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You ARE meant to make an impact. Disagree? Then listen as Sangita Verma chats about why the GiftSuite brand is making an impact FOR you.

You see, GiftSuite has taken care of one of the most important pieces of business ownership… employee engagement. That being said, engagement equals so much more than simply asking questions. 

Sangita has built several successful businesses in different niches and the underlying factor that has equaled success is employee engagement. Listen as we chat about mindset and belief. What beliefs do you have that are holding you back? 

You are not meant to live a life of mediocrity, listen in to learn why!

Show Notes:

  • [02:56] Welcome Sangita and learn more about her path to entrepreneurship.
  • [05:16] What is it about her current company that makes her feel proud? 
  • [07:55] Are there traits needed to survive in this post-pandemic world? 
  • [09:54] We are managing emotions in a different way these days. Learn more. 
  • [12:29] Does Sangita tackle or approach obstacles in a certain way? 
  • [15:41] Who has influenced Sangita the most? 
  • [17:59] Why you need to speak your truth and be vulnerable. 
  • [19:37] What advice would Sangita give to her younger self? 
  • [22:34] Is social media important to growing your business? 
  • [25:17] How can you find your passion and share your superpower? 
  • [26:31] Learn lateral things…
  • [27:35] Connect with Sangita.

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Every day entrepreneurs all over the world are creating innovative new products, services, and ideas, but can you? Rachael McCrary joins me to share what it takes to be a leader in this time and what it takes to start moving your own mountains. Listen as we chat about serving a need, doing the research, and making sure your team is on the same page with you.

Rachael has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. She has been nurturing relationships with overseas factories and sourcing products for her own businesses and for start-ups that she has helped through consulting. Those relationships made her move into developing PPE and sourcing Covid tests seemed like a natural progression.

She’d already dipped her toes into the protective apparel market with RxBra and the move into highly needed PPE seemed like a good fit. This move wouldn’t have been possible without the infrastructure and team she already had in place. Listen as she shares what it took to move into the PPE market and why she was so passionate about combining science and fashion to create truly necessary apparel.

For Rachael, the best way to find the career of your dreams is to follow your passion. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, man I’d love to get paid to do this thing, try it out. Other people may want the thing that you’re passionate about, but you have to have the passion and drive to make it happen. 

Are you ready to follow your passions and start moving your own mountains? 

Show Notes:

  • [01:33] Let’s talk about the entrepreneur who moves mountains and gets things done. 
  • [03:35] Learn more about Rachael McCrary and her background. 
  • [06:17] Has she drawn on her own experience with sourcing to help find materials needed for PPE and her own line of FIR clothing? 
  • [09:26] Have the characteristics of a leader changed since Covid hit? 
  • [11:58] What has Rachael learned through these times? 
  • [13:41] How does Rachael approach problems to get things done? 
  • [16:02] Does Rachael normally discuss the process or do people just follow her lead? 
  • [17:38] Has she experienced any Uh-Ohs’ or AHA’s as she’s moved through creating Infrawear? 
  • [21:01] How does she manage her stress and that of her team? 
  • [24:05] Learn how you can move mountains in your life.
  • [25:17] Connect with Rachael.

Links and Resources:

Rachael’s Website


RxBra on Facebook
RxBra on Twitter
RxBra on Instagram

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While you may mean to convey one thought or idea, your body language could be detracting from your message. Cara Hale Alter has spent her life studying the ticks and tells that make up normal human body language and how they affect our presentation. Listen as we chat about ways you can use to become more cognizant of your body language and how you can begin to improve your non-verbal communication. 

Cara has been working in the field of non-verbal communication for over 20 years and now helps leaders evaluate the physical presence and body language. The way you hold yourself could mean the difference between someone understanding and respecting you or thinking that you are incompetent, even if you’re brilliant.

She has made it her mission to help leaders everywhere become more effective with their non-verbal communication whilst boosting their confidence and their energy. She’s also a public speaker and author who provides training to some of the world’s best-known companies. In other words, she knows what she’s talking about. 

If you’re concerned about the cues that your body language gives off, then you will definitely want to listen to this episode until the very end. Cara gives several examples of the key areas you should evaluate and focus on whilst providing quick tips you can use to help others see you for the professional you are. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:44] How much do you think about your body language? 
  • [03:00] Learn more about Cara’s background and why she began studying body language. 
  • [04:12] Is it hard for people to recognize how we come off to others? 
  • [05:35] What are some of the most important cues or tells to focus on? 
  • [07:32] It is important not to stereotype behaviors and speech patterns.
  • [09:16] Do women and men carry themselves differently in professional situations? 
  • [11:13] What’s the best way to really see yourself as you practice altering your body language? 
  • [12:47] How much of our body language derives from our confidence level? 
  • [14:07] Has Cara had any big AHA or UH OH moments as she began building her business? 
  • [16:16] What are some of the challenges she’s run into as her business has grown? 
  • [17:44] Cara shares what inspires her to keep going each day. 
  • [19:03] Learn some ways you can alter your visual perception in today’s world. 
  • [20:43] Why you should be attentive to your self-touch moments.
  • [22:20] People tend to face the direction they want to go.
  • [24:39] Cara shares her best advice for people looking to better pay attention to their body language. 
  • [25:59] Connect with Cara. 

Links and Resources:

Cara’s Website
Cara on LinkedIn

SpeechSkills on Twitter

SpeechSkills on Facebook 

The Credibility Code by Cara Hale Alter

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Human beings have more bacterial cells in their bodies than human cells. We were designed that way. Which means that we have to take care of the bacteria in our bodies. Tina Anderson is a former trial attorney who moved into the legal department of a family pharmaceutical company and realized that she was meant for more.

She realized that she was extremely frustrated by the abuses in the pharmaceutical industry and knew that she needed to learn more about natural health. She has since learned all she can about disease prevention and how our gut is responsible for over 70% of our health. 

Tina and her husband have developed a revolutionary formula for a probiotic that does indeed make its way into the gut. The most important thing a probiotic can do! She shares how they reserved the rights to the strains of probiotics that they use in their products and why it’s so important for us to truly consider our gut health.

Our healthcare system is great at treating symptoms of problems, but it’s up to us to treat the root cause of disease. Listen as she shares about natural health, the role of bacteria in our lives and health, and ways that you can start to experience better health now.

Key point to note: we are constantly under so much stress and stress causes untold damage to the gut. Learn how you can repair it the right way!

Show Notes:

  • [01:03] Welcome back to the show. Are you ready to learn all about natural health?
  • [03:17] Tina shares her story and why she moved into natural health.
  • [05:32] Is it true that 70% of your health is in your gut? 
  • [07:26] How careful do you have to be when choosing supplements and probiotics? 
  • [10:30] Why you should talk to the brand of probiotic you’re considering taking. 
  • [11:41] Learn the most important thing you should consider when taking a probiotic.
  • [14:16] How do you make your first meeting with someone really count? 
  • [15:48] What challenges has Tina faced in educating consumers about her product? 
  • [17:45] Learn what causes leaky gut. 
  • [20:26] Tina shares her biggest AHA moment while building her business.  
  • [22:34] Why hand-washing is so much better than antibacterial solutions. 
  • [25:11] Listen as Tina shares her last bit of parting advice. 
  • [26:45] Connect with Tina. 

Links and Resources:

Tina’s Website

Tina on Facebook
Tina on Twitter

Tina on Instagram
Tina on YouTube

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What you wear and how you present yourself sends a message to the world. Do you know what you’re telling everyone around you? If not, then you may need the help of Alyssa and Tania. Alyssa is a Virtual Presence Coach and headshot photographer and Tania is a personal stylist on a mission to elevate a woman’s style and success. 

These two ladies both have a background in the fashion industry, but it wasn’t until they struck out on their own that they found each other. After attending many of the same events and referring their clients back and forth, they decided to start working together. 

They now collaborate to bring out a woman’s personality and brand messaging through her style and the art of photography. The differences they see in their clients before working with them and after is truly amazing. It’s common knowledge that you need confidence to sell. These women help you find your confidence. 

Listen as they share their stories as well as some amazing advice for female entrepreneurs and C-suite members. Even if you’re not the CEO yet, there is no reason you shouldn’t dress like one. You can learn a lot from these ladies, so grab your notebook and get ready to learn why your brand is so important.

Show Notes:

  • [01:40] Where do you start in finding and highlighting the real you? 
  • [03:20] How did Alyssa start on the path of helping women find themselves? 
  • [04:45] Learn more about Tania’s journey. 
  • [06:36] Alyssa and Tania share how they met and started working together.
  • [08:07] Tania shares what she would say to a woman who is reluctant to define their brand? 
  • [10:00] Where do they start? 
  • [12:47] Do they have to collaborate on their colors and light along with the fashion? 
  • [15:50] What is one of Tania’s biggest challenges as an entrepreneur? 
  • [17:29] Alyssa shares her biggest challenges. 
  • [20:03] Listen as Alyssa recounts her biggest uh-oh in business. 
  • [21:04] Tania gives her biggest AHA moment in business. 
  • [23:54] It’s so important to know who you are and what you’re about in business. 
  • [26:08] Tania gives quick advice on how you should view your personal brand. 
  • [27:13] Why it’s important to update your photos over time.
  • [28:40] Connect with Tania and Alyssa.  

Links and Resources:

Tania’s Website

Tania on Instagram
Tania on LinkedIn

Alyssa’s Website

Alyssa on Facebook
Alyssa on Instagram
Alyssa on LinkedIn

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