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It’s the holiday season. Are you stressed yet? So many people walk around living in and with unnecessary stress. Dr. Jane Tornatore, a therapist and speaker in Seattle, WA, helps people convert outdated patterns and stress into more freedom, joy, and authenticity. She shares how people process stress, when many of our mindset issues form, and how we can overcome them and maintain a less stressful lifestyle.

With her studies in mental health and neuroplasticity Dr. Jane has found effective ways to help others turn their bad habits into effective solutions and change the course of their lives. She says that the majority of our major mindset hurdles form when we are less than six years old, as we move into an aware consciousness. Habits however, can be broken. Learn how as we chat.

Awareness, practice, and choice are the keys to changing your less than ideal habits. Our brains are naturally designed to look for problems that need to be fixed. Learn how you can overcome grim situations and how Dr. Jane’s new book, Everything is PERFECT, Just Not ME!, can help you move through your negative self-talk.

Dr. Jane has been studying the brain for more than 25 years and her insights into how our brains process the world are invaluable. Listen in and learn how you can work on altering your neural pathways and be kinder to yourself. Mindset and business success go hand in hand, but only if you keep working on the blocks that hold you back.

Show Notes:

  • [01:54] Dr. Jane Tornatore discusses how to turn stress into confidence and peace of mind.
  • [02:56] Learn about Jane’s background and why she chose to become a therapist.
  • [05:15] What do patterns of stress look like and how do we identify them?
  • [07:09] Are there people who push back on identifying and addressing their stress?
  • [08:34] Hear about the mind work needed to uncover and overcome our longstanding mental blocks.
  • [11:34] How does Dr. Jane help others keep from backsliding into bad habits?
    [13:05] Change is simpler than we think, it’s simply practicing… for the rest of our lives.
  • [17:25] What does Dr. Jane do when everything looks grim? 
  • [19:09] Dr. Jane shares what she wants people to walk away with from reading her book.
  • [21:29] Where does the concept of perfect come from? 
  • [23:37] How can you reassure someone that they don’t have to be perfect?
    [28:10] What kinds of challenges has Dr. Jane faced in her business and how does she approach them?
  • [32:15] Learn how you can overcome the stress of the holiday by walking through an exercise.
  • [34:54] Connect with Dr. Jane.

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