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Dr. Marika Lindholm on Women Worldwide

Dr. Marika Lindholm, Founder and CEO of ESME (Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere), joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. When Marika realized the steady rise in solo parenting, the changing climate to American families, and through her personal experience with single motherhood, she became impassioned with helping other women facing the same challenges that she did.

On the show, Marika shares her inspiration behind the launch of ESME and why she wants to honor moms everywhere. Her platform provides solo moms with a safe space to share their challenges and struggles including some tough subjects such as domestic violence, addiction and cyberbullying. “ESME is a platform that allows your vulnerability to come through,” explained Marika. She also shares her own challenges as she moved from academia to becoming an entrepreneur and launching her online community.

“The learning curve was tremendous having to learn about building content, social media, marketing and team building.” At the same time, as a business owner with a platform that was active 24/7, Marika was there to help people at all hours. Her advice to other business owners, “Don’t be deterred by unsolicited advice and just ride through the tough patches."

A little more about Dr. Marika Lindholm By launching ESME, Marika has created an online community that's a safe haven for solo moms, an endless library of resources, a networking tool, a writing/blogging platform, and private escape all at once. A trained sociologist and former professor, she taught classes focused on issues of inequality, diversity, and gender at Northwestern University. Marika brings that passion, focus, and analytical approach to refining the ESME.com platform and growing the ESME Sisters community.

You can connect with Dr. Lindholm on LinkedIn and Twitter @marika_lindholm

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Lauren Leader-Chivee on Women Worldwide

Lauren Leader-Chivee, co-founder, and CEO of All In Together (AIT) and the author of Crossing the Thinnest Line: How Embracing Diversity-from the Office to the Oscars-Make America Stronger  joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Lauren has dedicated her career to closing the most critical personal, professional and political gender gaps for women. In addition to her role at AIT, Lauren is an Executive Advisor to Deloitte working with a range of global companies on their most pressing diversity issues.

On the show, Lauren discussed how the thinnest of lines separate groups. Establishing an emotional connection, through a shared experience, makes you less of an outsider and helps you to understand different cultures. The shared experience also leads to relationships and trust. She gave examples of soldiers in the military and prison populations. Lauren offered insights on Millennials as a generation, who are much more accepting and inclusive. You can see the trend of Millennials moving to urban areas. However, Lauren stressed that these attitudes and gains are not guaranteed moving forward. Although Gen Y has benefited from the opening of the world through the Internet, if schools become more segregated and the Internet is more of an echo chamber with siloed and like-minded thinking, then the next generation will be less inclusive.

Laura also shared how she was able to constantly move out of her comfort zone. She has used her network and different relationships, knowing when to ask for help. She is committed to moving forward and knows that there will be ambiguity. Lauren also stated that you have to think beyond networking and really share more of yourself to build a relationship.

A little more about Lauren Leader-Chivee ...Lauren was recently named by Fortune as one of the 50 Most Influential Women on Twitter.  She writes extensively for the Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review, and  Inc magazine.  Formerly the President of the global think tank Center for Talent Innovation and Founding Partner at Hewlett Chivée Partners LLC, she has tirelessly advocated for women’s leadership as a driver of economic growth and opportunity.

You can connect with Lauren on LinkedIn and Twitter @laurenchivee

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Judy Williams on Women Worldwide

Judy Williams, the founder of iHalt, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Judy’s non-profit organization promotes understanding, accountability, and mutual respect between at-risk youth and EMTs, police, and firefighters. After spending 18 years in education, Judy launched iHalt as a movement to raise awareness about safety and to foster mutual respect and harmony between first responders and the general community.

On the show, Judy discusses her work with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Her programs teach consideration and mutual respect through activities that build trust. When children have a relationship with police officers they are more likely to respect and cooperate under different situations outside of the iHalt program. At the same time, the more police officers and other first responders interact, they, too, have a much better understanding of the people living in their communities. Parents are also involved in the program so the iHalt learning and relationship building continues into the home. Judy also shares how she approaches big challenges. “If it’s worth it, stay the course. Don’t believe anyone’s negative self-talk. You must believe your own truth, which is right for you.”

A little more about Judy Williams  Judy founded iHalt in 2015, in the wake of events in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Cleveland. Judy realized, now, more than ever is the time to educate future generations of children about the cooperating with law enforcement, understanding and respecting cultural and racial differences, and maintaining good citizenship.

You can connect with iHalt on Twitter @ihalt_us1 and Facebook

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Meagan Hooper on Women Worldwide

Meagan Hooper, entrepreneur and founder of bSmartguide.com, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Megan’s  platform, bSmartguide.com, is an online portal where women can learn, connect and promote their brands in order to achieve success and obtain their goals. Previously, Meagan spent a decade-long career on Wall Street, working her way up from Administrative Assistant for the founder of a premier hedge fund, to the firm's Chief Operating Officer. Self-taught in the world of finance, Meagan's expertise was quickly recognized, as she became Director of Operations for a global wealth management firm, overseeing $4 billion in assets across multiple asset classes.

On the show, Meagan shares her passion for Millennials; how they're breaking down barriers and going past the stereotypes in their communities. With a focus on technological resources and collaboration, you can make this happen. At the same time, she says you're able to create a culture of listening and being who you're meant to be. On tackling challenges, Meagan explains, “Challenges are a part of it and it’s the way you work through and meet them head on.” She is a believer of getting out of your comfort zone. Meagan deals with challenges by nourishing her inner self. You have to trust that you will make the right decisions even when many around you are saying otherwise.

Meagan also offers her tips to entrepreneurs who have a dream but don’t know where to start. “It comes down to belief and how you perceive yourself. You have to get very clear about what you want to do and spend time on your vision board.”

A little more about Meagan Hooper  While building on her business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit, Meagan continues her pursuit of the arts, from performing stand-up comedy to appearing in film, television, and theater. A graduate of Wake Forest University, she lives in Manhattan with her husband, Joe, and pug, Stella.

You can connect with Meagan on LinkedIn and Twitter @MeaganHooper

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Fabian Geyrhalter on Women Worldwide

Fabian Geyrhalter, the founder of FINIEN, an LA-based brand consultancy, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Fabian is the author of the book How to Launch a Brand: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Crafting a Brand - From Positioning to Naming and Brand Identity. He is also published internationally by the Washington Post, Graphis, Communications Arts and the Huffington Post.

On the show, Fabian takes a deep dive into the meaning of a brand and what it takes to prepare for a brand launch. He shares what entrepreneurs get wrong 99% of the time when it comes to branding. As a result, he offers a step-by-step guide for those entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping but know brand development really matters far beyond a product or service they offer. In addition to discussing company branding, Fabian also shares his thoughts on personal branding, how technology affects a brand and why you should align with the right people.

A little more about Fabian Geyrhalter … Fabian is an active jury member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. As the winner of 23 American Graphic Design awards, he is frequently invited to judge international design competitions. Fabian has served as an adjunct professor at USC and Art Center College of Design and he's currently an Advisory Board Member of the Santa Monica College.

You can connect with Fabian on LinkedIn and Twitter @FINIENinsights

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Heather Whaling on Women Worldwide

Heather Whaling, CEO and founder of Geben Communication, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Heather started her digital and social media PR agency in 2009, out of her dining room and at the heart of a recession. She’s grown her company through culture building and policy-making that helps all of her employees to thrive. Geben is an award-winning agency and Heather just recently received the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Ohio Valley Region (OH, KY, IN).

On the show, Heather discusses what culture looks like at her company. They’ve created some interesting "House Rules" which include Embrace the Crazy and Design Your Day. When it comes to Embracing the Crazy, Heather’s team is cool and calm whether they’re dealing with a crisis event or a client's product launch. The Design Your Day program helps employees to work when and where they are the most comfortable. It’s also a great way to have employee select the times of day that they are the most productive. Heather also shares her thoughts on productivity and prioritization. She offers tips including calendar blocking and understanding how to maximize your energy in order to stay laser focused.

A little more about Heather WhalingIn addition to delivering exceptional results for client partners, Heather prides herself on utilizing Geben as a platform for doing good. Driven by a “Give More, Grow More” philosophy, Heather fosters a company culture that empowers every member of the team to use their time, talent and expertise to make a positive impact in the world. Heather’s belief in doing well by good extends to both Geben’s client work and internal perks. (A fact that recently scored them the title of one of Columbus Business First’s Best Places to Work.)

You can connect with Heather on LinkedIn and Twitter @prtini

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Neen James on Women Worldwide

Keynote Speaker and Leadership Coach Neen James joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Neen's corporate background is in learning and development, and managing large teams throughout several industries. As a motivational keynote speaker, she focuses on productivity and helps leaders get more done, so they can create more significant moments in life. Neen has been referred to as a "force of nature" with "boundless energy."

On the show, Neen dives into the characteristics of a good speaker. If you’re really interested in speaking, then you have to be authentic, reliable and approachable. She also stresses that you must put aside your ego and make sure you have a quality message. Many people call themselves speakers and just regurgitate someone else’s material. Neen also shares what productivity means to her. She says, "Productivity is having time to do what really matters in your life." Productivity takes true focus and requires a deadline-oriented approach. Neen works 15-minute blocks of time. "You can get a lot done in 15 minutes," she says. Her advice to entrepreneurs is to hustle and to make sure you pay attention to what your clients are telling you.

A little more about Neen James Neen has a down-to-earth style and contagious enthusiasm that her audiences find engaging. She shares practical strategies that they can apply at work and home. Neen is also is a Certified Speaking Professional, a recognition earned by less than 10% of speakers worldwide. In addition to her busy speaking schedule, Neen provides one-on-one leadership coaching and mentoring on a variety of business topics.

You can learn more about Neen on her website and connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter @NeenJames

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Brianna Averhart, a fashion design major at Moore College of Art & Design, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge for a Women Worldwide in-person podcast interview on the Moore College Campus in Philadelphia. Brianna is a sophomore at Moore. She's also a Resident Advisor (RA) and recognized as one of the scholars of the college's Visionary Award Honors Program. The episode with Brianna is part of a three-part series sponsored by Moore featuring alumni, faculty, and students.

On the show, Brianna shared when she first discovered her passion for fashion design, which began with her love of sewing. She joined the Moore community which has helped her to cultivate her leadership skills. As an RA, planning programs and assisting her student residents, Brianna offered her perspective on leadership and inspiring others. During the episode, Brianna fields questions from friends and peers on how she handles the criticism that comes with the world of an artist as well as how she overcomes her inner fears and challenges.

A little more about Brianna Averhart Brianna was always interested in Moore College hearing about their internships, scholarships and participating in their programs even before she became a full-time student. She was also drawn to Moore because 94% of their graduates receive jobs. As a fashion design major, Brianna’s goal is to help people feel more comfortable in their own skin by creating clothing that’s made for everyone.

A little about our sponsor, Moore College of Art & Design: Moore College of Art & Design educates students for careers in art and design. Founded in 1848, Moore is the nation's first and only women's visual arts college for undergraduates. The College's career-focused environment and professionally active faculty form a dynamic community in the heart of Philadelphia's cultural district, surrounded by world-class museums. The College offers ten Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees for women and four coeducational graduate programs. In addition, Moore provides many valuable opportunities in the arts through The Galleries at Moore, Continuing Education Certificate programs for professional adults, the acclaimed Young Artists Workshop, The Art Shop and Sculpture Park.  For more information about Moore, visit www.moore.edu.

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Marcello Pedalino, Executive Director of MMP Entertainment and author of the motivational book, Celebrate Life:  A New Book on How to Live it Up, Discover Fulfillment, and Experience the Joy You Deserve, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. A three-time national DJ Entertainer of the Year, Marcello and his company have helped clients have the time of their lives at their Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and countless other milestone occasions.

On the show, Marcello discusses the inspiration behind his book, Celebrate Life which is taking care of yourself, being surrounded by the right people and seeing the bigger picture and all of the incredible possibilities. Marcello outlines the difference between the Very Inspiring People (VIPs) in his life and how you need to avoid the Very Draining People (VDPs). He also shares candid advice on how to get “unstuck" in your life especially when you’re going through the “darkest hours.” There may be times when you're lied to or betrayed, personally and/or professionally.  His five tips to move forward include (1) exercise, (2) talk it out with your VIPs, (3) get organized, (4) learn portion control, and (5) find a new project.

A little more about Marcello Pedalino ...Marcello has achieved personal and professional success as a celebrity in the exclusive private events and entertainment industry. In addition, he is a well-respected lifestyle consultant who outlines his personal formula for achieving fulfillment and designing a life you've been longing for in his book, Celebrate Life. Far from your standard cookie-cutter self-help guide, Marcello's book gives you an up-close-and-personal glimpse into his own rocky yet rewarding journey---complete with twists and turns, mistakes and milestones, and the lessons that matter most in the end.

You can connect with Marcello on LinkedIn and on Twitter @MmpMarcello

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Lynn Palewicz, Assistant Professor of Art and Foundation Chair at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on the Women Worldwide show. As Foundation Chair, Lynn develops, implements and assesses the Foundation curriculum for all first-year students at Moore. As an artist, Lynn combines photography, sculpture, and drawing to explore different approaches to self-portraiture: the self as subject, the self as material, and the self as creative impulse.

On the show, Lynn discussed women in the arts. She shared how her work at Moore helps students to transition from freshman orientation to community leadership. Students are encouraged to interact with their professors and peers through open dialogue while building their skills and confidence, diving into research to expand their creativity. Lynn stresses the importance of learning self-identity and a sense of consciousness. Students also learn creative problem solving so they can graduate and tackle the challenges that face artists today. Lynn shared her biggest challenge which was to figure out her best contribution as an artist. She said, "With so many possibilities to pursue, you can look at art and design in so many ways." Like any career, you have to find your true passion and then pursue your dreams.

A little more about Lynn Palewicz … Lynn has an MFA from the Yale School of Art, and a MAT and BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. A couple of her recent exhibitions include "Alternative States," which is a group exhibition curated by John Capperton at the Galleries at Moore in Philadelphia and the 2015 Wind Challenge Exhibition Series, which is a three-person show at Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, PA.

A little about our sponsor, Moore College of Art & Design: Moore College of Art & Design educates students for careers in art and design. Founded in 1848, Moore is the nation's first and only women's visual arts college for undergraduates. The College's career-focused environment and professionally active faculty form a dynamic community in the heart of Philadelphia's cultural district, surrounded by world-class museums. The College offers ten Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees for women and four coeducational graduate programs. In addition, Moore provides many valuable opportunities in the arts through The Galleries at Moore, Continuing Education Certificate programs for professional adults, the acclaimed Young Artists Workshop, The Art Shop and Sculpture Park.  For more information about Moore, visit www.moore.edu.

You can connect with Lynn on LinkedIn

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Megan Harris, Managing Partner, at SYZYGY, North America, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Megan is a digital native, global business citizen, and travel brand digital expert, who brings a unique perspective to her role as a Managing Partner. At SYZYGY, she manages operations and business growth for the digital agency, which offers creative, technology, and media services to major brands including Avis Budget Group.

On the show, Megan discussed her journey in global digital marketing. As a Millennial leader, she shared her insights on what it takes to lead: vision, empathy, and delegation. Megan's philosophy: You always have to "be brave, be bold and be yourself,” showing your authenticity at all times. She shared personal stories including a period in her life when she felt “stuck" and what her prescription was to move forward and to achieve her goals. Megan was candid about how you can find your voice and how you must "say what you mean" in business. She also believes in the power of  planning, and as the plan changes, always trust your intuition.

A little more about Megan Harris … Prior to joining SYZYGY, Megan was the business director and a member of the senior leadership team of Razorfish’s London office, running the full-service media offerings in EMEA. Clients included Starwood Resorts, Holland America Lines, Tourism of New Zealand, Ralph Lauren, and Mondelez. She spoke frequently at digital marketing and advertising symposia across Europe.

You can connect with Megan on LinkedIn, and Twitter @SYZYGY_NY


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Kia Weatherspoon, founder of Determined by Design, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Kia was a dancer turned soldier who then fell in love with interior design. Kia has ten years of diverse experience in hospitality design and management, high-end residential and multi-family design with a splash of architectural sales. Kia founded her company, Determined by Design in 2012 to begin creating spaces that eclipse current design trends.

On the show, Kia discussed personal stories including when she first discovered the meaning of space. When living in the Middle East (just after 911) with 14 other women soldiers, she needed a reprieve to let out a flood of emotions. She took her issued troop sheets that were meant for her cot and hung them around her with string to create three sheet walls instead. Kia left active duty and has been creating spaces ever since.

Kia also shared fond memories of her education at Moore College of Art and Design and how she was surrounded by women leaders and “the most visually talented women.” It was at Moore that she first recognized her true talent for design. Kia also mentioned her work (and favorite project) with Room to Rebloom, which is a non-profit that creates healing home environments for survivors of domestic violence. Kia worked with the organization to take women and children through the design process creating interior spaces that can really impact a person's life.

A little more about Kia Weatherspoon Kia believes in service-based leadership, demonstrated through active involvement with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Her company, Determined by Design, uses a unique process that engages future patrons and neighbors in the design process through social media and technology.

A little about our sponsor, Moore College of Art and Design... Moore College of Art & Design educates students for careers in art and design. Founded in 1848, Moore is the nation's first and only women's visual arts college for undergraduates. The College's career-focused environment and professionally active faculty form a dynamic community in the heart of Philadelphia's cultural district, surrounded by world-class museums. The College offers ten Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees for women and four coeducational graduate programs. In addition, Moore provides many valuable opportunities in the arts through The Galleries at Moore, Continuing Education Certificate programs for professional adults, the acclaimed Young Artists Workshop, The Art Shop and the Sculpture Park.  For more information about Moore, visit www.moore.edu

You can connect with Kia on LinkedIn and Twitter @KiaWeatherspoon.  You can connect with Moore College of Art & Design on Twitter @MooreCollegeArt

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Peter Shankman, author, corporate keynote speaker and founder of Shankminds, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Peter is recognized as the perfect example of what happens when you merge the power of pure creativity with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), then add in a dose of adventure, and make it work to your advantage. Peter is regarded as a "worldwide connector” and also known for his radical new ways of thinking about ADHD.

On the show, Peter shares his journey, which he describes as “always a fast state of motion" and some of the difficulties he had when he was growing up. Fast forward to today and he is helping people with ADHD to recognize it's a gift and not a curse. Peter shares recent initiatives including the launch of his podcast, Faster Than Normal (FTN), and his new book which will be published in 2017. Peter offers advice on how to stay focused, make the right choices and why you need to spread your energy in all of the right places. For Peter, every day is busy, but the time you carve out for your activities shows their importance. He also shares his thoughts on relationships and what it means to be a true friend.

A little more about Peter Shankman … Peter is best known for founding Help A Reporter Out, (HARO) in 2008, which in under a year became the number one website for thousands of journalists on deadline to connect with experts and sources for their stories around the globe. In June of 2010, less than three years after Peter started HARO, it was acquired by Vocus, Inc.

You can connect with Peter on LinkedIn, Twitter @PeterShankman and Facebook

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Winnie Sun, founding partner and managing director of Sun Group Wealth Partners, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. With more than 16 years of experience in the financial services industry, Winnie has been selected as Investment News' Twenty Women to Watch. She is frequently featured as a “top advisor” speaker at national events, is a contributor to Forbes, Fox Business, CNBC broadcast, and CBS News. She is also considered the most social advisor on social media.

On the show, Winnie shares her best practices on Twitter and how she builds business relationships through her participation. She got started on Twitter knowing that “like attracts like.” Her advice to professionals is "you have to start out identifying 10 of your closest friends." You also have to be present, share methodically and strategically. But, most of all, you have to be human and treat others the way you want to be treated. If you can text then you can tweet.  Winnie also discusses how tweet chats are a great way to meet people, grow your community and to learn. Some of her favorite social media tools include the Buffer app, Jukebox..com for evergreen content and Twitter lists.

A little more about Winnie Sun … Winnie has a weekly tweet chat (#WinnieSun) and she is also a podcaster. On her show, Renegade Millionaire Show Winne interviews entrepreneurs, high profile CEOs, and the nation's top trailblazers in business and entertainment.  As an independent advisor, Winnie is called upon to educate large corporate and nonprofit groups on planning strategies. She has been honored with invitations to the Barron’s Winner’s Circle for Top Women Financial Advisors beginning in 2006 to the present and has been coined "The Wealth Whisperer" by OC Metro Magazine's 40 under 40.

You can connect with Winnie on LinkedIn and Twitter @SunGroupWP

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Caren Merrick, the founder and CEO of Pocket Mentor joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Caren was a partner at Bibury Partners, an angel investment and advisory firm. Earlier in her career she was co-founder and EVP of webMethods, leading the company to the most successful software IPO in 2000. Caren grew the company to 1,100 employees and $200m in revenue, which eventually led to its acquisition by SoftwareAG in 2007 for $540million.

On the show, Caren discusses her career journey and how she has served on different boards. According to The Gender Diversity Index, in 2015, of the 842 active companies on the Fortune 1,000 list, women held 18.8% of board seats. This is an increase from 17.7% in 2014. If you compare these stats to the 14.6% of board seats that were held by women in 2011, you can see the numbers are rising, but not high enough. According to Caren, too few women see themselves as participants in the boardroom and they aren’t stepping up by taking risks or taking on new projects. Lastly, Caren discusses her thoughts on reinvention and why it’s so important for professionals to invest in self-discovery. Professionals should know that change can be uncomfortable and you can’t force it.

A little more about Caren Merrick … Caren serves on the board of directors for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which manages and operates the $800m Washington Ronald Reagan National and Dulles International airports, serving over 40 million passengers a year. The Authority also manages the development of the $6B Dulles Corridor Silver Line Metrorail project. The boards on which she serves provide governance and oversight across multiple industries with a combined value of $10b.

You can connect with Caren on LinkedIn and Twitter @CDMerrick


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Trina Felber, founder and CEO of a natural skincare line, Primal Life Organics, joined host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Trina discovered during her first pregnancy that all her high-end skincare products were loaded with toxic ingredients that could hurt her and her growing baby. Knowing your skin is the largest organ in the body and the body’s first line of defense, Trina began a quest in 2007 for organic and all-natural skincare products that were safe to use during pregnancy. She was shocked to learn there were none. At that point, Trina decided to transition from her career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) to an entrepreneur, launching her natural skincare products business.

On the show, Trina shared the importance of giving your skin the right nutrients and why it’s important to read product labels carefully. According to Trina, if you feed your skin what it needs, it will function. Unfortunately, consumers are not aware of the toxins and harmful effects of many skincare products. Trina also discusses her favorite products from clay / charcoal toothpaste, which actually whitens your teeth, to apple cider vinegar. She challenges listeners to take the 30-day Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge. At the end of the show, Trina offers listeners a discount for a Primal Organics product starter package.

A little more about Trina Felber  Trina spent 22 years as a nurse, practicing for seven years as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Her nursing career started in the Burn Intensive Care Unit at St. V's in Toledo Ohio, where she learned how the skin protects you and, at the same time, the damage chemicals can cause. She believes that chemical free skincare is a choice and she's created her skincare line so to improve her health and the health of those who use her products.

You can connect with Trina on LinkedIn and Twitter @PrimalLifeOrg

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Michelle Bacharach, Co-Founder and CEO of FINDMINE, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Michelle's retail tech company, FINDMINE, is an enterprise SaaS startup positioned to make retail more efficient and shopping more delightful. Michelle, who started in entertainment, transitioned to retail tech experiencing a number of interesting stories that highlight the challenges of starting a tech company in New York.

On the show, Michelle discusses how she wanted to figure out and define a different consumer experience. With people asking millions of questions about the products they want to purchase, retailers were not equipped to answer everything. Michelle launched her platform, FINDMINE, to help tailor and customize the consumer shopping experience answering their questions and using machine learning to scale product curation. Michelle also discusses what it takes to create a winning team describing her own experience as working with people who are really passionate and can “pull themselves out of the weeds.” Michelle offers advice to startup founders including her “don’t die” strategy and how "keeping a life" will prevent diminishing returns.

A little more about Michelle Bacharach   Michelle has a strong background in strategy and product management, with heavy agile experience. She is also currently the senior admissions consultant with The MBA Exchange. Prior to launching FINDMINE, Michelle was Director, Project Management at Univision.com & Entertainment.

You can connect with Michelle on LinkedIn and Twitter @mymeeshell

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Aly Saxe, founder and CEO of Iris PR Software, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide.  Aly's journey in public relations has led her from PR pro to PR agency owner to building software for agencies and in-house teams. Chaotic systems and a lack of visibility into her team’s performance pushed Aly to create a tech platform to cure the headaches of PR agency management.

On the show, Aly discussed her approach to problem-solving especially as a woman in tech. Because you have to be flexible and agile and keep up with the pace of change, Aly shares her favorite resources. She also offers her insights on the importance of integration in an organization and the best way to break down silos between departments including marketing, PR, sales and other areas within a company. Because these barriers separate talent, businesses miss out on increased productivity, ideation, innovation and a better experience for customers.

A little more about Aly Saxe …  In 2007, Aly founded Ubiquity PR to provide strategic PR services to funded, high-growth B2B tech companies. Ubiquity PR created award-winning PR campaigns for companies like Infusionsoft, Firehost, SocialWhirled, and LeadMD.

You can connect with Aly on LinkedIn and Twitter @Aly_Saxe

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Samantha Paxson, Chief Marketing Officer at CO-OP Financial Services joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Samantha is the chief architect and marketing technologist who leads the development of her company's go to market corporate strategy for product development, credit, sales, business development, and marketing.

On the show, Samantha discusses her journey, transitioning from PR and marketing agency work to a position in Financial Services. She shares how she was “ignorant enough not to have any fears” often raising her hand to get involved in new responsibilities. For her, “passionate ignorance has no limitations.” Samantha believes this was the secret to getting recognized early on. At CO-OP Financial Services, she was promoted to Vice President by the age of 30. Samantha's ability to collaborate with others and to build trust with her team helped her to advance more quickly. She also discusses the importance of understanding what’s going on in a company that's larger than your own role, and what it means to be a problem solver beyond your own department.

A little more about Samantha Paxson  Samantha is a brand and corporate strategist, intraprenuer, product experience consultant, design thinker, behavioral analyst and corporate problem solver. She is the founder of THINK by CO-OP, an innovation content platform empowering the evolution of mission-driven financial services.

You can connect with Samantha on LinkedIn


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Shannon Bloemker, founder and CEO of Glasshouse.com, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Shannon has extensive experience in residential design, construction management, cost control, green building, and home maintenance. After having learned the value of good property management during her years as a strategist and co-owner of Five Ten Capital, Shannon founded Glasshouse in 2015 to bring the benefits of preventative maintenance to the single-family owner-occupied market.

On the show, Shannon discussed how a circuitous path took her from working 80-hour weeks on Wall Street to 80 hours weekly as an entrepreneur and owner of her start-up company.  With a passion for sustainability, she created Glasshouse to help homeowners sustain their biggest investments in life … their homes. Shannon shared the challenges of marketing to niche audiences and building strong partnerships. Social media, PR and relationship building and trade shows have been instrumental in increasing company awareness and thought leadership. Shannon also offered her advice to other entrepreneurs on problem-solving, delegating responsibilities and how to keep your priorities top of mind.

A little more about Shannon Bloemker  Shannon earned her Master’s Degree from Harvard in Environmental Science & Sustainability after changing careers from the Mortgage-backed Securities Industry at Salomon Brothers and Franklin Templeton Funds. She also managed six high-end residential construction projects for investment, each of which required a yearlong process of design, value engineering, strategic planning, and oversight.

You can connect with Shannon on LinkedIn and Twitter @shannonbloemker

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Jack Myers, founder of MediaVillage and the author of the The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Jack is a cultural, economics and technology visionary as well as an award-winning documentary film producer. He’s been researching and reporting on the impact of technology and media on society for over forty years.

On the show, Jack shares his inspiration behind his book, The Future of Men, and perspectives on a generation in cultural conflict. He discusses how men are amidst two opposing worlds; there are those rebelling with the stand-up, be tough and adversarial attitude toward the societal shift of women in power. At the same time, there are men actively embracing feminine qualities, showing emotion, and empathy, and collaborating more with women in the workplace and in the home. Jack's research focuses on media shaping perceptions from the beer commercials that objectify women to the TV sitcom male role models (the past vs. the present). His main concern is young men who are not feeling empowered. With no set guide book, they are not getting the direction they need or feeling the motivation to excel. Lastly, Jack shares advice on what men (young and old) can do to better to embrace a shifting culture and society, and how women are also very much a part of the process.

A little more about Jack Myers  Jack is the author of several other books including, Hooked Up: A New Generations’s Surprising Take on Sex, Politics and Saving the World, which received International Book Awards in the Youth Issues and Women’s Issues categories. Jack has also been honored with a George Foster Peabody Award as well as Academy and Emmy Award nominations for Best Documentary Feature.

You can connect with Jack on LinkedIn

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Stephanie Abrams Cartin and Courtney Spritzer, co-founders of Socialfly in New York City and the authors of the book, Like, Love, Follow, join Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. When Stephanie and Courtney met, and realized they shared the same vision and insights, they teamed up to create and successfully grow their social media marketing and PR agency, Socialfly.

Today consumers are tied to their smartphones. Studies also reveal that the highly digitized person has a dwindling attention span. At the same time, if businesses want to connect and engage with their customers, then they have to be highly digitized too. On the show, Stephanie and Courtney share what it means for a business to be fully digitized and which companies are receiving a high grade. They also offer tips for companies "restarting" their programs and what it means to be more strategic about their brand personality through social media. As entrepreneurs, authors, and media personalities, Stephanie and Courtney also discuss their best practices for staying organized, on track and reaching their goals.

A little more about Stephanie and Courtney ... Stephanie is a graduate of Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. She first began her career in sales at Marriott International. While helping some friends launch entrepreneurial endeavors, she recognized the tremendous positive impact social media could have on a business' sales and marketing efforts. Courtney began her career as a financial analyst at American Express and bond underwriter at Hanover Insurance Group. Early on, she too realized the incredible opportunity that social media presented for organizations worldwide.

You can connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn and Twitter @StephJillAbrams.  Connect with Courtney on LinkedIn and Twitter @CourtSpritzer.

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Sharon Nir an immigrant career woman and author of the new memoir, The Opposite of Comfortable, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Sharon writes a riveting universal tale of her family's quest to find a new life in an unknown land and delivers a first-hand account of a highly-skilled immigrant career woman on the minefield of "legal immigration" into the United States.

On the show, Sharon discussed her career as a systems analyst and her work in the high tech industry in Tel Aviv. When she developed the first Knowledge Management System in Israel she was propelled into a successful tech career. At age 29, her husband, a transplantation surgeon, was offered a fellowship in the US and Sharon chose to keep her family together venturing to a new land. Sharon shares how she left her family and comfort zone, adjusted to life in NYC and learned the difference between a career and a job … each one coming with a price tag.

A little more about Sharon Nir At age 18, Sharon joined the Israeli Defense Force for the mandatory two-year service. She was assigned to the Armored Corps. and served as a tank instructor. At the end of her military service, she attended Tel Aviv University studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in literature and language.

You can check out Sharon on her website and connect with her on LinkedIn



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Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, author of the book, Money Can Buy You Happiness, and internationally recognized relationship and communication expert joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. As a female entrepreneur, corporate consultant and licensed therapist,  Dr. Patty Ann has helped hundreds of corporate and entrepreneurial business women learn how to create it all – a highly successful thriving business without having to sacrifice happiness in their marriage and family life.

On the show show Dr. Patty Ann shares how it is difficult for women to talk about money. Your attitude about money is formed over time. It starts in the home with your parents and your surrounding culture. Your experiences shape your financial personality whether your a spender or a saver and is reflected in how you spend money.  Dr. Patty Ann also shares her thoughts around women negotiating for more money in the workplace, something that is not taught when you're younger. She shares several of the strategies and skills you need to begin the negotiating process and to start earning what you deserve. Lastly, Dr. Patty Ann discusses how money is tied to relationships and what couples can do to participate in the family finances together through honest communication and a shared end-goal in mind.

A little more about Dr. Patty Ann Tublin … Dr. Patty Ann has been featured as a relationship and communication expert on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News and the Martha Stewart Radio Show on Sirius XM. She is the Weekly Relationship Expert for 95.9 FOX FM Chaz & AJ in the Morning – CT’s #1 morning radio talk show, and she is featured on other radio shows internationally.  Dr. Patty Ann has been published in SUCCESS MagazineCNN, Fortune Postcards, Fortune, Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

You can connect with Dr. Tublin on LinkedIn,  Twitter @drpattyann, and Facebook


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Charissa Thompson, co-host of the syndicated entertainment news show, Extra, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Charissa is also recognized as one of the most visible women in sports media. In 2013, she also became the host of Fox Sports Live on the Fox Sports 1 Network.

On the show, Charissa shares her journey as a woman in sports media including the challenges of building credibility and getting past the “blond on the sidelines” stereotype. She knew that credibility was always her responsibility, and worked diligently to prepare for her interviews. Through her knowledge and relationship building, Charissa quickly gained the respect from her peers in the sports world. She also inspires Women Worldwide listeners to reinvent and discusses how she seized a new career direction. Charissa's success, having positions in two industries (sports and entertainment), demonstrates how you can expand your brand and take advantage of different opportunities. Charissa's philosophy: Do whatever it takes ... there are no shortcuts.

A little more about Charissa Thompson … Charissa Thompson has also worked for Versus, GSN, Big Ten Network, SportsNation, and ESPN. She has appeared in The 2007 MLB All-Star Game Red Carpet Parade and The Baseball Report on FSN.

You can connect with Charissa on Instagram and Twitter @CharissaT


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Jen Kluczkowski, CEO, and co-founder of Mindfresh, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Jen started her company, Mindfresh, to provide on­site and digital mindful movement experiences to improve body language, enhance emotional IQ, and increase attention spans. With a background in startup media environments and 8 years studying the philosophy of yoga, Jen leverages her experience in both worlds to make mindfulness accessible in the office environment. Today, Jen leads a growing team of 30 Mindfresh teachers in New York City and San Francisco with similar and relatable "business­ meets­ mindfulness" backgrounds.

On the show, Jen discusses her personal career journey and how chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue led her to a lifestyle change of yoga and mindfulness. Knowing the benefits she experienced, Jen launched Mindfresh and quickly pioneered a path in organizations to help their employees who were also experiencing cycles of burnout. Jen openly shares her challenges and the education process needed for Corporate America, where a company culture of being busy and working without breaks is rewarded. Jen reinforces the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, especially when dealing with stressful situations and how you can be much more present, focused and productive at work.

A little more about Jen Kluczkowski  Jen is an 800­-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and now travels annually to India to deepen her mindfulness practice. She also speaks on several topics including the tools you need to get along with difficult co-workers or clients, how to create a more joyful approach to work, and the modern wellness dialogue in the workplace.

You can connect with Jen on LinkedIn and Twitter @jenklu




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Melinda Chen, the founder of Women Making Big Sales, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Melinda, who is a native of Taiwan, started her sales career selling language courses for Berlitz. During her 15-year career, she has made more than 5,000 cold sales and has been responsible for more than $10,000,000+ in sales.  Today she coaches female entrepreneurs on how to land these big sales with big clients. Melinda's mission is to inspire more women to take control of their businesses by going for larger clients and closing important deals.

On the show, Melinda discusses how sales professionals need to differentiate themselves from their competition. You have to know the limitations of Google and really do your sales preparation; understanding the market and the numbers. Sales today is so much more than the elevator speech. Melinda offers advice on demonstrating fresh ideas, innovative thinking and the type of intense focus to see a situation differently.  When you identify the challenges of a business, having these deep insights is what makes you stand out. Melinda also shares her thoughts on the balance between giving and selling. You have to figure out in advance how much you will give away during the selling process.

A little more about Melinda Chen  Melinda specializes in sales and international business. She has established a successful career helping her clients develop new business opportunities in both North American and European markets. She has practical in-depth knowledge of cross-cultural business negotiation, she understands the diverse nature of modern business and has developed a cultural acumen that allows her to adopt different business practices for different cultures.

You can connect with Melinda on LinkedIn and Twitter @chen_melinda



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Rebekah Iliff, Chief Strategy Officer, at AirPR, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Previously, Rebekah was the CEO of talkTECH Communications, where she created an industry-first methodology for emerging technology companies positioning talkTECH as one of the fastest growing, launch-only PR firms in the U.S. She is also currently a columnist for Inc., and a contributing writer for Mashable, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post.

On the show, Rebekah, who is passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, shares the importance of both to an organization. Her insights on the subject range from how you can’t have one without the other, the role of leadership as mentors and how leaders can leverage a diverse and inclusive workforce. Rebekah also shares her thoughts on what women must do to get recognized in an organization from having a voice to getting more comfortable with rejection. As a business professional, Rebekah is no stranger to challenges and discusses her own growth openly and how she honed her leadership skills.

A little more about Rebekah Iliff Rebekah speaks and writes frequently on the topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago, and an M.A. in Organizational Management and Applied Community Psychology from Antioch University at Los Angeles (AULA).

You can connect with Rebekah on LinkedIn and Twitter @rebekahiliff



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Jessica Iclisoy, CEO and founder of California Baby, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Jessica is a woman who has long been ahead of her time. It was while Jessica was pregnant with her first child more than two decades ago that she began a dive deep into research about how to live the healthiest, most natural life possible. With no intention of starting a business but driven by an absolute determination to change the status quo, Jessica found replacements for unsafe cleansing and fragrance ingredients and made what would be the first California Baby product—a calming, shampoo and body wash.

On the show, Jessica shares her story; how she never intended to start a business but was looking for a healthier lifestyle. The launch of California Baby marked a period in time when organic / natural were not a part of our vernacular. Twenty years ago, she was educating the market and branding her company as a reflection of California lifestyle and thinking, which now is very popular. Jessica discusses her thoughts on smart consumerism and how we are living in a world of toxicity. She shares tips on how to be more in tune with the chemical in our products and how to identify them quickly.

A little more about Jessica Iclisoy Jessica single-handedly helped create the baby category in Whole Foods, and made California Baby the first natural brand to go to mass sales by selling in Target, even helping create the giant retailer’s premium category. Today, California Baby is also sold on massive e-commerce sites including Diapers.com, Amazon, and Drugstore.com.

You can connect with Jessica on LinkedIn


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Carrie Kerpen, CEO and co-founder of Likeable Media, an award-winning digital content studio, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Carrie is a regular podcaster, and just recently launched the 100th episode of her show, All The Social Ladies. She's a keynote speaker who discusses social media and women in business and is a regular contributor to Forbes and Inc. magazine.

As an early adopter of social media and technology, Carrie discusses the impact social media has on women and how it can be a confidence detractor. On the show, she mentions the Highlight Reel and how you can get caught up in the “best" of what people are sharing via their social channels. Viewing their success and then making comparisons to your own life and career is a confidence detractor rather than a confidence builder.  Carrie points out that the Highlight Reel doesn’t present everything behind a person’s business or life; it doesn't show challenges or weaknesses. Keeping this in mind helps you to realize that the key to social media is your vulnerability and authenticity and how it's okay to ask for help. Carrie also offers her best advice on building your brand and your story; not just what you’re trying to say, but why you’re trying to communicate your narrative.

A little more about Carrie Kerpen Carrie refers to herself as a (Non)trepreneur. The launch of her business was atypical. She married her husband and co-founder at a baseball stadium in the world's largest sponsored wedding. The wedding was a word of mouth sensation that was featured in major media outlets including the New York Times, ABC World News Tonight, and the CBS Early Show. Her company, Likeable Media was born as a result.

You can connect with Carrie on LinkedIn and on Twitter @carriekerpen


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Shinta Witoyo Dhanuwardoyo (also known as Shinta Bubu), founder of Bubu.com, the leading digital media agency in Indonesia joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide.  Under Shinta’s direction, Bubu was acknowledged by Red Herring as one of Asia's TOP 100 Most Innovative Companies. Continuing the winning from Red Herring Asia Awards, Bubu has won the Global Red Herring Award, which was honored in the USA in Los Angeles. Bubu.com is also known for organizing a nationwide web design/digital campaign awards called Bubu Awards. Shinta has been in the Indonesia's digital industry for 20 years.

On the show, Shinta shares her start as an entrepreneur in Indonesia with a curiosity for the Internet and the World Wide Web. Although she studied  Architecture, she quickly taught herself how to create websites and became a pioneer in the Indonesian digital economy. Shinta also discusses her latest venture, VC Network, which recently launched to help connect high-growth start-ups to Venture Capital firms.  With no shortage of opportunities, she is helping to educate and empower women in tech. For Shinta, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Regardless, you have to have value and prove your worth by building your product and business. She offers advice to Women Worldwide listeners on how to achieve success through networking, learn from failure, be creative and innovative and figure out how to monetize early.  Shinta is on a personal mission to put her country on the digital map as a global player. Shinta knows “an idea without execution is a hobby."

A little more about Shinta Bubu Among her many awards, Shinta was named on the Inspiring Women Honor Roll by Forbes Magazine and Globe Asia recognized her as one of the most powerful women in tech. She is also the Head of Digital Business, e-Commerce and Startups Center at The Indonesian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and Board of Advisory at The Nature Conservancy in Indonesia. She was also the former Managing Partner at Nusantara Ventures, a pioneering technology venture capital fund in Indonesia aimed at helping entrepreneurs create and grow market-leading digital media companies throughout the region.

You can connect with Shinta on LinkedIn and on Twitter @shintabubu



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Rachael McCrary, fashion designer and intimate apparel expert joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Rachael is the founder of Jewel Toned, which is  the first contemporary shapewear brand with a whole new generation of shapewear. Earlier in her career Rachael conceptualized and designed the first Junior's division of Maidenform. She also oversaw product development, coordinated gorilla marketing, educated the sales team on the category and raised brand awareness.

On the show, Rachael shares her start as a young entrepreneur designing T-shirts for her cousins' band and later launching a profitable mini dress company all before high school graduation.  After college and spending a few years in Corporate America she launched Jewel Toned and embraced the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Rachael also discusses her thoughts on the fashion industry and body positive, helping women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Wanting to take her company to the next level, Rachael is no stranger to pitching to Venture Capitalist's and claims the process is not for the faint of heart.

A little more about Rachael McCrary  Rachael realized her friends had one intimate apparel problem in common - they were feeling uncomfortable in their shapewear. Because a better option didn't exist, she created her company, Jewel Toned. The result was shapewear … not quite underwear but yet not considered outerwear.  Her line of shapewear is perfect for women who make their own rules.

You can connect with Rachael on LinkedIn and Twitter @rachaelbydesign

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Winnie Sun, founding partner and managing director of Sun Group Wealth Partners, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. With more than 16 years of experience in the financial services industry, Winnie has been selected as Investment News' Twenty Women to Watch. She is frequently featured as a “top advisor” speaker at national events, is a contributor to Forbes, Fox Business, CNBC broadcast, and CBS News.

On the show, Winnie discusses how she went from a career in entertainment working on America’s Funniest Home Videos to financial wealth management and launching her own firm. Winnie has also worked  on a nationwide Millennial Study focused on the spending habits of Millennials, with several surprising results and misconceptions she shares on the show. As a successful entrepreneur, Winnie points out her business and personal challenges and gives advice to business professionals on how to create success and happiness in life.

A little more about Winnie Sun Winnie is known as the most “social” financial adviser in her industry. She has a weekly tweet chat (#WinnieSun) and she is also a podcaster. On her show, Renegade Millionaire Show” she interviews entrepreneurs, high profile CEOs, and the nation's top trailblazers in business and entertainment.  As an independent advisor, Winnie is called upon to educate large corporate and nonprofit groups on planning strategies. She has been honored with invitations to the Barron’s Winner’s Circle for Top Women Financial Advisors beginning in 2006 to the present and has been coined "The Wealth Whisperer" by OC Metro Magazine's 40 under 40.

You can connect with Winnie on LinkedIn, Twitter @sungroupwp and Sun Group Wealth Partners on Facebook


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Stephanie Carls, digital lifestyle enthusiast, and video marketer joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Named a "Twitter Powerhouse" by The Huffington Post, Stephanie shares her passion for technology and social media focusing on the ways both are changing how you live and share information. Through engaging video content, she enjoys showing how to make sense of technology so you can tap and swipe your way to a simpler and more savvy life.

On the show, Stephanie shares many interesting insights on social media and technology. She lets you in on some important video marketing strategy tips and what it truly means to be a digital lifestyle enthusiast. When it comes to being "on camera" Stephanie states, “You really have to want to do and practice makes perfect.” She recommends recording yourself and asking your closest confidants to critique your performance. Her biggest question to her inner circle, “Is the Stephanie you get on camera the same as the Stephanie who sits in a room with you?” The underlying message: You always have to be the most authentic version of yourself. Stephanie also offers advice to Millennials on how to navigate social media. Just because you think it “disappears” doesn’t really mean that post / comment / video really goes away.

A little more about Stephanie Carls … Stephanie is frequently asked to participate as a spokesperson / digital correspondent. She has enjoyed working with Cottonelle, Chevrolet (as video host for 2012 SXSW Interactive Festival), Marketwired, Nike Women, Hallmark, GoPro, Nexersys (appearing on CBS "The Doctors") and more. As a digital lifestyle enthusiast, Stephanie shares her favorite products, helps navigate new apps, and offers tech tips. With her creativity in her videos, she has even landed features in The New York Times and NBC News.

You can learn more about Stephanie at her website and connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter @stephelisecarls



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Holli Thompson, author of the book, Discover Your Nutritional Style: Your Seasonal Plan to a Healthy, Happy, and Delicious Life” joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Holli is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Nutritional Health professional. She is also the founder of Nutritional Style®, a health and nutrition blog and consulting company. She has been highlighted in USA Today magazine, Kiwi Magazine, DC Modern Magazine, Washington Life, and numerous other periodicals

On the show, Holli shares her journey from never feeling well to a life of energy and good health. She was a VP at Chanel who decided to jump off the business fast track. Her move to a different environment triggered changes in her body, leaving Holli to suffer from chronic migraines, sinus issues, and autoimmune issues.  No longer wanting to live on antibiotics, which simply masked the root of her health problems, she changed her life and became a student of nutrition, learning that certain food groups were the culprit. Today, Holli educates others on how to uncover their nutritional style, including her work on Capitol Hill and a program for US Congress. Holli offers tips to listeners on how they can de-stress to minimize inflammation, anxiety and heart-related issues. She also shares her thoughts on what you can do to listen to your body to make yourself feel better.

A little more about Holli Thompson … Holli is an inspirational speaker, and TV guest for several major networks, including ABC, CBS, and FX. She shares weekly on her own blog, at hollithompson.com and also contributes to several well-known blogs. Holli works with corporations and individuals on health and lifestyle coaching and consulting.

You can learn more about Holli on her website and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter @nutrition, Pinterest and Instagram.



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Entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Chris Dessi, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Chis is the founder and CEO of Silverback Social, an award-winning digital marketing agency in New York City. Chris is also the author of Remarkable You, Build a Personal Brand and Take Charge of Your Career. Chris is well known for his entertaining, customized and informative keynote sessions for corporate events and Universities. He regularly appears on CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and Good Day New York.

On the show, Chris reflects on a pivotal moment in his life. He shares a time when he hit a low point in his career and how his motivation and passion propelled him forward.  In addition, Chris discusses what "people don’t tell you when you’re an entrepreneur" and gives advice on how to build a strong personal brand using his seven important pillars. Chris inspires Women Worldwide listeners to become the "biggest and baddest" version of themselves.

A little more about Chris Dessi … In 2012, Chris wrote a leading social media book titled Your World is Exploding: How Social Media is Changing Everything - and How you Need to Change with it. The book shot to #1 on Amazon's “hot new releases" in its first two weeks - all by using social channels to get the word out. Also in 2012, Chris identified a problem that there was no major digital summit in Westchester, NY. Chris produced this conference and in 2015 Forbes named his event as one of the "Conferences That Will Keep You Ahead Of Marketing Trends This Year."

You can learn more about Chris on his website and connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook


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Jimmy Wayne, country music singer, and songwriter joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Jimmy is the author of the New York Times best-selling book, Walk to Beautiful, The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way. In his memoir, Jimmy shares how he survived life on the streets and as a foster kid, bouncing in and out of the foster care system. Jimmy was able to overcome great adversity in his life and now uses his country music platform to help children everywhere.

On the show, Jimmy shares what it was like to experience life as a child growing up with uncertainty, and in different homes. He had to cope with an environment filled with violence, drugs, stress, and rejection. Jimmy learned to survive taking the advice of his granddad who told him to “get out there and work.” Through a strong work ethic, Jimmy earned money wherever and whenever he could. His message now is for people (especially men) to get out there and to give an hour of their time to boys in the foster care system. These kids are often labeled as "troubled or bad kids" but they really need guidance.  Through his own experience and the help of caring educators and influential women in his life, Jimmy changed his course and now speaks across the country raising awareness about teens who age out of the foster care system and become homeless.

A little more about Jimmy Wayne … Jimmy is known for hits songs including "Stay Gone", "I Love You This Much," and "Do You Believe Me Now.” In 2010, Jimmy walked halfway across America to raise awareness for kids aging out of the foster care system. He has helped to get a legislative bill passed extending the age of foster care to 21 in both Tennessee and California. He is also the author of the novel, made-for-TV movie and hit song, Paper Angels, an inspirational holiday story about a child in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program.

You can learn more about Jimmy on his website and connect with him on Twitter @JimmyWayne and on Facebook.



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Hollis Thomases, the founder of ReinventionWorks, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Driven by her passion for helping people and facilitating significant transformation, Hollis is a 2x entrepreneur. She is also an award-winning digital marketing pioneer, who became a syndicated columnist for Inc.com and a book author, Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day.

On the show, Hollis discussed the difference between change and significant transformation. Most people don’t realize that change happens all of the time and does not lead to reinvention, which is moving in a completely different direction in your career or life. Hollis shares her story of reinvention and how she conceived her business, Reinvention Works, in 20 minutes while she was serving jury duty. Hollis imparts advice to people who are facing challenges when they make a significant transformation. She also discusses the survival skills to deal with 21st-century stress.

A little more about Hollis Thomases … ReinventionWorks re-ignited Hollis' joy for work. Her startup utilizes her best talents and skills: big-picture thinking; strategy; writing, content creation, and curation; fostering and facilitating relationships; providing guidance and support; training and education; and productization. ReinventionWorks brings together all of the moving parts of deliberate change and acts as the conduit between all the players.

You can connect with Hollis on LinkedIn.



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Cecelia Fitzgibbon, President of Moore College of Art and Design, joins hostDeirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide for an in-person interviewon the college campus. President Fitzgibbon assumed the officeof president at Moore in July 2012. She serves as executive editorof The Journal ofArts Management, Law, and Society. She is also a speakernationally and internationally on topics of leadership in the artsand cultural policy.

On the show, President Fitzgibbon dives into the topic ofleadership sharing her thoughts on the Imposter Syndrome, therisks, and failure associated with leadership and the criticalthinking process that is required when you are a leadertoday.  In this in-person interview, she not only answersquestions about how to build the best relationships and the type ofnetwork that is required, but she also responds to individualstudent questions. A few of the student questions focus on how tohandle the fear of the unknown, how to showcase your talentand leadership and the best ways to balance personal work andleadership tasks. President Fitzgibbon also shares her approach totackling challenges and maneuvering tough situations at anypoint in your career.

A little more about CeceliaFitzgibbon … President Fitzgibbon was the leadresearcher for the Philadelphia component of the National and LocalProfiles of Cultural Support Project, a collaborative project withthe Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance that investigated howthe nonprofit cultural industry was supported in ten communitiesacross the United States.



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Carrie Sheffield, Founder and CEO of Bold, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge onWomen Worldwide. Carrie is a writer, political analyst and nowthe founder of Bold, a Millennial-focused, news and culturalplatform centered on ideals of personal responsibility andaccessible capitalism. Carrie has deep roots in journalism.She is a Forbes contributor and senior writer for OpportunityLives. She has hosted an online TV show for The Washington Timesand appears on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, CBS digital, and Fox BusinessNetwork.

On the show, Carrie discusses the changing media landscape,from the way people are gathering their news and informationthrough new channels to how different types of media are coveringthe presidential election. Social media has disrupted how peopleobtain news and has fractured the conversation, siloing people intoniches. She shares her insights on Millennials and their socialmedia habits, news consumption and the presidential candidates theyprefer. Carries also offers tips to listeners on launching a startup, from raising money to managing the 24 /7 news cycle.

A little more about CarrieSheffield … Carrie began her journalism careerin Washington with Robert Novak, later covering Congress for TheHill newspaper. As a founding reporter at POLITICO, she wroteeditorials for The Washington Times under TonyBlankley. Carrie also spent several years in financialservices, at Goldman Sachs, where she managed credit risk on aportfolio with potential exposure of $1.97 billion.

You can connect with Carrie on Facebook andLinkedIn

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Jennifer Connelly, CEO of JConnelly, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Jenn is a leading communications strategist who has served as a trusted consultant to C-suite executives, helping them launch their businesses in new markets, broaden awareness of their brands and navigate potential crisis situations. Under Jenn's leadership, JConnelly has earned dozens of awards, including Bulldog Media Relations, American Business, Hermes Creative, MarCom, and Telly Awards, among others.

On the show, Jenn discusses what it takes to build a relationship with CEOs and high-performance executives. Not everyone gets to work with the C-suite. Executives are often put on a pedestal, and many colleagues around them are only willing to share the information that they want to hear. However, building a good relationship means building trust and telling executives the “hard” things that they need to hear. Jenn's approach to relationships includes being proactive, steadfast, and creating mutual respect. She also shares how listening, creating opportunities for face-time and being a giver are key characteristics that will take your relationships to the next level.

A little more about Jennifer Connelly … Jenn frequently speaks to businesses executives on topics such as PR best practices, sustainable brand building, reputation management and crisis management. She is also a longstanding member of the Board of Directors of Easter Seals in New York City.

You can connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn and Facebook

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Stacey Becker, Author of Knot the One: Why Getting Dumped Before My Wedding was the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me, has a story to tell about “why getting dumped before her wedding was the best thing that ever happened to her." Stacey had met her fiancé online and they formed an immediate connection. After a whirlwind relationship, they got engaged and headed toward the wedding alter.

On the show, Stacey discussed how her heartbreak turned to love, and what she learned about herself through a tumultuous experience. The rocky journey with her ex-finance showed some big red flags, which she shares with Women Worldwide listeners. Stacey also offers tips on how to cope with upset, change and loss, and the importance of having a strong support system in place.

A little more about Stacey Becker … Stacey Becker is a 30-something writer who lives with her husband in New York City, along with their baby daughter. Disguised as a corporate lawyer, she circumvents any serious legal discussions in favor of analyzing relationships and her relatable day-to-day adventures. Stacey blogs about these topics at http://OfficeStace.com.

You can connect with Stacey on LinkedIn.

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PR, marketing and reputation expert, Gini Dietrich, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Gini is the Chief Executive Officer of Arment Dietrich, a Chicago-based integrated marketing communications firm and the author of two books, Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age and Marketing in the Round: How to Develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign in the Digital Era.

On the show, Gini discusses how sex sells, analyzing the celebrity brand transformation of Miley Cyrus, who transitioned from wholesome, teen Disney star to sexy, twerking, wrecking ball music artist. With respect to companies, she shares the ways they can avoid the “spin” and hype and take a best practices approach to sharing good stories, "honestly, responsibly and authentically” to get their brands recognized. Gini also offers advice to listeners on the importance of building strong relationships and some tips for working with the media, knowing they may help you out when your reputation is on the line.

A little more about Gini Dietrich … Gini is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks, the award-winning PR and marketing blog. Spin Sucks delivers the latest trends, hottest topics, and some controversial analysis on events from the worlds of PR, Digital Marketing and Communication. Gini is also the co-host of Inside PR, a weekly podcast about communications and social media.

You can connect with Gini on LinkedIn and Twitter @GiniDietrich.


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Ai Ching Goh, the CEO of Piktochart, joins host DeirdreBreakenridge on Women Worldwide. Ai Ching and her husband, AndreaZaggia, launched Piktochart in 2012, as a web-based infographicapplication, allowing users who don’t have any intensive designexperience to create professional grade infographics, using themedtemplates. Their self-funded start up grew quickly from 2 people to45+ employees today, and the platform serves over 3 millionusers.

On the show, Ai Ching shares her story from corporate America tostart up and getting rid of her Monday morning blues. Building astrong, and supportive culture at Piktochart required frequentinternal sharing and collaboration that has helped to build afriendly working environment in different regions around the world.For Ai Ching, now Monday mornings are filled with smiles andlaughter. Ai Ching also offers her advice on tackling majorchallenges in your career and life, and how to avoid getting burnedout, when you live the dream as an entrepreneur and businessowner.

A little more about Ai Ching Goh … AiChing graduated with a degree in Experimental Psychology from theUniversity of Bristol. She has since "experimented" with InvestmentBanking and Media at P&G. She considers herself an enthusiastin social enterprises, crowdfunding, and growth hacking. She isalso very keen on supporting startups.

You can connect with Ai Ching on LinkedIn

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Blanca Cobb, CEO of TruthBlazer and an international body language and lie detection expert joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Blanca uses her behavior analysis expertise and psychology background to get to the truth. She is an ‘in-demand’ media guest who has been featured on HLN's Dr. Drew On-Call, Good Morning America, CNN, USA Today, FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates.

On the show, Blanca shares deep insights about the 2016 Presidential candidates explaining their body language and who is “winning” the body language and commanding presence race. She breaks down the signs that show when people are nervous vs. when they are actually being deceptive, from their gestures to their remarks. According to Blanca, improving body language is not gender based but more so about your motivation and willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. Blanca offers several tips on how you can read body language in situations that you don’t always think about, including when you’re on a date, in the workplace and in settings where teens bully other teens.

A little more about Blanca Cobb … Blanca is a Senior Instructor at the Body Language Institute in Washington, DC. She also specializes in coaching different professionals from medical and sales to law enforcement and media, delivering both individual and group training sessions. Training topics range from business-oriented body language cues, to highly specialized industry topics, such as her extensive, and critically acclaimed Detecting Deception series designed for law enforcement.

You can connect with Blanca on LinkedIn

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Anita Devlin, co-author of the book, S.O.B.E.R., an acronym that stand for Son of a Bitch Everything’s Real, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. In her book, Anita shares how she felt during the harrowing experience of helping her son navigate his addiction, which has led to his recovery. Anita’s son has been sober for nearly 5 years.

On the show, Anita discusses how addiction is an octopus that affects the entire family and how families become co-dependent. She also stresses the importance of sharing what is going on if you suspect that a loved one has an addiction. Hiding the situation or keeping a secret can have horrible repercussions. Anita offers advice to other parents who are frightened about addiction and their own children. She reinforces how you have to trust your instincts be aware of the warning signs: changes in behavior such as mood swings, friends disappearing and not communicating with the family.

A little more about Anita Devlin … Anita is an addiction advocate. She works with moms who have children struggling with addiction. Anita offers advice and support by speaking at treatment centers and parenting groups throughout New York and New England. Her goal is to make moms feel that they are not alone and to realize addiction is a family disease. The entire family needs to be in recovery / therapy.

Learn more about Anita on her website and you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

A little more about Your Host, Deirdre Breakenridge … Deirdre is an author, entrepreneur and CEO of Pure Performance Communications. A 25-year veteran in PR and marketing, she is the author of five Financial Times Press books including her latest titles, “Social Media and Public Relations,” and “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations.” Breakenridge speaks nationally and internationally on the topics of PR, social media and marketing. She's an adjunct professor at NYU and UMASS at Amherst, a recognized blogger at PR Expanded, and also the co-founder of #PRStudChat, a dynamic twitter chat with PR professionals, educators and students.

Connect with Deirdre by following @dbreakenridge on Twitter and on her blog at www.deirdrebreakenridge.com.

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Jenny Ta, founder and CEO of Sqeeqee joins host Deirdre Breakenridge onWomen Worldwide. Jenny launched Sqeeqee in 2015 as thefirst-of-its-kind social networthing™ site. She’s also known as theCinderella of Wall Street having previously founded two brokerdealer start ups, Titan Securities and Vantage Investments.

On the show, Jenny shares her story, which is a journey fromwelfare to Wall Street. At the age of 5, she escaped Vietnam duringthe war. She left on a fishing boat, and then stayed in a refugeecamp in Hong Kong until she was 8. Jenny eventually made her way toAmerica where she found her path to success. Jenny believes theexperiences during childhood helped to shape her career and gaveher a “never accept no for an answer” conviction. Jenny also offersadvice to listeners on making your dreams become a reality.

A little more about Jenny Ta … JennyTa is a seasoned entrepreneur and has 20 years of Wall Streetexperience. She specialized specifically in the technology sector.Jenny holds an MBA degree in Financial Management and a BS in MISfrom California State University, Fullerton.

You can connect with Jenny on LinkedIn and Facebook

A little more about Your Host, DeirdreBreakenridge … Deirdre is an author, entrepreneur andCEO of Pure Performance Communications. A 25-year veteran in PR andmarketing, she is the author of five Financial Times Press booksincluding her latest titles, “Social Media and Public Relations,”and “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations.” Breakenridgespeaks nationally and internationally on the topics of PR, socialmedia and marketing. She's an adjunct professor at NYU and UMASS atAmherst, a recognized blogger at PR Expanded, and also theco-founder of #PRStudChat, a dynamic twitter chat with PRprofessionals, educators and students.

Connect with Deirdre by following @dbreakenridge on Twitter andon her blog at www.deirdrebreakenridge.com.

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Social PR Strategist, Shonali Burke, CEO of Shonali Burke Consulting, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Shonali is an award-winning strategist and an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University. She is an international speaker, blogger and educator, sharing her insights with other professionals and brands around the world.

On the show Shonali discusses the changing nature of education from the physical classroom environment to designing the virtual classroom experience for her students. She also shares her thoughts on what it means to be strategic in your communication, especially when it comes to social media, which has to be a part of your overall strategy. According to Shonali, as businesses are required to participate with their stakeholders through social media, executives are still not 100% comfortable. She offers advice to help senior leadership understand how to tie communication to important business outcomes.

A little more about Shonali Burke … Shonali is the creator of the Social PR Virtuoso course, an online and on-demand program she teaches, which launched in November 2015. Shonali’s online course helps professionals to take their Social PR game from “humdrum to Hallelujah” with 25+ workflows, hacks, recipes, formulas and mind maps she has developed throughout her career.

A little more about Your Host, Deirdre Breakenridge … Deirdre is an author, entrepreneur and CEO of Pure Performance Communications. A 25-year veteran in PR and marketing, she is the author of five Financial Times Press books including her latest titles, “Social Media and Public Relations,” and “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations.” Breakenridge speaks nationally and internationally on the topics of PR, social media and marketing. She's an adjunct professor at NYU and UMASS at Amherst, a recognized blogger at PR Expanded, and also the co-founder of #PRStudChat, a dynamic twitter chat with PR professionals, educators and students.

Connect with Deirdre by following @dbreakenridge on Twitter and on her blog at www.deirdrebreakenridge.com.

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Jan Jones, CEO of Jan Jones Worldwide, aninternational speakers bureau, and the author of The CEO’s Secret Weapon: HowGreat Leaders And Their Assistants Maximize Productivity AndEffectiveness, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on WomenWorldwide. Throughout her career, Jan has surrounded herself withsuccessful business leaders and high profile executives being privyto the unique behind the scenes perspectives of how they functionwith their executive assistants.

On the show, Jan discusses working with CEOs, and what it takesto be an executive assistant, who is viewed as a business partnerand a trusted confidant. She explains there are no shortcuts;you’re working hard and it could be 24/7, managing many differentresponsibilities. Jan explains the role of the executive assistantto help executives understand how they serve as the ultimate PRperson. The assistant must always represent and be an extension ofhis/her boss, from the project work and fielding calls andquestions to interacting with others inside and outside of theorganization. Jan also shares advice on how to manage verydemanding responsibilities, and the best ways to relax in extremelystressful business situations.

A little more about Jan Jones … Prior to starting her business,Jan spent almost twenty years as executive assistant to successfulbusiness professionals, including personal development icon, TonyRobbins, and ten years as exclusive representative for smallbusiness guru and entrepreneurial visionary, Michael Gerber. Janremains a passionate advocate for the executive assistantprofession. She enjoys mentoring assistants and guiding executiveson how to get the most out of the relationships.

A little more about Your Host, Deirdre Breakenridge … Deirdre isan author, entrepreneur and CEO of Pure PerformanceCommunications. A 25-year veteran in PR and marketing, she isthe author of five Financial Times Press books including her latesttitles, “Social Media and Public Relations,” and “Putting thePublic Back in Public Relations.” Breakenridge speaks nationallyand internationally on the topics of PR, social media andmarketing. She's an adjunct professor at NYU and UMASS at Amherst,a recognized blogger at PR Expanded, and also the co-founder of#PRStudChat, a dynamic twitter chat with PR professionals,educators and students.

Connect with Deirdre by following @dbreakenridge on Twitter andon her blog at www.deirdrebreakenridge.com.

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Rachel Payne, the founder of FEMInc., which serves diverse audiences with video content thatresonates joins Host Dierdre Breakenridge to Women Worldwide. Builtupon a foundation of cognitive psychology and neuroscience appliedat web scale, FEM Inc. develops technology and drives innovation inmedia and entertainment. Rachel is also the CEO of Prizma, a video engagement platform,which is the first product launched by FEM.

On the show, Rachel shares her passion for video and how it canserve a larger societal purpose. Her work has also focused on howthe media shapes the perceptions of Science, Tech, Engineering andMath (STEM) for girls. She discusses her experience as a women inthe technology space, and how VC fundraising can be a largechallenge for women-owned businesses, Rachel offers her advice toothers who want to launch and grow a business in the techsector.

A little more about Rachel Payne … Rachel was Principal, GlobalStrategic Alliances, at Google where she worked with the topexecutives across the company to develop strategies for the largestglobal media partners including Sony, Disney, NewsCorp and TimeWarner. Rachel identified a unique opportunity to meet a broaderset of user needs for entertainment, that no one else wasconsidering or even prioritizing at the time.

A little more about Your Host, Deirdre Breakenridge … Deirdre isan author, entrepreneur and CEO of Pure PerformanceCommunications. A 25-year veteran in PR and marketing, she isthe author of five Financial Times Press books including her latesttitles, “Social Media and Public Relations,” and “Putting thePublic Back in Public Relations.” Breakenridge speaks nationallyand internationally on the topics of PR, social media andmarketing. She's an adjunct professor at NYU and UMASS at Amherst,a recognized blogger at PR Expanded, and also the co-founder of#PRStudChat, a dynamic twitter chat with PR professionals,educators and students.

Connect with Deirdre by following @dbreakenridge on Twitter andon her blog at www.deirdrebreakenridge.com.

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