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Our relationships are so important to the quality of our lives. Often times, however, we aren’t putting enough emphasis on developing strong and lasting bonds. So, the question is: can you unleash the kind of passion that will last you a lifetime? Today, we’re talking about how we can shift our perspective to change any relationship.


My special guest today is helping change relationships alongside her business partner and husband. Stacey Martino is the Co-Founder of RelationshipDevelopment.org and RelationshipU. She is an educator and “Divorce Preventionist.” Through strategic coaching, online programs, packed live events, and a best-selling books, Stacey and her husband Paul help transform love relationships. Their innovative focus on the power of the individual in any relationship, has helped empower tens of thousands of people, and Stacey wants to do that for you too!

In this episode, you’ll learn more about the Martinos’ unique methodology and the relationship education “that no one ever teaches us!” You’ll also learn why Stacey and Paul don’t do “couples work” (because they believe couples work doesn’t work…), and why they seek to empower just ONE partner to transform the WHOLE relationship.


In This Episode

  • Stacey’s Story
  • Equal But Different, Men and Women
  • Trust and Fear
  • Relationship Education
  • Action and Transformation


Quotes in This Episode

“Paul was the one who came to me and said, 'Look, I cannot watch another family crumble when they have kids in that house. If they had just been blessed to learn what we were fortunate to learn, maybe that wouldn't have had to end.'” —Stacey Martino

“It's kind of ridiculous that we've all ended up in this situation that we're in where we've kind of been handed from generations past these broken relationships with patterns of relationship that just literally don't work anymore, regardless of how hard we try.” —Stacey Martino

“Really we're basically different species. And we're equal, of course, but the same, oh, no, no, no. We don't even apply the same meanings to the same vocabulary words.” —Stacey Martino

“We come from generations past where demand relationship tactics were really all that was used and all that was seen. One person's unhappy and they ask the other people to change. One person is unhappy and they ask the other person to compromise.” —Stacey Martino

“People just have a false definition of what forgiveness really is. What they're trying to express is, I'm not going to continue bringing this up with that person, I'm going to just hold it on within myself, until it either eats me alive or I explode. And that's what people say when they say they won't forget.” —Stacey Martino

“But the truth is and the beautiful thing is that it only ever takes one person to transform any relationship [...] One person can change the situation at any moment. We've just never been given the tools to do it before.” —Stacey Martino


Stacey’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Official Website: RelationshipDevelopment.org

Stacey’s Book: The Miracle Morning for Transforming Your Relationship

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Let’s talk about media, college, and the entrepreneur. When you hear college, media, and startup, you probably think of Facebook. Well, today’s special guest is also a Harvard startup alum who shook up the world of college media catering specifically to female students. She was in her senior year at Harvard when she co-founded and launched HerCampus.com


Stephanie Kaplan Lewis is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus. Her Campus is the #1 New Media brand for female college students, and a 360 degree college marketing agency. Her Campus reaches over 35 million users monthly across the Her Campus media network, and Her Campus marketing clients include H&M, Ikea, Vera Bradley, and many, many more.


Join us for a fantastic discussion on calculated risks, first time challenges, and startup success! Stay tuned to learn more about Stephanie’s journey, the Her Campus community, and going from being a full-time student to a full-time CEO.


In This Episode

  • Stephanie’s Story and Her Campus
  • Launching a Startup
  • Backup Plans and Calculated Risks
  • Challenges
  • Working Relationships


Quotes in This Episode


“I think there's always a question of whether entrepreneurs are kind of risk averse or risk loving or somewhere in the middle. And for us, no question that pursuing our own business was more risky than going a very traditional path.” —Stephanie Kaplan Lewis


“I think there are a lot of benefits to being a young first time entrepreneur, but there are also just so many gaps that you have in terms of pure knowledge and skills and it's really helpful to have mentors and advisors that you can lean on to help fill in those holes.” —Stephanie Kaplan Lewis


“I think vacation is a relative term when it's your own business. So, we're never truly unplugged.” —Stephanie Kaplan Lewis


“We were college students coming out of a liberal arts undergraduate, and we had never worked full time in the real world. And, we've completely bootstrapped the company, as well. So, we've opted not to raise money, and we've funded it entirely through our revenues, and we've been profitable since we launched.” —Stephanie Kaplan Lewis


“I really never growing up saw myself as someone in business, let alone as an entrepreneur. I always thought I was going to be a writer or an editor or a journalist when I grew up. So it's been really interesting to see I guess the evolution of what I'm interested in and what I find fulfilling and meaningful to do in my work day to day.” —Stephanie Kaplan Lewis


“ And I think there's a big misconception out there that you're going to have this overnight success, and you're going to go from nothing to this huge company so fast. And then you're going to sell your business for tons of money or whatever it may be. But really, it's a really long road. It's really hard work. It's sprinkled with some really fun, exciting times, no question. But most of the time you are just slogging through for what feels like an endless stretch of time.” —Stephanie Kaplan Lewis



Stephanie’s LinkedIn and Twitter

Her Campus Website

Stephanie’s Book: The Her Campus Guide to College Life

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Today we are talking tech and delving deeper into augmented, virtual, and mixed reality in the personal and professional spaces. This promises to be an enlightening episode, especially if you are a smaller business interested in immersive experiences. What do you need to know? We are answering all the questions you never knew you had!


Guiding us through this topic is VRare Founder, Reekita Gala. VRare is an AR, VR, and MR development and education service business. VRare is known for merging real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations. While technology is often vilified for isolating individuals or hindering interpersonal connection, Reekita’s journey sheds light on the ability of advancing technologies to bring people together. We are excited to have Reekita with us today!


Stay tuned to learn about the magical qualities of AR and VR, as well as what virtual tech can provide your business. Reekita breaks down how she founded a tech-forward business after becoming a mother and why you shouldn’t be scared of VR either!


In This Episode

  • AR, VR, MR, What Does It All Mean?
  • What’s Out There Now, What’s Coming?
  • Getting Your Customers on Board
  • Seeing the Writing on the Wall and Staying Current
  • Learning from the Experts
  • VRare and Pioneering VR in Marketing

Quotes in This Episode

“So I think [the] starting point should be an understanding about these technologies. It's such a new thing where businesses can actually either win or lose because of this technology.” —Reekita Gala


“You need to change your mindset, because the hardest thing that people actually have in adapting the technology is [that] they feel that it's [...] not gonna affect me and the business. ” —Reekita Gala


“Every technology has a decade [...] the market has shifted already, by 2020 it’s going to be totally mainstream for the consumer.” —Reekita Gala


“I started learning what is required to create this platform [...] I had no programming skill at that [time]. So learning all about programming [...] I think I took around more than 150 courses!” —Reekita Gala


“He actually took my phone and he took the card. He's like how did you do that? Like, is this some kind of magic? I was like no it's not magic, it's augmented reality technology!” —Reekita Gala


“Stress is something which is conditioned. If you condition your mind not to be stressed about things, you will not be stressed [...] if you feel stress that means there is something which is bothering you. And when something is bothering, you should understand the reason behind it.” —Reekita Gala



Reekita’s LinkedIn and Facebook

Official Website

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Today's Women Worldwide episode is taking us in a few interesting directions; from memory improvement and self-directed learning, all the way to artificial intelligence and robotics. We are bringing you a packed episode! Today’s guest is not only a memory expert, but a PR expert as well, and he’s got a lot to share with you.

Dave Farrow started his career promoting a program for memory improvement that actually landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records. Dave is an entrepreneur and expert of self-directed learning and accelerated learning. Through these techniques, he is teaching others how to improve their chances for success in life with simple, fun, and effective tools. He is also the founder and CEO of Farrow Communications, an expanded PR firm, and a popular speaker.

Stay tuned for a fun episode filled with playing cards and robots! We’ll be learning a few effective techniques for memory improvement, hearing some excellent advice, and learning more about growing a business organically, as well as expanding your field of expertise.


In This Episode

  • Improving Your Memory
  • Guinness World Records
  • Re-Branding and Building a Business Organically
  • Robotics and AI
  • Expanding Into Other Fields


Quotes in This Episode

“I was talking about what we now know is the real model of the brain, which is brain plasticity, which basically says that your brain is constantly changing based on the exercises and activities that you do.” —Dave Farrow


“Almost at any age, when you actually start doing proper brain training, you cut your risk for memory loss as you age dramatically.” —Dave Farrow


“When you make a business, the arrogance is to believe that you're at the center of the universe, and you're choosing everything, but I really think a business should be grown organically based on what the customers want” —Dave Farrow


“From the very beginning I've wanted to be really on the cutting edge of technology, that's why we changed from FarrowPR to Farrow Communications recently because we're offering social media services, we're writing articles for people, working on their books with them, or doing coaching on branding.” —Dave Farrow


“I think a lot of us can relate to we're in our field and we're really smart at what we do, but we see other fields and other realms and we think, "Wow, I'd like to play in that sandbox a little bit," and we think that that's not okay in our society. Everyone wants to be pigeonholed, and specialists get paid more and everything. For me, it actually had the opposite effect.” —Dave Farrow



Dave’s Twitter

Farrow Communications Website

Dave’sMemory Made Easy Program

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Are you happy with your job? Are you happy when you wake up in the morning? Well, today we are talking all about working happier and living better. Happiness is an internal process, but there are ways to bring the principles of happiness and fulfillment into your workplace. Today Happiness Expert Stella Grizont is teaching us all about living out our possibilities in full color!


Stella is the Founder and CEO of Woopaah, where she works with overachievers who are seeking deeper career fulfillment and organizations who are dedicated to engaging their employees. She was well positioned for the job as one of the first 150 people to earn a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (aka the science of happiness) from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to launching Woopaah, Stella was a Brand Strategist at Y&R. But after refocusing and reorganizing, Stella is living her best life as a speaker, executive coach, entrepreneur, and writer working with Forbes!


Stay tuned as Stella shares her own journey and some wonderful personal advice. Stella is all about creating the life you love, and listening through the journey to find your “dream job” on the other side of your “dream job.”


In This Episode


  • Woopaah
  • Losing Yourself to the Corporate World
  • The “Dream job”
  • Applied Positive Psychology
  • Who Do YOU Want to Be?
  • Following Your Gut, Not Fear


Quotes in This Episode

“That was the first time I realized, ‘Oh my God, your mind and body are so connected.’ I have lost who I am in this organization...So, our body is always sending us signals.” —Stella Grizont


“I realized that the essence of what I love to do was to listen to people and help them live their dream life.” —Stella Grizont


“So, it's funny because for thousands of years philosophers, mystics, teachers, poets, religious leaders have all wrestled with what does it mean to live the life worth living, and it's only in about the last 20 or so years that scientists have started asking that question.” —Stella Grizont


“There's tons of toxic work environments. We know that nearly 80% of people worldwide are unengaged in their work–7 out of 10 in the US. So, people are checking out.” —Stella Grizont


“The way I help my clients–and this is the first thing I do with my clients–is I help them establish a vision of not what it is that they want to achieve or do or accomplish in five years, it's about how do I want to be, because you can achieve a bunch of goals and still be miserable.” —Stella Grizont


“Traditional psychology, as we know, it is a deficit model. So, it asks what's wrong with people and how do we get them from negative five to zero–how do we get them back to normal? Positive psychology uses the same empirical approach–so evidence-based approach–but it asks a different set of questions. It asks, ‘How do we get people from zero to plus five?’” —Stella Grizont



Stella’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Blog

The Woopaah Website

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Every single day of our lives we face decisions–some benign and some potentially damaging. But when those decisions affect our bottom line, not reacting, or reacting inappropriately, can have dramatic ramifications on our businesses. To make sure you are prepared to act under crisis, Women Worldwide is speaking with Helio Fred Garcia.


Fred is a coach, counselor, teacher, speaker, and highly respected author writing on the topics of decision making, leadership, and crisis management. He is a professor at the NYU Stern School of Business, and Columbia University School of Engineering. Fred is also the President of the crisis management firm Logos Consulting Group, and the Executive Director of the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership. Through this role, he has helped leaders build trust, inspire loyalty, and lead effectively for over 35 years, and although he is based in New York, his reach is wide and global! He is published in multiple languages in multiple countries and has served clients on 6 continents.


We are very lucky to have Fred here with us sharing his journey, his expertise, and his wonderful advice. Stay tuned to learn more about crisis management, building trust, how Fred has systematized the common sense steps that will help you succeed, and even getting the outcome or job you want!

In This Episode

  • The Typical American Immigrant Story
  • Leadership in Crisis and Building Trust
  • Ethics in Business
  • Scandal, The Power of Social Media, and Reputation Management
  • Systematizing Common Sense and Succeeding

Quotes in This Episode

“I have a vivid memory of when President Nixon resigned. I waited for the planes in the sky and the tanks in the street–and they didn’t come–and I thought, ‘Wow, a change of government of a corrupt presidency without soldiers in the street. I want to be a part of this.’” —H. Fred Garcia


“A lot of what I do is based on the feeling of helplessness as a kid and the recognition that one individual could rescue me and put me on a path, and I’ve spent the better part of the last 38 years of my career helping people in adversity get past that adversity.” —H. Fred Garcia


“Leaders of institutions are reluctant to follow common sense because they don’t necessarily recognize it [...] so I systematize the common sense and illustrate it with examples.” —H. Fred Garcia


“Mental readiness is an attribute of leadership and [...] it starts with emotional discipline and [...] one of the things it consists of is the ability to contain the panic, and the anxiety, and the fear that happens in the moment of crisis.” —H. Fred Garcia


“Early in my career a very wise headhunter [...] said ‘Let me give you some career advice, [...] it’s a fundamental mistake to market yourself based on your experience, because then you’re just applying for the last job you had, instead you need to market yourself based on your ability, and the experience is a very slight proxy for your ability, but find other ways to demonstrate your ability and people will want to do business with you because of what you can do, and not because of what you have done.” —H. Fred Garcia


Fred’s Twitter and LinkedIn

Logos Consulting Group

The Agony of Decision: Mental Readiness and Leadership in a Crisis BOOK

The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively BOOK

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Today Women Worldwide brings you a fabulous new guest! She is a fun and vibrant professional who is bringing the worlds of social media and dentistry slamming together. Moreover, she is the very first dentist we’ve ever had on the show and she’s here talking about how she’s taking her business social, creating a responsive dental community, and training a trustworthy team to keep it all functioning.


Dr. Grace Yum is a mother, and woman in business, a certified Pediatric Dentist, and the Founder of Yummy Dental and Orthodontics for Kids. Dr. Yum is nationally recognized in her field and has appeared on The Today Show, been featured in Parents Magazine and Parenting Magazine, and is a recognized face on NBC Chicago.


Stay tuned to learn how Dr. Yum went from a Communications Studies degree to a certified Pediatric Dentist, and how she is making a splash in the dental field by being the “most social dentist” on digital media! Dr. Yum also talks about compromises and fears on social media, the importance of community, and being a mom with a business.

In This Episode

  • Becoming a Dentist
  • The Social Dentist
  • Growing With Your Clients & How to Listen
  • Awareness and Responsiveness
  • Fears of Social Media
  • People Monitoring and the Importance of Training

Quotes in This Episode

“It’s been a very interesting partnership in marrying the dentistry to the communications.” —Dr. Grace Yum


“I’ve always been very interested in technology and different modes of communicating, and so for me, being a business owner, I’ve noticed that a lot of my–being a pediatric dentist–a lot of my moms are younger and younger [...] and every resource for them is online.” —Dr. Grace Yum


“If you’re on social media, everything is fast in furious! You have information at your fingertips [...] and if you don’t grab that opportunity to respond, you lose that opportunity.” —Dr. Grace Yum


“Work-life-balance, I think everyone struggles with that, especially if you’re a parent and you’re working.” —Dr. Grace Yum


“Having an open channel of communication with your team is so vital [...] I always explain to them the analogy of a professional [...] football team. You know, all players need to know what’s going on, all players need to know how to communicate with one another, and if you don’t you’re never going to win the Super Bowl.” —Dr. Grace Yum


Grace’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube

Check out Grace’s Podcast on iTunes and Facebook

Grace’s Practice Yummy Dental

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In today’s world, social media drives the flow of information and has the power to either make or break your business. So in this episode, we are focusing on getting ahead with social media and digital marketing! No matter what your business, it behooves you to cultivate an effective online presence and continuously growing network of both industry professionals and loyal consumers.


Helping us maximize our social media presence today is Joan Pelzer. Joan is an entrepreneur, social media expert, and online engagement strategist with clients ranging from entrepreneurs to a UN-based NGO. She is the founder of Joan Pelzer Social, the radio show host of “Follow Me Friday,” and the President of the NYC Chapter of Femfessionals, a national networking and professional development organization for women.


Stay tuned to learn more about Joan, the importance of networking, productivity, and the key to success on social media! Joan shares some great tips and strategies for you to use, as well as some valuable advice.


<h2>In This Episode</h2>


  • Joan’s Journey
  • Connections and Networking
  • Strategy and Engagement
  • Success on Social Media
  • Follow Me Friday
  • Productivity and Leaving it to the Pros

Quotes in This Episode

“Digital media has completely changed in the last few years [...] There are hundreds of social media platforms and apps and there are new ones forming every single day [...] You have to know what’s going on and you have to adjust along the way!” —Joan Pelzer

“What’s defining the successful company [...] is authenticy–being real [...] and that’s a hard thing to do.” —Joan Pelzer

“Being on social media needs to be part of [...] a brand, a person, an influencer–it needs to be part of the core and it’s got to be a part of the innate strategy of the company overall.” —Joan Pelzer

“You may not get more clients from doing social media, but if you don’t do social media you may lose what you have.” —Joan Pelzer

“Know what you don’t know, and know what you know, because there’s a lot you’re not going to know and that’s perfectly okay as long as you have resources around you that do know.” —Joan Pelzer



Joan Pelzer Media

Joan’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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Today we are discussing a tough subject: change! In our lives, we often go through periods of great change, but the more important issue is whether or not we are successful on the other side of these transitions. To be successful requires flexibility, adaptability, and a will to move beyond our comfort zones. Luckily, on today’s episode of Women Worldwide, we are speaking with Dr. Ai Zhang!

Ai Zhang is a professor of public relations and social media who has previously taught at Stockton University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is currently based in South Korea, and while she continues to teach, she now also serves as a Digital Learning consultant, Blogger, Speaker, Live-streamer, and as the host of her own Facebook Live show.

Today Ai shares big changes in education and how she is using technology and social media to disrupt the traditional classroom setting. We are also talking about taking risks, manifesting your best life, and embracing change. Stay tuned to learn how Ai has come to love the person change has made her, and how we can utilize great change to manifest great strength and self-discovery!


In This Episode

  • Ai’s Big Transition
  • Craving Change
  • A Classroom Without Walls
  • Social Media and Live Streaming
  • Self-Discovery and Self-Care


Quotes in This Episode

“There was a desire in my heart that was craving for a bigger stage and some change.” —Ai Zhang


“So many people are enjoying their work and loving their work, and enjoying their life. They are traveling, doing things, and creating impact! I was like, ‘Wow if they can do it why not me?’” —Ai Zhang


“I’m really passionate about education, especially the future of education, and how technology and digital media devices are disrupting the traditional teaching and learning space.” —Ai Zhang


“With the digital media space, you can reach more people [...] the sky is your limit. You can create content to serve people–to improve people’s lives.” —Ai Zhang


“Our students are digital learners, they prefer digital first. That’s why I am such an advocate of speaking students’ language [...] instead of expecting them to come to us.” —Ai Zhang


“Starting this self-reinventing journey is also a journey to understanding myself and what I want [...] I think that is the most rewarding part.” —Ai Zhang



Ai’s Official Website

Ai on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Ai’s favorite book: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

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Learn, expand, and reskin! The key to any successful endeavor is a crystal clear understanding of its purpose, place, and potential. Most ventures are doomed to fail without mindful preparation and ready execution. Today Dolores Hirschmann joins us to discuss clarity–clarity in messaging, clarity in purpose, and clarity in your business so that you can become a successful “idea-preneur.”


Dolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, speaker, and Clarity Coach. She is the Chief Clarity Officer at Masters in Clarity and a Tedx Organizer and Speaking Coach. Dolores is also a published author with two books currently out: New Beginnings, and 18 Minutes of Impact: Move Your Audience to Action the TED Way.


Stay tuned as we leverage the power of clarity and positivity with Dolores. Get ready to lean away from failure and lean into fulfillment as she shares some GREAT advice with our Women Worldwide audience.


In This Episode


  • Dolores’ Story
  • Masters in Clarity and the power of clarity
  • Doing what you are wired to do
  • “Idea-preneurs”
  • The “Human Coach”
  • Massaging that fear and some really good advice


Quotes in This Episode

“Let’s look at the intersection of [...] what would you do for free all day long, what are you trained to do, what does the world need, and what would people pay?” —Dolores Hirschmann

“How do I find myself in this place? How do I continue my professional and intellectual growth?” —Dolores Hirschmann

“I am passionate about ideas that can make a positive impact in the world.” —Dolores Hirschmann


“When you are able to serve from this place you become magnetic […] you are doing what you were wired to do.” —Dolores Hirschmann


“We become successful in our work when we are able to be okay with who we are.” —Dolores Hirschmann


“You have to actually help them process the fear, because if they don’t they’ll never leave the driveway.” —Dolores Hirschmann



Masters in Clarity Website

Dolores on LinkedIn

Dolores’ Books: New Beginnings, 18 Minutes of Impact: Move Your Audience to Action the TED Way

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