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Have you been seizing opportunities to sharpen your emotional intelligence while adapting to changes in the workforce? The process of becoming more emotionally aware is not one and done. It’s an ongoing focus on you and your ability to properly process emotions in all situations. 

Andrea Hoban has spent more than twenty years in leadership and managing large teams, but what she found was that she was passionate about coaching others. She is now an executive coach who helps professionals learn to harness their emotions and achieve their goals. 

She and her business partner founded Oji, a digital platform designed to help us learn skills like emotional intelligence to improve the quality of our lives. Andrea has a ton of knowledge to share and she’s giving it all away on this episode. 

Listen in to learn how stress affects your ability to process emotions and why taking care of your essential needs is a requirement in developing a stronger sense of emotional intelligence. Andrea is sharing her stress relief strategies as well as small changes all of us can make to get closer to our emotional goals. 

If you’ve been having a difficult time reining in your emotions during these turbulent days, then you won’t want to miss out on the benefit of Andrea’s expertise.

Show Notes:

  • [01:34] How much are you putting your EI hat on in all of your interactions? 
  • [03:02] Learn more about Andrea Hoban and how she became involved in EI in the workplace.
  • [05:23] Are there ways to become more emotionally intelligent? 
  • [08:41] What are some small steps to a higher level of awareness? 
  • [11:41] Learn about the app that Andrea has helped develop to teach EI. 
  • [14:40] Has she had to navigate and manage challenges as she’s grown? 
  • [19:03] How does Andrea manage stress? 
  • [22:11] Stress is not always bad. 
  • [23:55] Andrea shares her parting advice for the community. 
  • [25:18] Connect with Andrea.

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Not all professional associations are created equal but one thing is universal. For the most part, you get out of them what you put into them. Joel Stern has spent his career as in-house counsel for an insurance company but left to become the CEO of Namwolf, a professional association for women and minority lawyers. 

For the majority of his childhood, Joel thought he’d become a physician, but it wasn’t to be so. Instead, he decided to focus on a career in law and found the perfect position right out of law school. But he wasn’t making the impact he knew he was meant to make. 

So when the opportunity to create and head Namwolf came along, he jumped on it. He knew that this was his chance to change the lives of so many people. He has spent the last several years building the Namwolf network and helping those in the association to realize their dreams of owning their own practices and building their legal careers.

Listen as we chat about the role of professional associations, how you can get more out of yours, and what it will take for male-dominated professions to truly become more diverse and inclusive. Joel has so much to say and share on this topic and you won’t want to miss it.

Show Notes:

  • [01:35] Today we’re talking all about empowering women through professional memberships. 
  • [02:51] Learn about Joel’s history and why he chose to become a lawyer. 
  • [03:43] Why did he decide to pivot from in-house counsel to becoming a CEO of a non-profit?
  • [04:48] How does Namwolf contribute to the world? 
  • [06:01] Do the women in Namwolf invest as much time as he is doing in the association? 
  • [07:05] Why is it important for women to help lift up other women? 
  • [08:59] What kinds of challenges are women facing in law today? 
  • [12:49] How can male-dominated professions begin to become more diverse and inclusive?
  • [14:45] When is the right time to become a mentor? 
  • [16:47] Has Covid affected Namwolf? 
  • [19:14] How does he manage everything between Namwolf and his family? 
  • [21:35] Hear Joel’s parting advice. 
  • [23:12] Connect with Joel.

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Innovation is a key component of growth in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. No one knows this better than Patricia Zilliox, Ph.D. She has spent 25 years in global clinical development in ophthalmology and 30 years at Alcon. Her work has helped further the quest for solutions to degenerative eye diseases in children. 

But how did she find herself doing this work? She went to school for pharmacy but her love of research and development helped push her into working with ophthalmology. Listen as she shares more about her history and passion for developing solutions for various eye diseases. 

One of Patricia’s biggest roles has been to help secure funding for various projects. She shares her experiences with starting fundraisers and why she hasn’t felt that being a woman in a man’s world has made it harder. 

Most important is Patricia’s advice to all women who find themselves in career paths that need innovation or growth. One of the most important skills for all women to develop is confidence. You are in your role and in your field because you know something about it. Don’t be afraid to let your confidence show. 

Listen in as we chat all about the pharmaceutical industry specific to ophthalmology and why women need to embrace innovation and growth. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:07] Welcome Patricia Zilliox to discuss innovation in role development. 
  • [03:08] How did Patricia find herself in R&D and pharmaceuticals? 
  • [05:08] Does the public understand gene therapy and eye health? 
  • [06:09] How does she look at leadership? 
  • [07:30] Has the pandemic affected her work or life? 
  • [09:02] Are there ways to help people think outside of the box? 
  • [11:10] How her work is affecting the lives of young people. 
  • [12:38] Learn how she handles stressors throughout her day and career. 
  • [14:45] Why it is important to pick your battles.
  • [16:11] Who does she turn to in order to stay knowledgeable in her field? 
  • [19:01] Has she found success in fundraising? 
  • [20:57] Hear Patricia’s last bit of advice on innovating in your field.
  • [22:38] Connect with Patricia.

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Are you properly using video to tell your brand’s story? No matter if you’re climbing the corporate ladder or building your own corporation, you have a brand and a story. Video is one of the best media to connect with your ideal audience and April Pertuis is helping women everywhere to own it. 

April is a former video journalist turned visibility and media specialist. While she was building her 30-year career in journalism, she realized that the stories she loved to tell were the ones that the storyteller often overlooked. 

She took that passion and desire and built a business to help women realize their own beautiful stories and why they need to share them. She now works to help her clients and followers become more comfortable on camera. Using live streaming and video helps to quickly build a strong and loyal following, but so many women are scared to be on camera.

Listen as she shares some of her best tactics for helping people overcome their fear of camera and ways to build video into your day. She also has her own private Facebook group dedicated to helping others leave their fear of live streaming behind. It’s not meant to be perfect. It’s meant to be real. The world needs more real positivity.

Show Notes:

  • [01:27] We’re talking all about video and getting your story out there.
  • [02:59] How has April found herself as a storyteller and video expert? 
  • [06:01] Why she loves helping people to realize their story and share it.
  • [09:08] What holds people back from live streaming? 
  • [11:44] How does she help her clients to warm up and calm their fears? 
  • [16:05] Ways to boost your energy if you’re feeling really nervous.
  • [18:20] Has she faced any challenges during the pandemic? 
  • [21:10] Any advice for taking that first step toward live streaming? 
  • [23:55] Connect with April.

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