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Cecelia Fitzgibbon, President of Moore College of Art and Design, joins hostDeirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide for an in-person interviewon the college campus. President Fitzgibbon assumed the officeof president at Moore in July 2012. She serves as executive editorof The Journal ofArts Management, Law, and Society. She is also a speakernationally and internationally on topics of leadership in the artsand cultural policy.

On the show, President Fitzgibbon dives into the topic ofleadership sharing her thoughts on the Imposter Syndrome, therisks, and failure associated with leadership and the criticalthinking process that is required when you are a leadertoday.  In this in-person interview, she not only answersquestions about how to build the best relationships and the type ofnetwork that is required, but she also responds to individualstudent questions. A few of the student questions focus on how tohandle the fear of the unknown, how to showcase your talentand leadership and the best ways to balance personal work andleadership tasks. President Fitzgibbon also shares her approach totackling challenges and maneuvering tough situations at anypoint in your career.

A little more about CeceliaFitzgibbon … President Fitzgibbon was the leadresearcher for the Philadelphia component of the National and LocalProfiles of Cultural Support Project, a collaborative project withthe Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance that investigated howthe nonprofit cultural industry was supported in ten communitiesacross the United States.



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Carrie Sheffield, Founder and CEO of Bold, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge onWomen Worldwide. Carrie is a writer, political analyst and nowthe founder of Bold, a Millennial-focused, news and culturalplatform centered on ideals of personal responsibility andaccessible capitalism. Carrie has deep roots in journalism.She is a Forbes contributor and senior writer for OpportunityLives. She has hosted an online TV show for The Washington Timesand appears on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, CBS digital, and Fox BusinessNetwork.

On the show, Carrie discusses the changing media landscape,from the way people are gathering their news and informationthrough new channels to how different types of media are coveringthe presidential election. Social media has disrupted how peopleobtain news and has fractured the conversation, siloing people intoniches. She shares her insights on Millennials and their socialmedia habits, news consumption and the presidential candidates theyprefer. Carries also offers tips to listeners on launching a startup, from raising money to managing the 24 /7 news cycle.

A little more about CarrieSheffield … Carrie began her journalism careerin Washington with Robert Novak, later covering Congress for TheHill newspaper. As a founding reporter at POLITICO, she wroteeditorials for The Washington Times under TonyBlankley. Carrie also spent several years in financialservices, at Goldman Sachs, where she managed credit risk on aportfolio with potential exposure of $1.97 billion.

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Jennifer Connelly, CEO of JConnelly, joins host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Jenn is a leading communications strategist who has served as a trusted consultant to C-suite executives, helping them launch their businesses in new markets, broaden awareness of their brands and navigate potential crisis situations. Under Jenn's leadership, JConnelly has earned dozens of awards, including Bulldog Media Relations, American Business, Hermes Creative, MarCom, and Telly Awards, among others.

On the show, Jenn discusses what it takes to build a relationship with CEOs and high-performance executives. Not everyone gets to work with the C-suite. Executives are often put on a pedestal, and many colleagues around them are only willing to share the information that they want to hear. However, building a good relationship means building trust and telling executives the “hard” things that they need to hear. Jenn's approach to relationships includes being proactive, steadfast, and creating mutual respect. She also shares how listening, creating opportunities for face-time and being a giver are key characteristics that will take your relationships to the next level.

A little more about Jennifer Connelly … Jenn frequently speaks to businesses executives on topics such as PR best practices, sustainable brand building, reputation management and crisis management. She is also a longstanding member of the Board of Directors of Easter Seals in New York City.

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Stacey Becker, Author of Knot the One: Why Getting Dumped Before My Wedding was the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me, has a story to tell about “why getting dumped before her wedding was the best thing that ever happened to her." Stacey had met her fiancé online and they formed an immediate connection. After a whirlwind relationship, they got engaged and headed toward the wedding alter.

On the show, Stacey discussed how her heartbreak turned to love, and what she learned about herself through a tumultuous experience. The rocky journey with her ex-finance showed some big red flags, which she shares with Women Worldwide listeners. Stacey also offers tips on how to cope with upset, change and loss, and the importance of having a strong support system in place.

A little more about Stacey Becker … Stacey Becker is a 30-something writer who lives with her husband in New York City, along with their baby daughter. Disguised as a corporate lawyer, she circumvents any serious legal discussions in favor of analyzing relationships and her relatable day-to-day adventures. Stacey blogs about these topics at http://OfficeStace.com.

You can connect with Stacey on LinkedIn.

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