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Creating a compelling and authentic story that is still factual and entertaining is not an easy skill to master. In this era of fake news and inauthentic reporting, it’s important to bring things back to a safe space of truth. Michele Weldon has been an authority in the world of journalism for over 40 years and she’s here to share why storytelling remains an important thread in our lives. 

Michele started her writing career at a very young age by publishing her own monthly newspaper for her friends and family. She continued developing her writing chops and in highschool wrote teen stories for the local newspaper.

She later went on to study journalism and make her way into the world of reporting. She has since written six non-fiction books with the sixth coming out in September of 2020. Her long and storied career has only been possible because of her desire to create truthful stories with impact. 

Her thoughts on journalism today and why layering your writing are extremely thought-provoking, but her views on how to better your writing are invaluable. Take care of your mind and body and your writing will benefit as well. Listen in to learn more about creating your own writing habits and why storytelling remains imperative to our lives and businesses.

Show Notes:

  • [02:14] Michele Weldon is here to share more about delivering authenticate and accurate stories. 
  • [03:20] What put Michele on the path of becoming a storyteller and author? 
  • [05:18] Learn more about her book Act Like You’re Having a Good Time. 
  • [06:37] Who would benefit the most from her book? 
  • [07:54] What did her writing process look like and was it difficult to write her book? 
  • [09:47] Does she ever get stuck in writer’s block? 
  • [11:09] Learn more about writing in layers. 
  • [13:26] How are journalists handling truth today? 
  • [15:35] Her first tip for all aspiring journalists and storytellers. 
  • [16:44] Does she find herself reading more during this time? 
  • [18:53] Why reading is the key to improving your writing. 
  • [20:45] What does Michele do to keep refreshed and motivated? 
  • [24:22] A parallel to seeing is listening and both help with your writing.
  • [25:15] Michele shares her advice on the first steps to take when finding your dream. 

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If you wanted to be in a relationship, you’d be in one. While that may seem a bit on the nose, for Simone Milasas it’s a fact of life. Think about it. Think of one thing recently that you really wanted, do you have it now? Did you make it happen? Perhaps you don’t really want that relationship right now. Listen in to learn more. 

Simone is an international speaker, author, and an acclaimed business and life mentor. She has traveled the world and used her experiences to dig deeper into business, the joys of life, and understanding our relationships. 

Imagine writing a book with your ex. Now imagine that you and your ex are no longer together because you realized that you weren’t bringing each other up, not because you weren’t right for each other. That’s exactly what Simone and her ex did. She’s super open about their relationship and the fact that it wasn’t that something was wrong that caused them to break up. 

Something just wasn’t right. 

This was an amazing conversation about the importance of understanding why you want a relationship and then finding love for yourself. You can’t love someone else until you love yourself. If you’ve been set on finding a relationship but it hasn’t happened yet, ask yourself, do you really want a relationship? 

Show Notes:

  • [02:33] Welcome Simone Milasas to discuss all things relationships.
  • [03:06] Did Simone always feel she would be an entrepreneur? 
  • [04:28] Were her travels impactful in building her first business? 
  • [06:38] How is her book different than other relationship books? 
  • [10:23] Why perfect is really a judgment. 
  • [13:22] Sharing is not caring. Learn why.
  • [16:22] How important is the trust that you have with your partner? 
  • [18:26] Learn how Simone approaches challenges in her life. 
  • [20:18] Relaxation is a conscious decision and has no judgment. 
  • [22:45] Any big AHA moments? 
  • [25:47] One last piece of advice about relationships and the mode of receiving.
  • [26:40] Connect with Simone. 

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Being diagnosed with any form of cancer is a huge, scary thing, but it doesn’t have to consume your life. Rather than be dragged down by her diagnosis, Pat Wetzel went on a journey to learn more about herself and healing in a holistic way. She founded Cancer Road Trip and has helped develop additional research about the post-treatment aspect of cancer. 

Using the power of film and personal story, Cancer Road Trip looks at health, healing, and culture from a global perspective. As it stands right now, our medical system addresses diagnosis and treatment of cancer, but not the psychological, social, physical, or spiritual issues that patients also need to heal. 

It was through her own diagnosis of an ‘incurable’ form of cancer that she became an avid researcher of anticancer health and holistic healing. Pat is so open and honest in sharing her story and why traveling was the key to her own health. Her new venture did not come without some bumps and bruises, but that’s all a part of the journey. 

Listen as she shares her story, why she chose travel above other forms of healing, and what she is doing to help others affected by cancer. She has also started her own podcast sharing stories from other survivors and patients. A bump in the road is not the end of the road. Pat’s story is truly extraordinary and inspiring. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:55] Welcome Pat Wetzel to share how you can use your roadblocks to successfully shift your business. 
  • [03:10] How did Cancer Road Trip come about? 
  • [05:46] Learn why writing and holistic healing changed Pat’s life. 
  • [07:13] What kinds of changes did she experience as she started to travel? 
  • [08:12] Pat shares how she chose her destinations.
  • [09:15] Did she face any resistance around her choice to go on this road trip? 
  • [11:38] Has anyone one person or thing inspired or influenced her on this journey? 
  • [13:25] Any big moments that have stuck with her during this adventure? 
  • [15:13] When did she get her pilot’s license? 
  • [17:45] Why did she launch her podcast? 
  • [19:56] Has Pat always liked technology? 
  • [22:04] Pat shares some parting advice for navigating big bumps in the road.
  • [22:48] Connect with Pat. 

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Self-care is more than relaxing baths and pretty smelling bath salts with essential oils. It’s more than our capitalistic society has made it out to be and it honestly costs you nothing to practice. Jennifer Louden is a personal growth pioneer who helped to launch the concept of self-care. Listen as she shares why you need to start making small changes today. 

Back in 1992, Jennifer wrote her first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book. It was a bestseller and helped define what it meant for a woman to truly take care of herself. Since then she has written several more books, created women’s retreats and writers’ retreats, and dedicated her life to helping others realize the importance of their own care. 

Jennifer says the most important thing to remember is that while a bubble bath and a spa day is nice, self-care starts with that glass of water you skipped, the supplements you forgot, the stretch breaks that never happen. To truly take care of yourself you have to take care of the body you’ve been given.

This isn’t an easy process. This also isn’t something you do overnight. We are wired to want to do the work we love. We are wired to take care of our families, our friends, our coworkers, and everyone who becomes an integral part of our circle. But you can’t take care of them if you don’t take care of you first. 

Jennifer shares some amazing tips and advice on how you can start on the journey of self-care today. Most importantly, give yourself grace to fail. You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow with a perfect schedule and the perfect new routine. Just make small changes one step at a time and see how much better your life and relationships become.

Show Notes:

  • [01:32] Self-care is extremely important. Especially in times like these. 
  • [02:40] Welcome Jennifer Louden to chat about self-care. 
  • [03:14] Why did she choose this path? 
  • [05:26] How can you start on the path to proper self-care? 
  • [07:47] Does technology play a part in our ability to properly care for ourselves? 
  • [09:54] What stops us from truly taking care of ourselves? 
  • [12:20] Are small rewards effective in helping us to keep up better habits? 
  • [13:33] What are Jennifer’s retreats like? 
  • [15:08] Is there any way to keep the feeling one gets at a retreat? 
  • [17:21] Has Jennifer had any uh-oh moments that have helped her grow? 
  • [19:38] Does she experience any challenges in her life and business? 
  • [22:14] Listen as Jennifer shares a bit of parting advice. 
  • [23:27] Connect with Jennifer.

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