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Jenny Ta, founder and CEO of Sqeeqee joins host Deirdre Breakenridge onWomen Worldwide. Jenny launched Sqeeqee in 2015 as thefirst-of-its-kind social networthing™ site. She’s also known as theCinderella of Wall Street having previously founded two brokerdealer start ups, Titan Securities and Vantage Investments.

On the show, Jenny shares her story, which is a journey fromwelfare to Wall Street. At the age of 5, she escaped Vietnam duringthe war. She left on a fishing boat, and then stayed in a refugeecamp in Hong Kong until she was 8. Jenny eventually made her way toAmerica where she found her path to success. Jenny believes theexperiences during childhood helped to shape her career and gaveher a “never accept no for an answer” conviction. Jenny also offersadvice to listeners on making your dreams become a reality.

A little more about Jenny Ta … JennyTa is a seasoned entrepreneur and has 20 years of Wall Streetexperience. She specialized specifically in the technology sector.Jenny holds an MBA degree in Financial Management and a BS in MISfrom California State University, Fullerton.

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A little more about Your Host, DeirdreBreakenridge … Deirdre is an author, entrepreneur andCEO of Pure Performance Communications. A 25-year veteran in PR andmarketing, she is the author of five Financial Times Press booksincluding her latest titles, “Social Media and Public Relations,”and “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations.” Breakenridgespeaks nationally and internationally on the topics of PR, socialmedia and marketing. She's an adjunct professor at NYU and UMASS atAmherst, a recognized blogger at PR Expanded, and also theco-founder of #PRStudChat, a dynamic twitter chat with PRprofessionals, educators and students.

Connect with Deirdre by following @dbreakenridge on Twitter andon her blog at www.deirdrebreakenridge.com.

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