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Do you rule your emotions or are you ruled by them? Did you know that your emotions are the drivers for almost everything in your life? Masha Malka has been coaching clients internationally for 18 years after obtaining her Master’s in Higher Education and various certifications in ALT, NLP, Transformational thinking, and more. 

What does this mean? It means that she is extremely in tune with her emotions and how they can help her in achieving her dreams. 

It wasn’t always that way, however. She wasn’t always sure of how she wanted to spend her life and for a time, her emotions completely ruled her. After deciding to take back her life, she realized exactly how she wanted to impact the world. 

She’s now implementing her One Minute Coach system and writing books to help female entrepreneurs get back to a healthy place emotionally. Listen in to hear more about her story and why she’s so passionate about helping others to succeed. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:35] How much are you focused on your emotions? 
  • [03:22] What made Masha choose her career path? 
  • [06:01] Learn ways you can use your emotions to build a better life. 
  • [08:34] Actionable steps you can take to better acknowledge and reframe your emotions.
  • [11:48] You are responsible for giving the events in your life meaning. Learn more. 
  • [14:27] Learn more about how experiences don’t change, just your perception of them. 
  • [16:41] How she dreamed up one-minute coaching. 
  • [18:44] The AHA moment that changed her life the most. 
  • [20:57] What are some of the challenges she has faced? 
  • [24:13] It’s natural to want control in our lives, but control is an illusion. 
  • [26:39] Connect with Masha.

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When you’re the only woman in the room, but especially the only woman of color in the room, do you have a responsibility to help others rise up? Some would say yes, others no, but for Sonia Zeledon, it is her passion to reach back and pull others forward. 

Sonia is an attorney who specializes in regulatory and compliance law. She’s now working with the Hershey Company after spending years working on international regulatory cases. And many times, she is the only woman in a room full of men who are working on international cases when they’ve never even left the country. 

It is her passion to mentor the next generation and to give life and voice to those who are changing the mores of leadership in a professional setting. She has found her purpose in helping others’ to rise and she pays it forward by creating strong relationships with the next generation. 

Listen as she shares more about her journey, why mentorship was so important as she started her career, and what she’s doing to give back. The 3Ps are an important part of her everyday life and she hopes to make them central to her mentees’ lives as well.

Show Notes:

  • [01:26] Why you need to focus on the 3Ps in life. 
  • [03:09] Learn more about Sonia and her journey to becoming a compliance attorney. 
  • [05:34] Was she oftentimes the only woman in the room? 
  • [07:08] Where does her passion and purpose come in? 
  • [08:37] What does it take for women to power up their own voices and passions? 
  • [10:12] Sonia shares her favorite thing to do in her role and in life. 
  • [11:17] How does she feel about millennials and Gen Z in leadership roles? 
  • [15:22] Hear about one of her big career AHA moments. 
  • [16:41] Her thoughts on fear and courage in growth. 
  • [17:47] Does she have a unique way of handling the stresses of her job? 
  • [18:27] Sonia provides advice for ways women can step into their 3Ps.
  • [18:46] Connect with Sonia.

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No matter if you’re using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, or any other social media platform to grow your authority and visibility, you need to do it strategically. Mandy McEwen has spent more than a decade helping her clients do just this and she’s here to share her tips and tricks. 

Mandy is the Founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency. She and her team build influential personal brands for high-performing business leaders and executive teams, and they do it all with targeted content and strategy. 

When she first started her agency, she dabbled in all things marketing and brand development, but she realized that LinkedIn was the place that she loved. Most of her ideal clients were already on LinkedIn but they weren’t using the platform properly and she set out to remedy that. 

She has now created 8+ marketing courses and is a Top 20 Female Marketer per G2 and she’s sharing that knowledge with the Women Worldwide Community. Her #1 tip? Become attuned with the “why” behind your business and the reason you’re using each specific platform. 

Want some more amazing nuggets? Listen in to hear all of the insights Mandy has to share.

Show Notes:

  • [01:20] How do you stand out on a business platform? 
  • [02:20] Learn more about Mandy and her path to becoming a LinkedIn Consultant? 
  • [05:30] Mandy shares some quick tips for optimizing LinkedIn.
  • [08:25] Is LinkedIn Live the most important aspect? 
  • [11:38] What is your purpose for being on the platform and running your business? 
  • [12:27] Mandy shares her greatest success and her biggest challenge as a business owner.
  • [15:07] She digs deeper on her greatest success.
  • [17:15] How has she managed her FOMO and stayed focused on her goals.
  • [19:42] Does meditation help her manage her stress? 
  • [20:28] What’s the biggest lesson she has learned in business? 
  • [23:15] Hear Mandy’s parting advice. 
  • [25:28] Connect with Mandy.

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We all use our brains differently to process our experiences in the world, but what is the intersection between the logical mind and creativity. Gina Rubel, CEO of Furia Rubel Communications, has been studying this connection her entire career. 

As a former lawyer with a background in PR, she has been decades understanding how people think and how that impacts their everyday decisions. Her company was the first Pennsylvania marketing and public relations agency with a niche in the legal field. 

Not only is her background in PR but she’s also written not one, but two books on public relations for lawyers. What does she credit for her successes in PR, law, and now in entrepreneurship? Understanding how logic and creativity mix and mingle and ways to blend them to create the best possible results for her clients. 

Listen as she shares more about her background and why she’s found solace in taking back her time. No longer does she hold on to all the pieces of her business. Instead, she has learned that delegation leads to success and happiness. 

Gina gives us so many amazing nuggets of advice, encouragement, and information so you’ll want to listen right to the end.

Show Notes:

  • >[01:29] We’re talking all about how we use our brains. 
  • >[02:40] How does one move from law to entrepreneur and agency owner? 
  • >[03:27] What was the transition like? 
  • >[04:51] Which skills did she carry over into her business from law? 
  • >[06:10] How does Gina define creativity? 
  • >[07:43] Any AHA moments as a litigator? 
  • >[10:39] Why it is so important that women lift up other women.
  • >[12:58] Does she tend to have team members that are like her or that compliment her?
  • >[15:01] How does she maintain her calm around getting everything done? 
  • >[17:41] Why cutting back on social media is so important to boundaries and mindset.
  • >[19:25] Ways she’s taking her time back. 
  • >[22:52] How Gina starts each and every morning. 
  • >[24:16] Gina shares her parting advice. 
  • >[25:27] Connect with Gina.

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The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Furia Rubel Communications

Gina on LinkedIn
Gina on Twitter

Gina on Facebook

Gina on Instagram

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How do you express yourself to the world? Do you ever find yourself being held back by expectations and doubt? What would it feel like to let it all go and feel free to express yourself exactly as you wish? For Gilda Garza, that is the reality.

Gilda Garza is a celebrity-favorite artist known for pushing the limits of raw emotion in a way that captivates the soul and sparks curiosity. She is famously known as the first artist to ever exhibit on the Las Vegas strip. She’s won the hearts of artists, collectors, and celebrities around the world.

But her work is not just for her or her patrons. She’s been using her work to help fund charitable organizations and create income for causes she believes in. One of her pieces sold for over $80K and she used every bit of it to donate to one such cause. 

Growing up in Mexico to an artist mother, she has always felt free to express herself. It isn’t always easy but it is absolutely always worth it. 

Listen as she shares her story and why art is her life and her passion. She’s a forever student of her craft and she’s dedicated to helping bring up other artists as well. Ideas are great, but unless you take action that’s all they are.

She has a truly inspiring story and the work she’s doing to elevate artists and causes everywhere is notable. Listen in to hear her philosophy on self-expression and finding the good in everything.

Show Notes:

  • [02:36] Welcome Gilda Garza to the show.
  • [03:07] How does one become a celebrity famous artist? 
  • [05:24] Has she always had the same style or has it developed over time? 
  • [06:22] What is it about her paintings that she hopes to share with her patrons? 
  • [07:57] Learn about one of her biggest aha moments as she’s grown. 
  • [10:43] Was it intimidating to be the first artist to exhibit on the Las Vegas strip? 
  • [11:52] Gilda’s advice to up and coming artists. 
  • [12:31] What does success mean to her today? 
  • [13:09] She shares a day in the life of an artist… at least this artist. 
  • [14:27] Is social media the way to build buzz?
  • [16:20] How difficult is it to be critiqued? 
  • [17:43] Are all of her pieces part of series’ and does she paint larger canvases? 
  • [18:25] What’s the difference between oil and acrylic? 
  • [19:53] With Covid has she been networking more online than in person? 
  • [21:56] Does she love being a business owner and an artist? 
  • [22:51] Gilda’s advice for sparking curiosity and creativity. 

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When you hear the word “trauma” what do you immediately think of? For so many of us, we think of major life events, big hurts, and huge feelings. But trauma is caused by all hurts because it has more to do with how our brain reacts to pain than what causes the pain. 

Dr. Alauna is a trauma psychiatrist and she advocates for building a set of skills to deal with trauma rather than prescribing pills. She’s studied trauma and psychology for over a decade and spent much of that time helping our US Military veterans.

Building a stronger set of skills designed to help you process trauma in many cases alleviates the need for medications. Dr. Alauna has been researching the best methods and skills to develop for years and now uses evidence-based practices to help her clients live healthier, less anxious lives. 

Listen as she shares what trauma truly is, why it’s important to understand how your body reacts to trauma, and ways you can process trauma in a healthy way. She’s digging deep into the science behind how our brains are affected by trauma and the safeguards it puts in place to protect you from trauma.

This was an amazing conversation and extremely timely considering trauma can even be caused by national events. Listen in to learn more.

Show Notes:

  • [02:00] What is a trauma psychiatrist? 
  • [03:30] How Dr. Alauna became a trauma psychiatrist? 
  • [05:19] What is trauma and how is it defined? 
  • [07:06] Learn more about how the brain processes trauma.
  • [09:54] How the brain processes trauma that hurts us. 
  • [12:57] Ways to bridge over toxicity from trauma to empathy. 
  • [14:48] Why it’s better to use skills over pills. 
  • [17:45] How our extreme vocabulary has affected perceptions. 
  • [21:37] What we’ve failed to learn as a society about balanced thinking. 
  • [23:14] Dr. Alauna discusses the LOVE skill.
  • [25:58] We are all creators.
  • [26:41] Her last thoughts on trauma hurts and empathy heals. 
  • [27:43] Connect with Dr. Alauna.

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Have you ever been told that you need to write a book to cement your authority in your area of expertise? In many ways, the “they” in that question are probably right. But you first have to write and publish a book that has meaning. 

This is exactly what Andrea Albright excels in. She started her entrepreneurial journey in the health and fitness industry and has since written 25 books reaching tens of millions worldwide. She is on a mission to help authors find the same success she has by publishing books and making legacies. 

She’s joining me to share her journey but also to share why she’s so passionate about the publishing industry and the changes that it needs to make. She’s been in the entrepreneurial game for over 17 years and much of that time she’s been building an empire. 

Her goal is for authors to understand what it takes to do the same. 

Listen as she shares more about her background and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. In her latest book, Visionary Boss, she’s explaining what it means to be a visionary and how to become successful in your own area of expertise. 

Plus, if you’ve been looking to publish a book, her publishing company, Beverly Hills Publishing,  could be just the right fit for you!

Show Notes:

  • [01:35] Andrea Albright is a legacy maker who is helping to transform the publishing industry. 
  • [02:43] Listen as she shares her entrepreneurial path and what made her start writing.
  • [06:00] How does she help other authors face their fears and challenges while writing and publishing? 
  • [07:34] Learn all about her new book and why she decided to write it. 
  • [09:43] Ways you can move past your own doubt. 
  • [11:38] How does self-care fit into the entrepreneur path? 
  • [14:58] What can you do to reset when you slip into self-doubt and stress? 
  • [19:14] Why Andrea is passionate about changing the publishing industry. 
  • [22:03] Andrea’s parting advice to the community.
  • [23:51] Connect with Andrea.

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Increasing equity and inclusion in the workplace begins with the understanding that they’re currently off balance. This realization doesn’t need to happen with those that are currently on the losing end, but instead with those who have the power to make a change. 

David Smith and Brad Johnson are both highly invested in bringing awareness to the issues of equity and inclusion for women. After seeing what their own female family members went through while in the military they realized that this was happening everywhere.

They have both written extensively on the subject both from the psychological and sociological perspective of how equity and inclusion affects all areas of our lives. Their most recent book, Good Guys, is a great piece discussing where to find allies for women in the workplace.

Listen as they share information on the research they’ve done and how it has changed their own perspective on what it means to put in the work. So many men believe in equity, but they don’t do the work to make change. David and Brad are committed to bringing awareness and building more ally relationships.

Show Notes:

  • [01:32] Men supporting women in the workplace. Where are they? 
  • [03:05] David shares the work he and Brad do in the workplace. 
  • [05:03] Brad adds additional perspective on why he’s passionate about supporting women. 
  • [06:43] Who came up with the idea for their most recent book? 
  • [08:21] What type of person is the book best suited for? 
  • [11:17] Interpersonal best practices men can start integrating today to make a difference.
  • [14:39] Men are often big allies but are they doing the work to move past bias? 
  • [18:32] Learn more about the allyship gap. 
  • [19:49] Are some men just simply not willing to do the work despite believing in allyship? 
  • [21:49] Did they have any AHA moments while researching? 
  • [24:10] How allyship starts and affects your family. 
  • [27:29] Brad shares his parting advice. 
  • [29:48] Connect with Brad and Dave.

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Raising money for a new venture is never an easy process, but when it’s done right, it’s very rewarding. Sevetri Wilson created and funded her first business at the age of 22 and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. 

Her most recent startup, Resilia, a tech company designed to revolutionize how nonprofits are created and maintained, has now raised over $10M in venture capital and she remains the majority shareholder. 

Sevetri shares how she did it and why she thinks it is so important that you have a team behind you.

Raising money for a new venture in an unstable economy is certainly not an easy endeavor, but it is possible. Learn major tips from Sevetri and how to best prepare yourself and your team for your next pitch meeting.

We had an amazing conversation covering so many different topics related to raising money, building a sound business, and building a healthy team. Sevetri shares it all while also keeping in mind that we are operating in a whole new world. If you’ve been concerned about funding, you won't want to miss this conversation.

Show Notes:

  • [01:17] Have you been curious about how to fund your next venture? 
  • [02:51] Welcome Sevetri Wilson to chat about finding and securing funding.
  • [04:58] What sorts of characteristics do you need to raise money and capital? 
  • [07:00] Did she find that her age hindered her in securing funds? 
  • [09:24] Has she ever run into an issue with company control, ownership, and shares? 
  • [11:12] Why you should surround yourself with people who know things that you don’t.
  • [12:22] Should you have a team with you or do it alone? 
  • [13:33] The three things to keep in mind when trying to capture VC attention.
  • [14:18] Sevetri names one of her proudest moments and biggest mistakes in business.
  • >[16:34] What would an ideal retreat look like versus the reality of today?
  • [17:46] How does she stay present and focused with her virtual team and in life? 
  • [20:38] Sevetri shares her parting advice.
  • [21:52] Connect with Sevetri.

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