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Stacey Becker, Author of Knot the One: Why Getting Dumped Before My Wedding was the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me, has a story to tell about “why getting dumped before her wedding was the best thing that ever happened to her." Stacey had met her fiancé online and they formed an immediate connection. After a whirlwind relationship, they got engaged and headed toward the wedding alter.

On the show, Stacey discussed how her heartbreak turned to love, and what she learned about herself through a tumultuous experience. The rocky journey with her ex-finance showed some big red flags, which she shares with Women Worldwide listeners. Stacey also offers tips on how to cope with upset, change and loss, and the importance of having a strong support system in place.

A little more about Stacey Becker … Stacey Becker is a 30-something writer who lives with her husband in New York City, along with their baby daughter. Disguised as a corporate lawyer, she circumvents any serious legal discussions in favor of analyzing relationships and her relatable day-to-day adventures. Stacey blogs about these topics at http://OfficeStace.com.

You can connect with Stacey on LinkedIn.

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