaviors and speech patterns.
  • [09:16] Do women and men carry themselves differently in professional situations? 
  • [11:13] What’s the best way to really see yourself as you practice altering your body language? 
  • [12:47] How much of our body language derives from our confidence level? 
  • [14:07] Has Cara had any big AHA or UH OH moments as she began building her business? 
  • [16:16] What are some of the challenges she’s run into as her business has grown? 
  • [17:44] Cara shares what inspires her to keep going each day. 
  • [19:03] Learn some ways you can alter your visual perception in today’s world. 
  • [20:43] Why you should be attentive to your self-touch moments.
  • [22:20] People tend to face the direction they want to go.
  • [24:39] Cara shares her best advice for people looking to better pay attention to their body language. 
  • [25:59] Connect with Cara. 

Links and Resources:

Cara’s Website
Cara on LinkedIn

SpeechSkills on Twitter

SpeechSkills on Facebook 

The Credibility Code by Cara Hale Alter

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Human beings have more bacterial cells in their bodies than human cells. We were designed that way. Which means that we have to take care of the bacteria in our bodies. Tina Anderson is a former trial attorney who moved into the legal department of a family pharmaceutical company and realized that she was meant for more.

She realized that she was extremely frustrated by the abuses in the pharmaceutical industry and knew that she needed to learn more about natural health. She has since learned all she can about disease prevention and how our gut is responsible for over 70% of our health. 

Tina and her husband have developed a revolutionary formula for a probiotic that does indeed make its way into the gut. The most important thing a probiotic can do! She shares how they reserved the rights to the strains of probiotics that they use in their products and why it’s so important for us to truly consider our gut health.

Our healthcare system is great at treating symptoms of problems, but it’s up to us to treat the root cause of disease. Listen as she shares about natural health, the role of bacteria in our lives and health, and ways that you can start to experience better health now.

Key point to note: we are constantly under so much stress and stress causes untold damage to the gut. Learn how you can repair it the right way!

Show Notes:

  • [01:03] Welcome back to the show. Are you ready to learn all about natural health?
  • [03:17] Tina shares her story and why she moved into natural health.
  • [05:32] Is it true that 70% of your health is in your gut? 
  • [07:26] How careful do you have to be when choosing supplements and probiotics? 
  • [10:30] Why you should talk to the brand of probiotic you’re considering taking. 
  • [11:41] Learn the most important thing you should consider when taking a probiotic.
  • [14:16] How do you make your first meeting with someone really count? 
  • [15:48] What challenges has Tina faced in educating consumers about her product? 
  • [17:45] Learn what causes leaky gut. 
  • [20:26] Tina shares her biggest AHA moment while building her business.  
  • [22:34] Why hand-washing is so much better than antibacterial solutions. 
  • [25:11] Listen as Tina shares her last bit of parting advice. 
  • [26:45] Connect with Tina. 

Links and Resources:

Tina’s Website

Tina on Facebook
Tina on Twitter

Tina on Instagram
Tina on YouTube

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What you wear and how you present yourself sends a message to the world. Do you know what you’re telling everyone around you? If not, then you may need the help of Alyssa and Tania. Alyssa is a Virtual Presence Coach and headshot photographer and Tania is a personal stylist on a mission to elevate a woman’s style and success. 

These two ladies both have a background in the fashion industry, but it wasn’t until they struck out on their own that they found each other. After attending many of the same events and referring their clients back and forth, they decided to start working together. 

They now collaborate to bring out a woman’s personality and brand messaging through her style and the art of photography. The differences they see in their clients before working with them and after is truly amazing. It’s common knowledge that you need confidence to sell. These women help you find your confidence. 

Listen as they share their stories as well as some amazing advice for female entrepreneurs and C-suite members. Even if you’re not the CEO yet, there is no reason you shouldn’t dress like one. You can learn a lot from these ladies, so grab your notebook and get ready to learn why your brand is so important.

Show Notes:

  • [01:40] Where do you start in finding and highlighting the real you? 
  • [03:20] How did Alyssa start on the path of helping women find themselves? 
  • [04:45] Learn more about Tania’s journey. 
  • [06:36] Alyssa and Tania share how they met and started working together.
  • [08:07] Tania shares what she would say to a woman who is reluctant to define their brand? 
  • [10:00] Where do they start? 
  • [12:47] Do they have to collaborate on their colors and light along with the fashion? 
  • [15:50] What is one of Tania’s biggest challenges as an entrepreneur? 
  • [17:29] Alyssa shares her biggest challenges. 
  • [20:03] Listen as Alyssa recounts her biggest uh-oh in business. 
  • [21:04] Tania gives her biggest AHA moment in business. 
  • [23:54] It’s so important to know who you are and what you’re about in business. 
  • [26:08] Tania gives quick advice on how you should view your personal brand. 
  • [27:13] Why it’s important to update your photos over time.
  • [28:40] Connect with Tania and Alyssa.  

Links and Resources:

Tania’s Website

Tania on Instagram
Tania on LinkedIn

Alyssa’s Website

Alyssa on Facebook
Alyssa on Instagram
Alyssa on LinkedIn

Episode Sponsor: Routledge

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Have you listened to what your body has been saying lately? Heather Nichols is a Joy of Business facilitator, movement and meditation consultant, tantra practitioner, and somatic psychotherapist. She states that our bodies are a treasure trove of information and insight into our lives. Listen in as she shares how you can become better attuned with yours. 

Heather shares a bit about her background and the reason she started building her own businesses. She also provides additional information about how your body and mind affect the joy and success of your life and business.

Through all of her years in business, she has found that when she is in alignment with her body, mind, and spirit, she finds the most joy and success in her businesses. You are not confined to doing only one thing. You can be active and present in multiple pursuits at once, you just have to learn how to prioritize each day.

Listen in as she shares her thoughts and advice about how to better understand your body and what it is telling you. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a multi-seven-figure business or a beautiful home, your body and mind are the keys to finding happiness, joy, and success. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:14] Welcome Heather Nichols to the show to share more about nurturing your business and your clients. 
  • [03:24] What started Heather down the path of mind and body therapy? 
  • [04:53] Learn more about Tantra and Somatic psychotherapy.
  • [05:47] How does she nourish her clients? 
  • [08:31] You need to create the time for body movement. 
  • [10:02] Our bodies are a treasure trove of information and instinct for our business.
  • [11:06] Learn a quick and easy process you can implement to become more aware of your body. 
  • [13:22] How does Heather define proof of a job well done? 
  • [14:57] What is one big thing that Heather has learned in building her businesses? 
  • [18:23] Include money into the flow of your life but stay true to your joy. 
  • [20:11] How does Heather stay grounded and present in her life and business? 
  • [22:04] Your body knows what needs your attention.
  • [23:22] Heather leaves you with one last bit of encouragement to live a joyful life. 
  • [24:16] Connect with Heather.

Links and Resources:

Heather’s Website

Heather on Facebook
Heather on LinkedIn
Heather on YouTube
Heather on Instagram

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Gender roles and money have been fairly set for centuries. Men handle the money and women handle the household. Those roles are changing however but women are still falling behind in taking their place in the handling of their finances. Why is that? 

Meredith Moore has long been fascinated by gender roles and money and has been working to change the rhetoric for women. She shares how throughout history, women have been marginalized and even into the early 80s could not open their own bank accounts. 

This, along with a lack of education, has kept many women from taking a larger role in the finances of their households and businesses. Listen as Meredith shares ways that women and men can be more involved together with their finances and why it’s so important to build a strong relationship.

The information Meredith shares is golden. One of the biggest tragedies is having bright women who are experts in their fields be bowled over by finances when something unexpected happens at home. Whether there’s a parting of ways or one spouse passes, neither person in the relationship should be surprised by the state of their finances. 

If this has been an issue in your household, listen in for amazing tips on how you can start taking greater interest and notice of your finances. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:55] Gender and money… Do women feel like they play a certain role? 
  • [03:01] Welcome Meredith Moore to the show and listen as she shares her story.
  • [05:10] When do the beliefs around money, gender, and roles start being established? 
  • [07:25] Is this a psychological trend? 
  • [09:19] What would Meredith say to the woman who needs to be more involved? 
  • [12:24] Is financial literacy or engagement more important? 
  • [13:41] How does fear impact women taking certain roles in their finances? 
  • [16:08] Has there been a shift in the thinking about money as generations come up? 
  • [18:36] Any big mistakes that she had to overcome in her career? 
  • [21:32] Meredith shares a bit of advice how we can make gender role shifts easier.
  • [24:07] Connect with Meredith.

Links and Resources:

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With so many changes happening at a rapid pace in the world, it is incumbent upon us all to be sure that what we share and focus on is not only true but also from a credible source. Which is why I wanted to share with you a few tips for being positive that your communications are as effective as possible.

First, sometimes we just have to hit pause. Whether that is for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days, we need to pause before saying things that can hurt a situation. In that pause, take the time to listen and understand what is going on around you. Then respond once the charged emotions are gone. 

Second, is what you’re sharing true? So much information hits the interwebs every day that it’s impossible for platforms to confirm the truth of what is shared. Which means it’s your responsibility to verify the information you share. 

You can verify the information you share by simply checking the sources that are cited in the article and confirming that any names mentioned are reputable. 

Are you in the echo chamber? Are you surrounded by other people saying the exact same things as everyone else? If so, it may be time to seek out new communities to see if they too are sharing the same rhetoric. If your timeline starts to look like one regurgitation after another, then you’re likely in the echo chamber. 

Last but not least, you have to be able to spot the bot. This is pretty specific to Twitter, but false information gets shared over and over and over again because people don’t realize that a bot has been planted. 

Listen in as I share more about how you can make your communications helpful, meaningful, and credible. If there is one thing we don’t need right now, it’s the propagation of fake news! Learn how you can spot it and stop it!

Show Notes:

  • [01:07] Welcome back to the show and thank you for showing up and sharing. 
  • [02:39] How you can use “the pause” to better your listening skills. 
  • [04:51] Know what you’re sharing. Is it the truth? 
  • [06:52] What is the echo chamber and how does it affect your communication?
  • [08:28] You have to be able to spot the bot with Twitter. 
  • [11:16] Hit the pause, watch out for fake news, stay out of the echo chamber, and be able to spot the bot. 

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with the recording.*

Experiencing abuse at the hands of those who are meant to love and protect you is one of the worst betrayals one can face. After spending her formative years as a victim of childhood domestic abuse, Lisa Braver Moss came out on the other side wondering why there weren’t poignant works discussing the prevalence and harm that it causes. 

She never imagined herself as an author, but if the resources weren’t available, she felt she needed to rectify that. Lisa is now an award winning author with a brand new book called Shrug. It is largely autobiographical but still showcases the common links between all those who suffer from abuse. 

Given the current state of the world, the number of domestic abuse cases is on the rise, so it’s important to see the signs and know how to respond. Now more than ever the cycle of abuse has to be recognized and understood.

Additionally, survivors of abuse need to know that they are not alone. Which is why Lisa’s book is a light in the darkness of this issue. Listen in to hear all about Lisa, her background, why she wrote this book, and why she believes communication and community are the keys to healing.

Show Notes:

  • [02:23] Learn more about domestic violence in the home and the stats behind it. 
  • [04:11] Welcome Lisa Braver Moss to discuss the issue of domestic violence.
  • [04:39] Why did Lisa decide to become an author? 
  • [07:31] What are the main takeaways that Lisa wanted her readers to come away with?
  • [10:56] How has the global pandemic affected the issue of domestic violence? 
  • [13:50] Listen as Lisa shares how victims of abuse can express their fears and communicate about their experiences.
  • [15:53] Was the book more autobiographical or more fiction? 
  • [18:36] Lisa shares some of the parallels in the book with real life and real situations.
  • [20:23] Hear some of Lisa’s AHA moments about delving into the world of authorship. 
  • [21:59] What keeps Lisa motivated to continue writing? 
  • [23:46] Lisa shares her advice for overcoming obstacles and negative life experiences.
  • [25:33] Connect with Lisa. 

Links and Resources:

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with the recording.*

Divorce isn’t a happy subject no matter when it comes up, but in times like these, it’s even worse. What is already a contentious affair becomes ten-fold worse when the courts are backed up and tensions are high. 

No one knows this better than family law attorney Morghan Richardson. She’s worked her way through several different careers and has settled on the personal aspect that is family law. She has fought complex divorce cases and knows the range of emotions and experiences that come out of these situations. 

Listen as we discuss women in law, her own personal experience as a divorcee, and why this is one of the worst times for family cases. For so many marriages, having a break from “together time” is essential, and that’s simply not possible right now.

Morghan shares her views on the courts as they stand right now, why marriages are under so much stress in this time, and what we can do to maintain our sanity. This was a truly enlightening conversation with a woman millennial in the field of law. You won’t want to miss it.

Show Notes:

  • [02:41] Welcome Morghan Richardson to Women Worldwide and why did she become a divorce attorney? 
  • [04:56] What do the courts look like right now? 
  • [06:20] Has the increased stress affected the number of divorce cases she’s picked up?
  • [08:45] Does Morghan face challenges being a woman in law? 
  • [09:30] What are women in Morghan’s generation looking for overall? 
  • [11:28] Does Morghan have mentors in law? 
  • [13:16] Why should you keep ethics top of mind? 
  • [14:27] Any huge “ah-has” in Morghan’s career? 
  • [16:45] How has Morghan shifted her focus and faced challenges throughout her career? 
  • [19:15] What motivates Morghan to keep going each and every day? 
  • [20:39] Hear Morghan’s parting advice for the Women Worldwide community. 
  • [21:41] Connect with Morghan.

Links and Resources:

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with the recording.*

How do you find happiness after escaping abuse and becoming the sole provider for your child? For Marja Zapusek it took accessing her consciousness and understanding that her reality was shaped by her choices.

Despite having a successful corporate career and what appeared to be a happy and stable, normal life, Marja was not happy. After getting out of her relationship, she tried many different modalities, but it wasn’t until she found Access Consciousness that she began to find her happiness. 

She is now an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and a corporate mediator. She’s healthy, happy, and building a thriving business that supports her and her daughter. 

Listen in as she shares how she reached this place and why taking ownership of your actions is the first step to accessing your full consciousness. Marja gave such amazing advice during this interview as well as ways to be more in tune with your body and heart. Remember, you are responsible for your happiness, so make sure that you are consciously intentional. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:43] What does it mean to be fully conscious? 
  • [03:05] How does one become an access consciousness facilitator? 
  • [05:16] Was the realization understanding that she was the one creating everything in her life? 
  • [06:54] Learn how you can step back and evaluate if you find yourself in a cycle of unhappiness.
  • [10:07] Your point of view creates your reality. 
  • [13:31] How do you push beyond familiar boundaries? 
  • [16:10] What kinds of challenges does Marja face and how does she address them? 
  • [19:39] Learn more about the changes people see as they complete the Access Consciousness modalities. 
  • [21:27] What motivates Marja to keep going each and every day. 
  • [22:39] One final piece of advice to take steps toward active consciousness. 
  • [23:39] Connect with Marja. 

Links and Resources:

Maria’s Website

Maria on Facebook
Maria on YouTube

Access Consciousness

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with the recording.*

Having trouble with your virtual meetings? Whether it be due to the lighting, your designated workspace, your love of pajama bottoms, or lack of a mic, there are a few things that you can do to be sure your meetings are as focused as possible.

First, make sure you’ve set up a proper workspace. If you don’t like the background available, choose one in Zoom. Make sure you have a headset and a mic, and if possible be sure the camera is above you with the lighting in front and to the side. You’ll be seen and heard with fewer distractions. 

Even if you don’t have a stellar background, you can choose one in Zoom. If you have a dedicated office, make sure that your personality shines through while still remaining professional. 

Focus. The most respectful thing you can do for yourself and your co-workers is to focus during your meetings. Give them the time and respect they deserve so that your meetings are productive and you don’t have to ask additional questions. 

Lastly, be human. Things happen. We are all dealing with unprecedented times, so if something goes wrong, laugh it off and move on. Just remember that businesses are still running and use your meeting time wisely.

Show Notes:

  • [01:40] What’s your remote workplace look like? 
  • [02:30] How you can make your virtual meetings look more professional. 
  • [03:56] Let’s talk about lighting. 
  • [05:20] Don’t forget to focus on the meeting at hand so you’re present.
  • [06:10] Your body language still matters. 
  • [08:15] Be a human in your meetings. 

Links and Resources:

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with the recording.*

When Helen Owens was just 11 years old she started losing her hair. She was sure she was dying but later found out that she has an autoimmune disease called alopecia. When she was scared and being bullied, the “granny” of her neighborhood pulled her aside and changed her life forever. 

Granny made wigs and showed a young Helen how to do the same. In that time, at that young age, she knew what she was meant to do with her life. By the time she was 17, Helen was married with two kids and had dropped out of college, but she was not ready to give up her dream. 

She worked as a maid to put herself through cosmetology school and as soon as she got her license started working out of her home. Word spread like wildfire about the amazing work she was doing with wigs and her business started booming. 

As she got to know her clients better and better she realized that many of the women she worked with were very sick. She was helping women find comfort and solace during some of the most difficult times in their lives and it was then she realized she’d found her bigger purpose. 

Helen’s entire career has been built through triumphing over adversity and always serving from a place of love and acceptance. Listen in as she tells her story and invites us all to find and give more kindness to those around us. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:51] Helen Owens is no stranger to tough times and those times have fueled her journey.
  • [03:02] How did Helen find her greatest purpose through very rough circumstances?
  • [05:35] Learning how to make wigs changed Helen’s life. 
  • [08:31] By the age of 17 she was married with two kids and had dropped out of high school, but pursued cosmetology.
  • [11:01] When she realized she wasn’t just helping with hair loss she knew that she found her bigger purpose.
  • [13:18] How Finding Our She-Compass was born.
  • [16:27] Can you work hard, help others, and still focus on your personal goals? 
  • [17:33] How can your She-Compass help you as you go through life obstacles? 
  • [20:01] We need to spread love, kindness, and joy like wildfire in times like these.
  • [23:26] What kinds of challenges does Helen face today and how does she approach them?
  • [26:24] Helen shares the one bit of advice she’d like everyone to leave with.
  • [28:18] Connect with Helen.

Links and Resources:

Helen’s Website
She Compass Website

Helen on Instagram
Helen on Facebook
Helen on Twitter

The She-Compass Show
Finding Our She-Compass by Helen Owens

Email: helenshairsecrets@gmail.com

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with the recording.*

In these times of social distancing and remote work, your communication is more important than ever. This has been a theme throughout our interviews lately because it is so true. But what about when we’re through this time, how will the communication standards that are set now, impact the future.

Samantha (Sam) Shattuck is the Director of Marketing for North American Bancard. She oversees the communication and messaging efforts for several different businesses throughout North America, and she’s here to discuss how communication leads to brand resilience.

Listen as she shares her journey into the FinTech world and how her own personal brand has evolved as she’s grown more confident in a male dominated industry. How have those lessons impacted her ability to build strong messaging platforms for Bancard’s clients? 

Her words are so strong and so impactful because as many of us are coming to realize, this time would be wasted if we went back to “normal” in the end. This is a time to listen to our bodies, practice self-care, and start thinking about how we can do better in the future.

We touch on everything from creating sustainable schedules to understanding why self-care routines are necessary now and always. Sam also shares how she is beating the stress and anxiety of these times. Listen in for some amazing words of advice and encouragement.

Show Notes:

  • [02:47] Welcome Sam Shattuck to chat about brand messaging in tough times. 
  • [03:45] What pushed Sam to join the FinTech world? 
  • [05:14] Learn the best way to pivot in this time through communication and messaging. 
  • [07:48] Brands that deserve our business are the brands that… Sam fills in the blank.
  • [09:48] How can women stand out in the FinTech realm during normal times and hard times? 
  • [13:43] Can social media help you avoid brand damage? 
  • [15:17] Has Sam had a learning moment that has helped define her career? 
  • [18:17] What sorts of challenges has Sam faced in recent times? 
  • [19:50] Does Sam have tried and found true ways to combat stress? 
  • [22:41] Sam gives her advice for what happens when things go “back to normal.”
  • [23:56] Connect with Sam. 

Links and Resources:

Sam on LinkedIn
Sam on Instagram

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with the recording.*

Global impact requires taking huge action. There is no one better suited to sharing her whirlwind journey into entrepreneurship than Tess Kossow, author of I’m Very Ferris. After struggling with infertility and choosing to try In Vitro, Tess realized that the story of where babies come from is being re-written. 

She wanted to provide families who have struggled with infertility, who then had their miracle child, with a resource to explain their journey. When her son gets older and asks where babies come from, she wants to be able to tell him his story.

Tess was in a steady career and just had her son when she had a now or never moment and took the plunge. She quit her corporate job and went all in on becoming an author. She did the research, built the website, learned the ins and outs of marketing a book, all while writing. 

The result? A children’s book, told from a child’s perspective, explaining how a baby born from in vitro fertilization came to be. She has touched the lives of families all over the world and is hoping to re-write some of the negative thoughts and emotions that surround infertility.

Listen in as she shares why she went all in from the get-go, where her courage came from, and the lessons she’s learned along the way. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:51] Welcome Tess Kossow to chat about making big changes in life and business.
  • [05:22] How did Tess start on her entrepreneurial journey?
  • [06:35] Learn the ways Tess tackled all the different aspects of building a business. 
  • [08:09] Has the pandemic created new challenges for Tess and her business? 
  • [10:43] Which social platforms are the most helpful for authors and entrepreneurs? 
  • [12:52] What makes a great relationship? 
  • [15:54] Have there been learning moments along the journey? 
  • [19:15] Where does Tess’s strength and courage come from? 
  • [22:39] Listen as Tess shares her advice on making a big change. 
  • [26:48] Connect with Tess.

Links and Resources:

Tess’s Website

Tess on Instagram
Tess on LinkedIn

Tess on Facebook

I’m Very Ferris by Tess Kossow
I’m Very Ferris via YouTube

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with the recording.*

Communication is the common thread that connects to each other and the world surrounding us. When global events impact your communication network, it’s important that the leaders in your organization work to communicate effectively and empathetically with the workforce.

Tracey Mendelsohn, Co-Principle of Human Impact Solutions and President and CEO of Black Public Relations Society-New York, joins me to chat about the importance of communication in trying times.

No matter if you’re facing a global pandemic or some other economic issue, remember that you and your company will be remembered for what you do and not for what you say you’ll do. Tracey shares some wonderful pieces of advice regarding communicating with extreme empathy in trying times. 

We briefly touch on the issues of diversity and inclusion as well. Now more than ever companies need to remember that culture is what is important. While the happenings around the world are terrible. The loss of life and the utter devastation that many are feeling is incomprehensible.

The moment that we have been given to pause and tend to oneself and one’s family is a miraculous byproduct. Many people have come to Tracey and expressed their realization that they’ve not been happy with their job or the stressors.

She stresses that everyone take this time to reconnect with the things they’re passionate about and to invest time in building those skills. 

What are you learning? How are you growing? Have you been spending more time with your kids and your family? What will this mean in the future?

Take this time to ponder upon these questions. Hopefully we won’t have this kind of time again!

Show Notes:

  • [01:45] Communication is the thread that moves through all areas of our lives.
  • [02:46] Welcome Tracey Mendelsohn to the show to chat about effective communication.
  • [03:34] Why brand management and marketing communications? 
  • [06:08] What is the best way to communicate with our coworkers, peers, and staff?
  • [11:03] Tracey clarifies which study she referenced that Richard Edelman did recently.
  • [12:28] How can you maintain your networking in these troubling times? 
  • [15:29] Learn how you can approach a challenge while still providing support.
  • [19:37] While not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur, you can find a positive work environment. 
  • [21:37] Diversity is not a numbers game it’s a culture investment.
  • [23:15] How can you use this moment to benefit your future? 
  • [26:13] Connect with Tracey.

Links and Resources:

Human Impact Solutions
Black Public Relations Society of New York
BPRSNY on Instagram
BPRSNY on Twitter

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with recording.*

As these crazy times continue, the likelihood that we will know or be acquainted with survivors of Covid 19 gets much higher. Tamar Weinberg, the professional hustler, contracted it, survived it, and is here to chat about what it takes to move past uncertain times. 

Tamar has been involved in social media and online marketing since the very beginning. She has navigated all the twists and turns and even wrote a book on it. However her whole life and perspective changed after having her kids.

She fought through postpartum depression and all the damage that it causes and found a new path for her life and business. 

Her story is truly remarkable. To have gone through so much adversity while still paving her own path and finding success is certainly a tale of shifting and riding through change. Listen in as she shares her Covid-19 story and how it was just one more twist in the topsy turvy road she’s been walking. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:46] More relevant than ever, learn to navigate uncertain times without losing ground.
  • [03:04] Tamar shares how she is doing right now and why she was quarantined early.
  • [05:58] Listen as Tamar retells her experience after testing positive for Coronavirus.
  • [08:39] What kinds of symptoms did she experience? 
  • [10:56] The difference between tightness in your chest and shortness of breath.
  • [12:28] How Tamar knew she had Covid-19 before testing positive.
  • [15:06] Why she chose to keep self-quarantining and how she’s worked to keep her family safe.
  • [16:56] Tamar shares her tips for upping your learning online. 
  • [19:51] Why Reddit is a great resource when you find the right sub-Reddits.
  • [22:53] Learn more about Tamar’s current pursuits.
  • [24:25] Tamar defines the professional hustler title she has given herself as well as the skills you need to be one.
  • [27:44] How having children changed her outlook on life.  
  • [30:12] Where did her passion for personal fragrance come from? 
  • [31:42] Tamar shares her advice for being flexible and moving through change.
  • [34:55] Connect with Tamar.

Links and Resources:

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*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with recording.*

In this unprecedented time of isolation, we should be so thankful that we have the technology to remain connected. Here to discuss her new venture as well as what it means to be technologically connected is JJ Ramberg. JJ is no stranger to media and her new company is an amazing way to connect and learn all at the same time.

JJ is an entrepreneur, TV host, speaker, and best-selling author, and she is no stranger to the perils and beauty of media. Earlier this year she and her brother launched Goodpods, an app that allows you to follow your podcast loving friends and see what they’re listening to. 

Her insights on the ways that we can connect in this crazy world and how to navigate entrepreneurship in this new landscape are impressively poignant. Her words of advice and encouragement are much needed and the fact that she has successfully launched a business in spite of world events is uplifting. 

You won’t want to miss any of JJ’s nuggets of wisdom and reflection. Take a moment, step away from the enforced family time, and listen as we chat about all things business and entrepreneurship.

Show Notes:

  • [01:46] Welcome back! We live in an amazing world of technology. 
  • [03:02] Deirdre welcomes JJ Ramberg to the show to discuss how lucky we are to have the technology we do today. 
  • [03:57] What prompted JJ to shift her business? 
  • [05:33] JJ shares what skills she had to learn to pivot her business.
  • [07:23] How do the challenges of being a TV host differ from being an entrepreneur? 
  • [08:32] Which responsibilities would JJ like to delegate to her brother and business partner? 
  • [11:31] Learn more about Goodpods.
  • [14:09] How does JJ face fears as an entrepreneur? 
  • [15:49] Has JJ had any “aha!” moments that have impacted her path? 
  • [19:37] JJ shares how she is managing her stress so that she can help others.
  • [22:49] Listen as JJ leaves you with her parting words of advice. 
  • [23:57] Connect with JJ.

Links and Resources:

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We all need a little bit of magic sometimes. Ale B has built a career by helping women of all ages see and feel who they are meant to be. She is a self-proclaimed light-worker helping others to reveal the magic of confidence, joy, and love in others. 

From an early age, Ale knew she was meant for more. With the help and encouragement of her mother, she found her true calling and has been beautifying the world ever since. An actor, director, teacher, set designer, wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, producer, and choreographer, Ale wears many different hats. 

She reveals how her experiences have helped her to encourage and inspire others and how her business is changing in light of the current state of the world. We are in unprecedented times, but this does not give us the right to give up.

Listen as Ale shares how you can reveal your light and magic, why we need each other now more than ever, and why we need to take the time now to do some introspection. Pay attention to your thoughts and actions and work to reframe the negative. 

Ale is truly inspiring. Take some time and let her help you find your magic too.

Show Notes:

  • [01:40] We’re focusing on self-discovery.
  • [02:37] Welcome Ale B to chat about activating your magic. 
  • [03:05] Why did Ale become a beautifier? 
  • [05:05] What are the first steps you need to experience to activate your gifts? 
  • [07:21] How do you start living in the now? 
  • [09:54] Makeup is a revelation tool. Use it to enhance. 
  • [11:15] Ale shares her process for helping her clients believe in their gifts.
  • [12:50] Learn how Ale faces her fears.
  • [16:01] How can you reframe negative thoughts?
  • [19:07] Use this time to reconnect and rewire.
  • [22:41] Ale gives poignant advice on how to show the world your magic.
  • [24:13] Connect with Ale. 

Links and Resources:

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Your mindset is the key to finding your passion and your purpose. Hazel Ortega grew up in one of the worst areas of Los Angeles and didn’t realize that her upbringing was keeping her from living out her dreams. In many ways, her past kept her from dreaming at all. 

Fast-forward several years to a time when she was working as a legal secretary. She sustained an on the job injury that threatened her entire livelihood and took the opportunity to complete her education. Later on, she went back to school and finished high school.

She then completed her associates, her bachelors, and went on to complete her Ph.D. As her education expanded her confidence grew and grew, but she was still stuck in a place devoid of dreams. 

Hazel confronted her issues with the past and began manifesting the dreams she’d suppressed her entire life. The rest as they say, was history. Listen in as Hazel shares how she shifted her mindset to focus on her dreams and why that has resulted in life-changing opportunities. 

Hazel’s story is so inspiring and her advice on how to shift your mindset blocks is truly actionable. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:59] What would you say to someone who told you that your life could change drastically? 
  • [03:22] Learn more about Hazel Ortega and how she got to where she is today.
  • [06:42] Getting hurt on the job changed her life. Hazel shares why.
  • [09:19] For Hazel, getting an education led her to live her best life. 
  • [11:46] Having role models around us is so important. This was true for Hazel too.
  • [13:14] How did Hazel tap the full potential of social media in her journey? 
  • [15:16] What challenges did Hazel face after getting her degrees? 
  • [17:49] Why Hazel’s past and her story kept her from dreaming big.
  • [19:20] Learn how she combatted her past to create a new future. 
  • [22:12] How can you move past your negative default thoughts? 
  • [23:20] Hazel shares her key points of advice for pivoting and changing your life.
  • [26:01] Connect with Hazel. 

Links and Resources:

Hazel’s Website
The Mastery of Miracles
From Bounced Checks to Private Jets by Hazel Ortega

Hazel on Facebook
Hazel on Instagram
Hazel on LinkedIn
Hazel on Twitter
Hazel on YouTube

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What’s the saying? When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life? Laleh Hancock has spent her life helping others find joy in their work and life. She is a leadership and entrepreneurial coach who has spent the last 30 years inspiring others. 

Laleh’s early life was rife with change. Her family abruptly moved from Iran to avoid being caught up in a war. This was one of the first times she evaluated how to approach the world. Rather than spending her time hiding away from the world, afraid to get involved, she jumped in and lived her new life.

She credits her ability to handle and thrive in change for some of her entrepreneurial success. If you can flip your mindset and turn problems into promises, then success will come. It all starts with having a mind for leadership and positivity. 

Listen as Laleh shares her thoughts on being featured in multiple books on leadership, why her work is so important to her, and how examining your mindset is the first step to happiness. She has so many wonderful pieces of advice on dealing with the blocks that hold you back. 

Laleh is an inspiration. You won’t want to miss a minute of this conversation.

Show Notes:

  • [01:31] Reach out and let Deirdre know your thoughts about the show and topics!
  • [03:03] Welcome Laleh Hancock and learn why she became an entrepreneur.
  • [05:02] What is it like to be one of America’s Leading Ladies
  • [07:18] Learn the things that hinder people from making an impact.
  • [09:15] How can you find your voice? 
  • [13:20] What gives Laleh the most joy in what she does? 
  • [14:38] Laleh shares how she incorporates empathy and emotional awareness in her life.
  • [18:18] Learn the challenges that Laleh faces in her life and business.
  • [21:30] When you keep barriers up you are repelling everything, even the good things. 
  • [23:33] Every problem has the possibility to be a gift.
  • [24:23] How can you be intentional and find joy in business? 
  • [26:19] Connect with Laleh.

Links and Resources:

Leaders and Legends by Pat Sampson

America’s Leading Ladies by Pat Sampson

Laleh’s Website

Laleh on LinkedIn
Laleh on Facebook
Laleh on Twitter

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a solo show, but it’s time to dig deep into the FEEL First Model. This topic is heavy-hitting and so important to the future of your organization and hiring practices. You see, Millennials are coming up through the rank and they need different things from the generations before them to make them feel happy and valued. 

You’ve heard me talk about FEEL First Model several times because we’ve spent a lot of time and energy to create a truly meaningful tool for reflecting on your beliefs and actions. We track and measure your ability to face your fears, communicate with empathy, use ethics and good judgment and discover your love for your mission.

We polled and chatted with several millennials to get a better feel of what they need and want in the workplace. The typical corporate processes no longer hold up when it comes to the new workforce. For instance, the corporate system of keeping quiet and holding onto secrets no longer works. Your employees have spent years in school navigating problems and circumstances that come up each and every day in the workplace.

Listen in as I share practical tips and advice for you to measure and understand your FEEL score, and what this means in your interactions and communication. Millennials are the new workforce. If you want to decrease turnover and inspire massive loyalty, then you need to listen to this episode and learn what millennials are looking for!

Show Notes:

  • [00:59] Welcome back to the show!
  • [01:55] Learn more about the FEEL First Model.
  • [03:27] Listen as Deirdre shares what she learned from millennials in the workplace.
  • [04:30] Ask yourself, why aren’t you being transparent with your employees? 
  • [07:08] Millennials want empathy. Listen to a story about one lady in particular. 
  • [10:20] What is your position on ethics and values in relation to your employees? Are you communicating in a way that makes your employees confident? 
  • [13:40] The last part of the FEEL model stands for love. Unleash the love of your mission!
  • [15:52] Consider different kinds of communication platforms and meeting setups.
  • [17:12] FEEL First is a roadmap, but you first have to take the test.
  • [20:05] Learn a technique that helps you pause, breathe, and ask why.
  • [22:24] How can you test how empathetic you are? 
  • [23:27] One quick exercise you can do to evaluate your ethics and values… YOURS… not your business’. 
  • [24:50] Ways that you can evaluate the level of love you have with what you’re doing and in your business.

Links and Resources:

Why Millennials Quit: A letter to incompetent leaders by Tim Denning

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Have you been walking your path but feeling like it’s not as good as or “right” like someone else’s? Believe it or not, your path and purpose are yours alone. Your success is dependent upon the things that make you happy. Here to chat about leaving the Jones’s behind in favor of finding your success is Laura Gassner Otting.

Laura is a lawyer and serial entrepreneur who has made a career out of figuring out what makes her happy and then going for it. She is the Chief Catalyzing Officer of her business and helps others to start taking action and find their path. 

There is no right or wrong way to be successful. As you grow and change your values mature and strengthen, your view of success oftentimes morphs as well. Laura says you should lean into those moments and realize that you are right where you are meant to be. 

Too often we shame ourselves for not focusing on one path, but as women, there are so many different entry points and doorways in our lives. From young adulthood, through college, marriage, children, career, etc. women have the luxury of spending their entire lives being given the opportunity to change their path.

Laura gives the absolute best advice to all women on how they can reach their “limitless” and you won’t want to miss it. From the beginning of the episode to the end, her ideas will make you think and take stock of what you think success should be. Listen in and prepare to feel the punch to the face, wrapped in a warm hug.

Show Notes:

  • [01:08] Welcome to another episode of Women Worldwide.
  • [03:37] How do you become a chief catalyzing officer? 
  • [05:11] Why is Laura a “punch wrapped in a warm hug?” 
  • [07:46] What are the takeaways Laura hopes her readers get from her book? 
  • [09:23] Being limitless doesn’t mean you have to make huge strides. It means following your path.
  • [11:26] Learn what holds people back from finding their “limitless.” 
  • [14:23] How does Laura emphasize empathy in the workplace? 
  • [17:45] Laura shares one of the most poignant aha moments in her career.
  • [21:38] ...which led to her becoming a speaker and author. 
  • [24:25] Where does our exhaustion come from and how can you overcome it? 
  • [26:04] Connect with Laura.

Links and Resources:

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These days most people have no intention to stay with a company for more than a couple of years. In fact, if you go into any business class across the nation, you’ll hear the students being encouraged not to stay with a company for more than a few years. Crystal Martinez, however, has climbed the ladder at one company from high school to now. Listen as she shares why she’s stayed, how they’ve built a family, and the challenges she has faced by taking on more responsibility.

When Crystal started at Fieldwork Anywhere she was in high school and had no clue she’d still be there, all these years later. She met her husband and best friend while working there and has managed to climb the proverbial corporate ladder all the way to becoming the President of Fieldwork Webwork. All of this has been made possible by the family-style culture that has been built over the years.

Climbing the corporate ladder has not been without its challenges though. As she’s gained responsibility, she’s had to adjust her relationships within the Fieldwork family. She shares how she’s managed to do that and maintain close friendships with her employees. 

Crystal credits Fieldwork’s values of inclusion and diversity for making it a company she’s wanted to stay with. Rather than keeping her employees in the dark on decisions, she lets them sit at the table. It has been this way since she started and feeling like she’s been a part of the growth of the company has contributed to her lasting investment. 

While it’s less and less common for companies to hold onto their employees, it is possible. Crystal’s story is inspiring for anyone who thinks it is impossible to climb the ladder at one company. You just have to find the right company that will allow you the freedom to do it.

Show Notes:

  • [01:21] Welcome back! We hope you feel empowered to share your challenges with us.
  • [02:45] Joining Deirdre is Crystal Martinez to discuss workplace culture and having people stay.
  • [04:18] When Crystal started with her company, did she intend to stay? 
  • [05:28] What are they doing at Fieldwork to keep people? 
  • [07:10] Do they do anything specific to attract the younger generation? 
  • [08:57] How does Crystal manage the hard conversations while still fostering the feeling of family? 
  • [12:08] Listen as Crystal shares how she incorporates emotional intelligence every day at Fieldwork.
  • [14:44] What are some of the challenges that Crystal faces in her role? 
  • [17:22] Has Crystal had any big AHA moments where she learned something about herself?
  • [20:08] Crystal shares her advice for building teams that want to stay.
  • [23:01] Connect with Crystal.

Links and Resources:

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Wherever you're communicating, leadership in communication means bringing all thoughts and ideas into a seamless framework; it's the ideal give and take. Valerie Simon is a communications and marketing role model for Atlantic Health System. Listen in as she shares her strategy for building teams and strong communication across a national network with more than 17,000 people.

Valerie knew at a young age that she wanted to be an attorney. Every decision she made as a young person took her steps closer to that goal. She worked multiple jobs, completed unpaid internships, and worked to move the needle toward becoming an attorney.

When she didn’t get into law school she realized that she just wanted to be a voice for people who weren’t being heard. She took all of the experience she’d gained while working to become an attorney and dove into communications.

Listen in as she chats about her story and shares what it has taken to be a C-suite executive as well as a wife and mother. Learn why you have to balance sacrifice in your career and your family in order for both to be healthy, happy, and thriving. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:54] What does it take to be a communications leader today? Learn more from Valerie Simon.
  • [03:31] How did Valerie choose a career in healthcare and communications? 
  • [07:47] Valerie’s unpaid internship helped her realize she wanted to be a voice for people.
  • [11:29] What characteristics does Valerie look for in her team members? 
  • [14:05] How did Valerie manage to get her doctors and team members to be more involved in social media?
  • [17:06] What does being a trusted confidant mean to Valerie? 
  • [20:08] Valerie shares how she manages to be a wife, mom, and C-suite executive.
  • [24:56] How does Valerie manage the stress of the job?
  • [27:05] Learn more about the development process for Valerie’s team.
  • [28:01] Hear about the resources that feed Valerie’s soul.
  • [29:25] Valerie gives a bit of advice for being a great leader. 
  • [30:54] Connect with Valerie.

Links and Resources:

Atlantic Health System

Valerie on Twitter
Valerie on LinkedIn

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Do you tweet? I know that for many of us, Twitter seems to be that platform plagued with controversy and turmoil, but did you know that it can be the backbone of the social media in your business? Samantha Kelly, the Tweeting Goddess, shares her tips and tricks for using Twitter correctly, but also why it is one of the best platforms for building relationships.

Samantha started her entrepreneurial journey at a very tumultuous time in her life. She’d recently lost her father, gone through a divorce, and her daughter was becoming a woman. It was as she was trying to find some information for her daughter that she realized there was a huge gap in the women’s health market. 

She created her first business by building a box of goodies designed for young girls to coach them through those first few milestones of puberty. Samantha quickly learned that successful businesses have strong social media strategies and began studying all about it. This was when she first discovered Twitter. 

Samantha realized she’d found her calling when other entrepreneurs began approaching her to learn more about Twitter and overall strategy on social media. Listen as she discusses going from the Funky Goddess to the Tweeting Goddess and how her life has done a complete 180 at the same time.

Building great business relationships requires work and effort from all parties. Be kind to others and that kindness will come back to you. Samantha is full of wonderful advice that you won’t want to miss. Also check out her book, The Tweeting Goddess Little Book of Twitter Magic for more actionable tips and advice on creating meaningful relationships on social media.

Show Notes:

  • [01:08] Thank you for tuning in, showing up, and shout out to Leah.
  • [03:34] Welcome to the show Samantha Kelly.
  • [04:03] Learn how Samantha became an author, speaker, social media strategist, and Tweeting Goddess.
  • [06:58] How creating a taboo starter box for young girls turned into finding her passion of creating connections.
  • [10:34] From Funky Goddess to Tweeting Goddess, what did that journey look like? 
  • [13:16] What is the big takeaway Samantha hopes her readers find in her book? 
  • [15:31] Why kindness is such an important thing to show to others.
  • [17:54] How does Samantha incorporate emotional intelligence in her work? 
  • [20:11] Samantha shares a few quick tips on how to optimize Twitter.
  • [23:47] What are the challenges and “aha” moments Samantha faces every day? 
  • [26:48] There are a lot of women who can do it all, but why don’t they delegate? 
  • [29:38] Focus on the platform that is working with you. You don’t have to be everywhere.
  • [30:36] Believe in yourself and what you have to offer and you will shine.
  • [32:01] Connect with Samantha.

Links and Resources:

Samantha Kelly

Women’s Inspire Network 

Samantha on Twitter
Samantha on LinkedIn

The Tweeting Goddess Little Book of Twitter Magic by Samantha Kelly

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In a data-driven world, it can sometimes feel like building real relationships with others is impossible. Tricia O’Malley shares why that belief is less true now than it has ever been. Tricia is the Director of Client Relations and Marketing for Northwestern Mutual and has spent her career building REAL relationships with her clients, co-workers, and friends.

Tricia’s background in creating strong donor relations for hospitals has helped her create a world-class client experience. Listen in as she shares her best advice for nurturing relationships in all areas of your life. You won’t want to miss her comments on how touch can help solidify budding new connections. 

Despite the ever-growing reach of social media and the online experience, when professionals take the time to set down the phone and make eye contact, their clients and customers feel heard and understood.

Tricia builds on this idea by sharing stories about her team and how she connects and builds deeper relationships with different personality types and ages. Don’t be fooled by demographics. It doesn’t matter how similar people appear on paper, we are each our own person. Recognizing those differences and being curious about them is one of the best ways to let others know that you care and are interested in them.

Building real relationships takes time and interest but is also integral to creating a thriving work environment. Tricia shares some amazing advice and pertinent “aha” moments that you won’t want to miss. Take a moment and grab a notebook. This episode is all about how you can win friends and influence people in your day-to-day life.

Show Notes:

  • [02:02] What are real relationships? How do they differ from regular relationships? 
  • [02:40] Welcome Tricia O’Malley to chat about how to create real relationships in your business. 
  • [03:50] Tricia shares her career journey and how she became a relationship manager. 
  • [06:00] Learn the most important characteristics a Director of Client Relations needs to have.
  • [08:46] Tricia’s team only works with people who are interested in the process and the program. Learn why. 
  • [10:11] “Building a relationship starts with a seed of curiosity.” Tricia O’Malley.
  • [12:04] A vital piece of relationship building was revealed to Tricia through How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • [13:30] Is it harder today to make people feel as if they matter today? 
  • [15:10] Listen as Tricia shares a story about a superior experience she had after a non-profit event. 
  • [17:49] How does Tricia bring empathy into the workplace with her team and clients? 
  • [20:19] Hear Tricia chat about some of the “uh-oh” moments she’s had in her career. 
  • [25:20] Very early in Tricia’s career she had an impactful learning experience. Listen as she relates the story and her takeaways. 
  • [29:14] Tricia chats about stress and how she handles it.
  • [31:53] Hear Tricia’s parting advice for how women can build better relationships and careers.
  • [33:04] Connect with Tricia.

Links and Resources:

Small World Wealth Management
Tricia on LinkedIn
Email: tricia.omalley@nm.com 
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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What happens when you combine the left and right side functions of your brain? For Nora Gardner, she merged finance and fashion to create functional, beautiful professional wear for the intrepid career woman. Listen in to hear how she did it, why she did it, and the challenges she faced while building an exclusive collection of women’s workwear. 

We would be remiss not to share that Nora always had a love of the arts. She coupled her love of design and training in business and finance to fill a need that has gone ignored for too long. After 6 years in the finance industry, Nora realized that while men had custom-designed workwear that stood the test of a busy business person, women did not have the same. 

She shares the impetus for starting her first collection and why inventory is one of the biggest challenges. One of her most pressing concerns, aside from creating beautiful designs, is sustainability in the fashion industry. Too many big businesses create excess inventory that eventually ends up in our landfills or burned. Hear how Nora aims to curb these excesses in her own business and why more designers need to do the same.

If you’ve ever wished for a custom suit or a tailored dress made from luscious fabrics and functional design, then you need to take a look at Nora’s collections. The pieces are limited, but the wait is worth it. Listen in to hear how you can bring opposite worlds together to create harmonious design.

Show Notes:

  • [01:14] What are you looking forward to in 2020? How can we help you? 
  • [02:52] Welcome Nora Gardner, a former investment banker turned fashion designer.
  • [04:26] Why did Nora decide to transition from banking to fashion? 
  • [07:15] Did Nora develop any skills in her early career that helped her build the business? 
  • [09:20] Listen in as Nora shares the process she went through during the research phase.
  • [11:43] How does she plan out her year and collections? 
  • [15:53] Nora shares some of the challenges she’s faced and how she’s overcome them. 
  • [22:44] How is Nora bringing emotional intelligence into her business? 
  • [29:47] Learn Nora’s strategy for building her team.
  • [33:01] Does she still step out of her comfort zone? How? 
  • [36:06] Hear Nora’s advice to that person who wants to take that next step!

Links and Resources:

Nora Gardner NYC
Nora on Facebook
Nora on Instagram
Nora on Twitter

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What does it mean to find clarity in your life and your business? Steve Woodruff, the King of Clarity, joins me to discuss just that. You won’t want to miss his valuable pieces of information on why you should find clarity and how.

Steve has spent the last 30 years helping businesses, small and large, to get on the same page with their message both internally and externally. There are five questions that many companies don’t take the time to ask themselves about what they do, who they do it for, how they do it, and why. 

One of his biggest dreams is that all companies start asking and answering these questions at the C-suite level, or the top of their organization. Once your leadership is clear on the company message, it can be filtered down to every employee. When everyone is on the same page, your clients and customers will always feel that the message they receive is consistent. 

If you have no idea where to start, think first about what it is you want to do. You cannot find clarity with your message if your offer or your service isn’t clear. You cannot be heard if you don’t know what you should be known for. People can’t refer you to others if they’re not sure what you do.

Listen in to hear all of Steve’s wonderful advice. Then start answering the five questions for yourself and your business. Let us know if answering those questions helps you to see your own message more clearly.

Show Notes:

  • [02:05] Our topic for today? Getting heard and referred!
  • [03:06] Welcome Steve Woodruff, the King of Clarity, to Women Worldwide.
  • [04:11] How did Steve become the King of Clarity? 
  • [06:32] Learn why Steve’s company is called Clarity Fuel.
  • [07:34] Steve shares the main takeaways from his book and who it is for.
  • [09:35] How does the activating language work? 
  • [12:29] What channels and where should you focus your efforts? 
  • [14:05] Learn how to ask the right questions of yourself to find clarity.
  • [17:44] How does Steve apply emotional intelligence to his company?
  • [20:17] Steve shares how he has found his own clarity.
  • [23:03] What are the best questions you should ask yourself to find clarity?
  • [27:17] Hear Steve share one of his dreams for all businesses.
  • [29:13] What advice does Steve have to help you find clarity? 
  • [30:40] Connect with Steve and grab his book.

Links and Resources:

Clarity Wins by Steve Woodruff
Steve on Facebook
Steve on LinkedIn
Steve on Twitter

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Effective communication is the key to removing gender bias and promoting equity in business. Susan Freeman has made it her life’s work to help women in business find effective ways to communicate with the world while educating men on the right way to communicate with women in business. She has a passion for helping women succeed and has founded and co-founded several programs to help empower women and girls in finding their success.

She recently coordinated and sponsored the Empowered Women 2019 event which was her biggest event to date. Susan has made it her mission to help women and plans to continue the Empowered Women events for the next two years. (They’ve already been scheduled!

Listen in to learn her biggest tips for promoting parity in the workplace and how leaders can better show and use empathy with their employees. She shares a poignant example of some people’s willful misunderstanding of the gender equality movement that you won’t want to miss. Her response to a blatantly abrasive question is masterful!

The tips and advice Susan shares in this episode are amazing reminders of how women can assert themselves without taking on the persona or antics of men. It’s also extremely refreshing to learn that there are men in business who are truly ignorant of the issues that women face in finding parity. 

Are you ready to show up in the workplace armed with more knowledge on how and why women communicate differently than men? Then grab a notebook and get ready to learn.

Show Notes:

  • [02:11] Learn how to boost communication and promote equity with Susan Freeman.
  • [04:36] How did Susan know that helping women find equity was her calling? 
  • [06:50] What are some of the different communication styles women and men use? 
  • [10:12] Does this apply to how men and women take up space in the room? 
  • [15:00] If hope is not a strategy, how do we change equity in the boardroom? 
  • [18:03] What can leaders do to become more empathetic? 
  • [25:32] Susan shares more information about the Empowered Women 2019.
  • [28:05] How does it feel coming off her first big event? 
  • [35:08] Hear Susan’s advice for dealing with challenges in communication.
  • [36:48] Connect with Susan.

Links and Resources:

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