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Experiencing abuse at the hands of those who are meant to love and protect you is one of the worst betrayals one can face. After spending her formative years as a victim of childhood domestic abuse, Lisa Braver Moss came out on the other side wondering why there weren’t poignant works discussing the prevalence and harm that it causes. 

She never imagined herself as an author, but if the resources weren’t available, she felt she needed to rectify that. Lisa is now an award winning author with a brand new book called Shrug. It is largely autobiographical but still showcases the common links between all those who suffer from abuse. 

Given the current state of the world, the number of domestic abuse cases is on the rise, so it’s important to see the signs and know how to respond. Now more than ever the cycle of abuse has to be recognized and understood.

Additionally, survivors of abuse need to know that they are not alone. Which is why Lisa’s book is a light in the darkness of this issue. Listen in to hear all about Lisa, her background, why she wrote this book, and why she believes communication and community are the keys to healing.

Show Notes:

  • [02:23] Learn more about domestic violence in the home and the stats behind it. 
  • [04:11] Welcome Lisa Braver Moss to discuss the issue of domestic violence.
  • [04:39] Why did Lisa decide to become an author? 
  • [07:31] What are the main takeaways that Lisa wanted her readers to come away with?
  • [10:56] How has the global pandemic affected the issue of domestic violence? 
  • [13:50] Listen as Lisa shares how victims of abuse can express their fears and communicate about their experiences.
  • [15:53] Was the book more autobiographical or more fiction? 
  • [18:36] Lisa shares some of the parallels in the book with real life and real situations.
  • [20:23] Hear some of Lisa’s AHA moments about delving into the world of authorship. 
  • [21:59] What keeps Lisa motivated to continue writing? 
  • [23:46] Lisa shares her advice for overcoming obstacles and negative life experiences.
  • [25:33] Connect with Lisa. 

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