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Would you consider yourself to be a lifelong learner? Are you constantly seeking to broaden your horizons and delve deeper into your passions? For Ruth Gotian, learning has always been a compulsion. The desire to know more and have a greater understanding of her passions has always driven her. She’s here to share how you can dig deeper into your passions and keep the knowledge train moving.

Dr. Ruth Gotian is a Chief Learning Officer and Assistant Professor of Education in Anesthesiology. She has made it her life’s mission to better understand the high achieving mind, and distill their habits into educational materials for adults everywhere. Her work has taken her across the globe to speak on optimizing our success, leadership development, and mentoring. 

She is currently in the process of researching the most successful people of our generation in order to learn about their habits and practices to help others optimize their success. But it’s her passion for knowledge that has taken her this far. 

Listen as she shares why we should all complete our own passion audit and then work with highly engaged mentors to bring our passions and work together. Mentors are one of the most important pieces of ongoing success, but not just any mentor will do. She shares the best way to create a mentor group and what specific characteristics you should look for. 

Dr. Gotian is a joy to listen to because she has truly found the best way to marry her passions into work that fulfills her life. If you’d like to do the same, then you won’t want to miss a moment of this chat!

Show Notes:

  • [01:03] Welcome back and thank you for tuning in!
  • [02:18] Ruth Gotian is here to chat about continuing your learning. Listen as she shares how she made her way to adult learning. 
  • [03:55] What does it mean to meet your overt and covert goals? 
  • [06:24] Learn more about the passion audit. 
  • [09:20] Why the third column of the audit is so important. 
  • [10:15] What kinds of characteristics does one need to create the work of their dreams? 
  • [11:19] How to put together a very effective mentoring team. 
  • [14:08] Can you use LinkedIn to connect with leaders in your space? 
  • [18:05] How does Ruth find time to continue her own learning? 
  • [21:28] Do children still like to read actual books or are they eReaders? 
  • [23:41] Ways that you can surround yourself with knowledge and learning. 
  • [24:45] Connect with Ruth.

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DISCLAIMER: Women Worldwide Note: This interview reflects a discussion with Helio Fred Garcia about his book, Words on Fire. The interview is not intended to be a complete analysis or reflect the express views of the Women Worldwide Network and show sponsors. Rather, we hope our network will digest the information thoroughly and, regardless of political views, raise your voices by casting your vote in the November 3rd election.

The words you speak and share have the power to change lives. This is true of everyone but even more so of our leaders and politicians. Helio Fred Garcia has spent his life studying the power of language because of his own experiences as a child. He knows first hand how words can change the world. 

Fred came to America as an immigrant with little knowledge of the English language, a hard to pronounce name, and a very heavy accent. He was bullied to the point of terror and worse. But all it took was the help and guidance of one amazing teacher and he learned the language and found his place in the world. 

It was as he was learning his new language that he realized the true power of words. He has since studied the patterns of speech used in the highest courts of the country and realized that many of the things being said today are reminiscent of scary times in history. 

Listen as we chat about the power of incendiary language and how it is affecting us today. Fred shares examples from his book of moments in recent history that were directly responsible for loss of human life and barbaric treatment of those wishing to come to America. 

Fred has so many amazing insights to share, but the most important is his view on how each and every one of us can stand up to the leaders who are still using incendiary language to incite the population. Listen in to learn more.

Show Notes:

  • [01:03] Welcome back to Women Worldwide.
  • [02:00] Helio Fred Garcia is back to chat about his book Words on Fire.
  • [03:01] How did he find himself drawn to the power of communication, words, and reputation? 
  • [06:03] What drove him to write his most recent book? 
  • [08:46] How can the normal person recognize verbal patterns that denote future acts of violence? 
  • [11:52] Fred shares things that you can do to address negative verbal patterns.
  • [16:53] How does social media play into the change in politics as usual? 
  • [18:23] What changed to bring our government to its current place? 
  • [25:51] Will younger generations be able to confront the incendiary language? 
  • [29:34] Fred shares a parting bit of advice.

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I recently posed a question to my social media community asking them what was holding them back. It was very interesting to note that while I got a bunch of likes and hearts, there were very few comments. 

Now that could mean one of two things. Either everyone is killing it and taking risks and putting themselves out there to learn and grow in life and business. OR it didn’t feel like a safe space to really dig into the things that are holding you back. 

If you’ve been experiencing those feelings of doubt and unease, then I have three tips to help you overcome your blocks and barriers. 

First, look internally to understand and then scale those barriers. There’s so much noise out there, but that noise is a distraction from the truth of your personal blocks. Look internally and work on your internal voice. 

In that same vein, stop being so hard on yourself. When you take risks, you will make mistakes. That’s how you learn and the best way to grow. Allow yourself the grace to take the risk and if you fall, just remember to get back up.

Then always listen to your internal GPS. If an opportunity comes your way and you feel excited about it, then don’t listen to the voices that later make you doubt yourself. Your initial gut feeling was likely right and that opportunity should be yours.

So, what’s holding you back? How can you overcome it? 

Show Notes:

  • [01:03] Welcome back to Women Worldwide. 
  • [02:03] Why people may not have responded to my question about what’s holding them back. 
  • [03:07] Don’t look at the external. Look internally to overcome your barriers. 
  • [04:23] Stop being so hard on yourself. Mistakes pave the path to true learning. 
  • [05:36] Listen to your inner GPS. 
  • [07:29] Hear a quick recap of the three tips.
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How would it feel to look at the difficulties in your life and see them as possibilities for a better future? Susanna Mittermaier is a Pragmatic Psychologist who is focused on helping her patients see challenges as a route to a better tomorrow. 

These challenges could be everything from living with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, etc. to simply not having the coping mechanisms necessary to deal with the noise of the world. She helps doctors, teachers, parents, therapists, social workers, and patients to see their differences as advantages and to empower them to know what they know. 

Once you realize that your challenges are a gift and that you have a ton to offer the world, possibilities seem to be everywhere. This is really the basis of Pragmatic Psychology. We are responsible for creating our lives and living them with joy and ease. 

Listen as Susanna shares how to move beyond the trauma and leave drama behind so that you can reach a world of endless possibility. She also shares why listening to your body is one of the most productive things you can do and that taking a break is necessary. 

Susanna has so many amazing nuggets of wisdom to share on how to shift your thoughts from being mired in the mistakes of the past to seeing the choices you have in your future.

Show Notes:

  • [02:21] Susanna Mittermaier is the founder of the Pragmatic Psychology approach. 
  • [03:26] Why she chose psychology and how she founded Pragmatic Psychology.
  • [05:00] What is the first step toward making a true change in one’s life? 
  • [06:48] How to disentangle awareness versus feelings. 
  • [08:51] Learn more about Susanna’s book. 
  • [11:53] More and more people are choosing not to settle with the drama. Enter pragmatism and moving toward possibilities.
  • [15:09] Choice by choice you’ll find you see possibility versus problems.
  • [16:51] Does Susanna have moments where she feels the stress and drama? 
  • [18:02] How does she stay in focus to accomplish things each day? 
  • [19:39] Do you have to relax for long stretches or can it be small increments throughout the day? 
  • [22:28] What is the best way to step away from challenges and look at them as possibilities? 
  • [23:21] Connect with Susanna.

Links and Resources:

Susanna’s Website

Pragmatic Psychology Website

Susanna on Instagram
Susanna on Facebook

Susanna on Twitter

Susanna on YouTube

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It doesn’t matter how prevalent video and images become, words are still the best way to express yourself. Rea Frey has been putting pen to paper and fingers to keys for many years writing and having her work published. She has been published by one of the 5 big publishers and is helping her clients to write and publish books of their own.

Rea started writing when she entered a poetry contest and won. It wasn’t until years later when she was experiencing a huge medical trauma that she really dug in and started honing in her craft and her stories. Fast-forward several years later and she began to study the world of publishing and how and why it works the way it does.

Since then she’s created courses, published more works, and helped other writers to find their way in the world of publishing. She’s sharing her tips and advice on the best way to start writing and to be sure that you’re viewing your book properly in the grand scheme of things. It is a product to be sold, and you’re the one responsible for selling it.

Learn why it’s necessary to build a platform and engage with your readers before your book even launches (because email lists aren’t just for big and small business owners.) If you want to be taken seriously as an author, then writing a fantastic book is just the first step. 

Rea is an inspiration and her story is definitely an amazing one for all aspiring writers who are seeking to become published authors. Success doesn’t come overnight, so just keep writing and putting your words out there. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:06] Why writing is so important to self-expression. 
  • [03:25] How did Rea find her clarity and learn to express herself through words? 
  • [05:55] Why Rea created her program for aspiring writers and authors. 
  • [07:33] What kinds of fears do her clients share with her? 
  • [09:58] Writing the book is just the first step. Learn more. 
  • [11:49] Has Rea sought out help with her own writing as she has evolved as a writer? 
  • [13:34] Learn more about Rea’s most recent book.
  • [14:56] How did she find clarity to write this book? 
  • [17:56] Does she ever feel stressed when it comes to her career? 
  • [20:31] Why boundaries have been necessary during this time. 
  • [21:55] Rea shares her last bit of advice on finding clarity.
  • [22:57] Connect with Rea.

Links and Resources:

Rea’s Website


Rea on Instagram
Rea on Twitter
Rea on Facebook

Rea on LinkedIn

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