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We all need a little bit of magic sometimes. Ale B has built a career by helping women of all ages see and feel who they are meant to be. She is a self-proclaimed light-worker helping others to reveal the magic of confidence, joy, and love in others. 

From an early age, Ale knew she was meant for more. With the help and encouragement of her mother, she found her true calling and has been beautifying the world ever since. An actor, director, teacher, set designer, wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, producer, and choreographer, Ale wears many different hats. 

She reveals how her experiences have helped her to encourage and inspire others and how her business is changing in light of the current state of the world. We are in unprecedented times, but this does not give us the right to give up.

Listen as Ale shares how you can reveal your light and magic, why we need each other now more than ever, and why we need to take the time now to do some introspection. Pay attention to your thoughts and actions and work to reframe the negative. 

Ale is truly inspiring. Take some time and let her help you find your magic too.

Show Notes:

  • [01:40] We’re focusing on self-discovery.
  • [02:37] Welcome Ale B to chat about activating your magic. 
  • [03:05] Why did Ale become a beautifier? 
  • [05:05] What are the first steps you need to experience to activate your gifts? 
  • [07:21] How do you start living in the now? 
  • [09:54] Makeup is a revelation tool. Use it to enhance. 
  • [11:15] Ale shares her process for helping her clients believe in their gifts.
  • [12:50] Learn how Ale faces her fears.
  • [16:01] How can you reframe negative thoughts?
  • [19:07] Use this time to reconnect and rewire.
  • [22:41] Ale gives poignant advice on how to show the world your magic.
  • [24:13] Connect with Ale. 

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Your mindset is the key to finding your passion and your purpose. Hazel Ortega grew up in one of the worst areas of Los Angeles and didn’t realize that her upbringing was keeping her from living out her dreams. In many ways, her past kept her from dreaming at all. 

Fast-forward several years to a time when she was working as a legal secretary. She sustained an on the job injury that threatened her entire livelihood and took the opportunity to complete her education. Later on, she went back to school and finished high school.

She then completed her associates, her bachelors, and went on to complete her Ph.D. As her education expanded her confidence grew and grew, but she was still stuck in a place devoid of dreams. 

Hazel confronted her issues with the past and began manifesting the dreams she’d suppressed her entire life. The rest as they say, was history. Listen in as Hazel shares how she shifted her mindset to focus on her dreams and why that has resulted in life-changing opportunities. 

Hazel’s story is so inspiring and her advice on how to shift your mindset blocks is truly actionable. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:59] What would you say to someone who told you that your life could change drastically? 
  • [03:22] Learn more about Hazel Ortega and how she got to where she is today.
  • [06:42] Getting hurt on the job changed her life. Hazel shares why.
  • [09:19] For Hazel, getting an education led her to live her best life. 
  • [11:46] Having role models around us is so important. This was true for Hazel too.
  • [13:14] How did Hazel tap the full potential of social media in her journey? 
  • [15:16] What challenges did Hazel face after getting her degrees? 
  • [17:49] Why Hazel’s past and her story kept her from dreaming big.
  • [19:20] Learn how she combatted her past to create a new future. 
  • [22:12] How can you move past your negative default thoughts? 
  • [23:20] Hazel shares her key points of advice for pivoting and changing your life.
  • [26:01] Connect with Hazel. 

Links and Resources:

Hazel’s Website
The Mastery of Miracles
From Bounced Checks to Private Jets by Hazel Ortega

Hazel on Facebook
Hazel on Instagram
Hazel on LinkedIn
Hazel on Twitter
Hazel on YouTube

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What’s the saying? When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life? Laleh Hancock has spent her life helping others find joy in their work and life. She is a leadership and entrepreneurial coach who has spent the last 30 years inspiring others. 

Laleh’s early life was rife with change. Her family abruptly moved from Iran to avoid being caught up in a war. This was one of the first times she evaluated how to approach the world. Rather than spending her time hiding away from the world, afraid to get involved, she jumped in and lived her new life.

She credits her ability to handle and thrive in change for some of her entrepreneurial success. If you can flip your mindset and turn problems into promises, then success will come. It all starts with having a mind for leadership and positivity. 

Listen as Laleh shares her thoughts on being featured in multiple books on leadership, why her work is so important to her, and how examining your mindset is the first step to happiness. She has so many wonderful pieces of advice on dealing with the blocks that hold you back. 

Laleh is an inspiration. You won’t want to miss a minute of this conversation.

Show Notes:

  • [01:31] Reach out and let Deirdre know your thoughts about the show and topics!
  • [03:03] Welcome Laleh Hancock and learn why she became an entrepreneur.
  • [05:02] What is it like to be one of America’s Leading Ladies
  • [07:18] Learn the things that hinder people from making an impact.
  • [09:15] How can you find your voice? 
  • [13:20] What gives Laleh the most joy in what she does? 
  • [14:38] Laleh shares how she incorporates empathy and emotional awareness in her life.
  • [18:18] Learn the challenges that Laleh faces in her life and business.
  • [21:30] When you keep barriers up you are repelling everything, even the good things. 
  • [23:33] Every problem has the possibility to be a gift.
  • [24:23] How can you be intentional and find joy in business? 
  • [26:19] Connect with Laleh.

Links and Resources:

Leaders and Legends by Pat Sampson

America’s Leading Ladies by Pat Sampson

Laleh’s Website

Laleh on LinkedIn
Laleh on Facebook
Laleh on Twitter

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a solo show, but it’s time to dig deep into the FEEL First Model. This topic is heavy-hitting and so important to the future of your organization and hiring practices. You see, Millennials are coming up through the rank and they need different things from the generations before them to make them feel happy and valued. 

You’ve heard me talk about FEEL First Model several times because we’ve spent a lot of time and energy to create a truly meaningful tool for reflecting on your beliefs and actions. We track and measure your ability to face your fears, communicate with empathy, use ethics and good judgment and discover your love for your mission.

We polled and chatted with several millennials to get a better feel of what they need and want in the workplace. The typical corporate processes no longer hold up when it comes to the new workforce. For instance, the corporate system of keeping quiet and holding onto secrets no longer works. Your employees have spent years in school navigating problems and circumstances that come up each and every day in the workplace.

Listen in as I share practical tips and advice for you to measure and understand your FEEL score, and what this means in your interactions and communication. Millennials are the new workforce. If you want to decrease turnover and inspire massive loyalty, then you need to listen to this episode and learn what millennials are looking for!

Show Notes:

  • [00:59] Welcome back to the show!
  • [01:55] Learn more about the FEEL First Model.
  • [03:27] Listen as Deirdre shares what she learned from millennials in the workplace.
  • [04:30] Ask yourself, why aren’t you being transparent with your employees? 
  • [07:08] Millennials want empathy. Listen to a story about one lady in particular. 
  • [10:20] What is your position on ethics and values in relation to your employees? Are you communicating in a way that makes your employees confident? 
  • [13:40] The last part of the FEEL model stands for love. Unleash the love of your mission!
  • [15:52] Consider different kinds of communication platforms and meeting setups.
  • [17:12] FEEL First is a roadmap, but you first have to take the test.
  • [20:05] Learn a technique that helps you pause, breathe, and ask why.
  • [22:24] How can you test how empathetic you are? 
  • [23:27] One quick exercise you can do to evaluate your ethics and values… YOURS… not your business’. 
  • [24:50] Ways that you can evaluate the level of love you have with what you’re doing and in your business.

Links and Resources:

Why Millennials Quit: A letter to incompetent leaders by Tim Denning

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